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Hollywood manicure is a relatively young trend of modern nail art. For the first time an extraordinary design “flashed” in 2007, instantly winning the commitment of a large army of fans, including stars of the first magnitude: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, etc. So let us and we will consider how to do a Hollywood manicure yourself at home.

Characteristics and features of the execution of a Hollywood manicure

A characteristic feature that distinguishes the Hollywood manicure among other modern fashion trends of modern nail art is its perfectly smooth, shiny, metallized surface of the nail bed. Moreover, in the classic version, such a neil design assumes a uniform, uniform coating structure. And those who seem to this little, can dilute the design of nails with drawings, patterns or holograms.

Minx film and foil on the nails

So, with your own hands, you can portray a Hollywood manicure in two ways:

  1. Hollywood manicure with minx film.
  2. Hollywood manicure with foil.

In both cases, you will have to buy the necessary equipment and supplies. The cost of available tools for a Hollywood manicure varies depending on the manufacturer, the type of film, the availability of additional equipment and auxiliary means. On the features of the instructions for the execution of each of the proposed techniques, we will focus further in our article.

But before proceeding to the main stage of the design of nails, pay special attention to the classic hand care. Any, even the most fashionable manicure will not brighten up the unpleasant impression of scruffy and sloppy hands.

Beyonce with a Hollywood manicure

  • Therefore, step by step we perform a classic manicure in hardware or in a cropped manner (depending on personal preferences).
  • Do not forget to pre-steam your hands in a vitamin bath enriched with essential oils, sea salt or other healing supplements.
  • Treat the cuticle area with a special emollient and remove the excess with nail scissors or forceps.
  • Then carefully file the nails, giving them the desired shape.
  • Apply to the skin of the hands moisturizer, massage movements spread it over the surface, let it soak.

Now you can proceed to the decoration of their marigolds.

We make a Hollywood manicure using foil

Hollywood manicure with foil is the most acceptable option in an independent version both in material terms and application technology. The foil for a Hollywood manicure is available for free at any beauty store, and the price for foil and special glue is quite affordable. Each woman of fashion will be able to choose for himself the best option, corresponding to her taste preferences and material well-being. So, when all the elements of the work are acquired, you can proceed to the phased study of a manicure.

sticking foil on the nail

  1. Degrease the surface of the nail with an antiseptic spray or nail polish remover. We apply a standard base coat with vitamins and calcium.
  2. In accordance with the preferred design, a special foil glue is applied to the nail. Here you are free to independently invent drawings, ornaments, decor, which would effectively complement your image. Give the glue a little dry, but do not let it dry, otherwise you will not succeed.
  3. The foil for a Hollywood manicure is applied to the surface of the nail bed with a matte side and is carefully smoothed so that there are no small folds, cracks or irregularities on its surface.
  4. Carefully remove the excess foil and cover the nail with a transparent top coat, preferably with a glossy shine. This technique will emphasize and give a spectacular shine to your marigold.

hollywood manicure with foil

I want to note that such a scheme for the execution of Hollywood nail design allows you to implement your plans on both the extended and natural nails.

We make a Hollywood manicure with minx film

The minx hollywood manicure has some features compared to the technology presented earlier.

Rihanna with gold nails

  • Firstly, the glossy surface of the nail is created using a special thermal film that does not require the application of an adhesive to the nail.
  • Secondly, to heat the film you need to buy a special infrared lamp.
  • Thirdly, so that the nails do not lose their glossy shine, any coating with a fixer is not allowed.

Based on the listed nuances, the technology for making a Hollywood design will be as follows:

  1. Scrub the nails.
  2. Heat the film in the infrared lamp and attach to the nail plate.
  3. Carefully level the surface of the film to get rid of small bumps and folds.
  4. Remove excess material with a nail file.

gluing minx film

As you can see, this technology is also not very difficult and quite realizable at home. True, it is worth highlighting some of the disadvantages of this method:

  • the coating is kept on the nails for no more than five days, provided that there is no contact with warm water;
  • the price of materials for a Hollywood manicure with a thermofilm is significantly higher than that of counterparts, which, given the fragility of such a design, can significantly hit the wallet;
  • to heat the film, you need special equipment, the cost of which also will not pay off in a short time.

steel manicure

In any case, whichever of the proposed options for the implementation of a Hollywood manicure you would not choose - believe me, the effect of the brilliant well-groomed nails will be amazing!

Video: technique of performing a Hollywood manicure

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