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Do not like extended nails because of the need to sit for hours on the correction, and you can’t create an original design using ordinary coatings with your own hands? Want to have a perfect manicure in just a couple of minutes? Then what you are looking for is hard nail polish. Not all beauties know this product, although it is difficult to call it a novelty. What is solid nail polish, what is its value, how to use it and what will be the result, read on.

What is hard varnish?

What the manufacturers of the beauty industry just do not come up with in order to make the life of modern beauties easier and more comfortable ?! Not always there is time for a full-fledged manicure, but a girl should always look immaculate. Manicure in minutes, the optimal length, and even an unusual design - all in a set of solid varnish.

It looks like the well-known false nails, popular at the beginning of the century. Only applied nails needed to be shaped, filing length, and then gluing them on a special glue. And as a result, glue drips on your hands and rough plastic nails. It is much easier to use hard lacquer: the manufacturer has already thought through these moments beforehand, choosing the optimal length of the plates and applying a special adhesive coating on the back of them. And the result will be close to natural, and the variety of patterns will allow you to choose a coating that blends harmoniously with any of your way.

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Advantages of hard coating

All the girls are familiar with the situation when, after careful application of coating on the nails, one careless movement can bring it to nothing. With this coating, this will not happen; immediately after gluing records, you will be able to do ordinary things. You will enjoy the following benefits of this method of creating a manicure:

  • Fast plate application.
  • Lack of discomfort, as when wearing false nails.
  • Reliable fixation.
  • The result is perfect marigolds of beautiful shape, will delight you for at least 5 days.
  • Easy removal of plates from nails.
  • Hard varnish does not spoil the natural marigold.

The girl is defenseless for the first 20 minutes after the manicure, but this is not about hard varnish! This beauty assistant will allow you to forget about lubricated manicure and long drying coating.

The disadvantages of hard coating

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The disadvantages of this product beauty industry include:

  • The price of coverage is not the most affordable. Hard varnish Kiss costs about 450 rubles per set, one set is enough for 2 sessions of manicure.
  • At close scrutiny of the records, however, errors and irregularities of the edges are noticeable. But it is easy to fix with a nail file.
  • When gluing the coating, under the influence of the heat of your hands, the plates will slightly increase in size. To create the perfect manicure, select plates slightly smaller than your natural nail.

How to use hard coating?

Creating a manicure with a hard coating is very simple. Step-by-step scheme will help you quickly master this nail product and decorate the pens yourself at home:

  1. Choose plates that fit your natural nails.
  2. In the set you will find a special napkin with which you need to degrease marigolds.
  3. A thin film is stuck on the back of the plates, remove it by prying over the edge.
  4. Attach the plate sticky side to your natural nail and gently press down.
  5. Smooth cover with light movements.
  6. Step by step repeat the instructions for all your marigolds.

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Manicure ready! Even when looking at the nails close up, it is difficult to guess that you used this particular coating, and not ordinary varnishes, especially if you purchased plain-colored plates or a French manicure.

What product to buy?

If you want to buy a hard varnish, you should have no problems finding a product. On the shelves of major cosmetic stores or on websites on the Internet, you can easily find the following product:

  • Hard lacquer Impress. The set includes 24 plates with unique designs. 12 different sizes will allow you to choose a coating that matches perfectly with your natural marigolds. Hard lacquer Impress has a cost from 400 to 800 rubles, depending on the complexity of the pattern.
  • Hard varnish Cosmake Press Go. It is cheaper than a solid lacquer Impress manicure. The price is about 100 rubles for a set of 24 records. A wide selection of shades and prints will allow you to experiment and be always on top.

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Girls who have tried this product in person, recommend hard lacquer Impress manicure. Despite the relatively high cost, the quality of the goods is still higher than that of the analog. The convenience of creating such a manicure for yourself and the naturalness of the result you will love. And also "Impress manicure" will become your faithful companion in travels, when not to going to the beauty salon, but you need to look your best.

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