Golden manicure

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Manicure trends are constantly changing. In one season, fashionable long red nails, in the other - short ones with a floral pattern, in the third it becomes important to use pastel colors ... But the golden manicure is a universal design, which with pleasure decorate their marigolds and young girls and business persons.

The reasons for the popularity of gold manicure

The meaning of the relevance of a nail design is the color of the manicure and the main pattern. Golden color is considered universal, so it is always in trend. In addition, gold nails are ideal for many items of clothing that have gold-plated accessories. It looks very beautiful when a girl holds a black clutch with a golden clasp in her hand, and her fingers are decorated with the corresponding manicure: black and gold.

Make a golden manicure at home in two ways. Using:

  1. Nail polish;
  2. Foil.

As for the second, this is not the foil in which chocolates are wrapped, although some craftswomen manage to adapt it for design. This is a special manicure foil that can be bought in online stores.

Choosing a nail polish for gold nail art

Nail polish can choose any brand, as long as it has a thick consistency. Liquid varnishes will not give that saturated shade that is needed to get a clear golden nail art. You can check the density by tilting the bottle on its side. If the lacquer in it begins to flow very quickly - it is better to abandon the purchase. Good density possess varnishes brands Dance Legend, Opi, Essie.

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To make a beautiful golden manicure with your own hands, you can also use nail polishes with effects. Particularly popular is the metallic effect. The result will turn out not just golden, but also will be poured on the sun.

Manicure with gold foil

Let's try to perform a manicure with gold using foil. Be careful! Manicure foil is very thin and easy to tear. It is necessary to work with it carefully, take only with special tweezers, not hands!

What do you need

Before you make a gold manicure with foil, prepare everything you need:

  • Nail foil;
  • Clear varnish or glue for foil;
  • Boric alcohol or any other degreaser;
  • Orange sticks;
  • Nail scissors.

Instructions for implementation

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  1. Foil cut into small pieces that are larger than the nail plate;
  2. Prepare the nails for the procedure, degreasing them;
  3. We cover the nails with clear varnish, waiting for drying;
  4. Now again we apply varnish or glue on one nail and immediately put a piece of foil on top;
  5. Smooth the surface with the smooth end of an orange stick so that there are no bubbles and folds;
  6. We do the same with the rest of the calendula.

The foil allows you to get not just a bright design, but a golden manicure with a mirror shine, because the aluminum from which it is made has excellent reflective properties.

In the shopping and entertainment centers "Golden Babylon" manicure done in express studios. This is very convenient, because you can relax from shopping with benefits.

Gold combinations

This universal color is perfectly combined with any other shades, but silver and black are considered the most successful options. Adding a little silver color to a manicure with gold will make it even more festive and spectacular, while black, on the contrary, will add a little modesty.

a variant of beautiful nail design

In general, all combinations with black color belong to the classical style, both in clothing and in nail design. Black and gold manicure perfectly decorate the nails of a business woman who wants to add a certain zest to her strict image. And to combine gold manicure with black can be in different ways.

Black Golden Jacket

French manicure involves coloring the tip of the nail in a color different from the main coating. The classic version: pink nail and white tip, but more extreme types of french are possible.

When two contrasting colors are used for French nail art, this is called avant-garde service. For our design, we use black and gold lacquer (metallic is also suitable). Let's look at how to make a black-and-gold manicure imitated as a french, step by step. In addition to the two varnishes, we will need stripes for the French nail art and a transparent topcoat.

  1. We cover the nails with black color and wait for complete drying;
  2. Gently stick a strip on one nail so that the tip remains free, its width should be no more than 1/5 of the length of the entire nail;
  3. Paint over the tip with gold lacquer, can be in two layers, so that the color is more saturated;
  4. We are waiting for 10 minutes and remove the stickers;
  5. We cover the marigold transparent top for shine and fixing the main cover.

unusual nail art design

Another version of the black-gold manicure is also reminiscent of a service jacket, but the color of the tip will not be expressed so clearly. It will require all the same as for the previous type of design, but instead of the strips we will use an ordinary piece of sponge or foam rubber. Let us analyze the execution scheme in stages:

  1. Paint your nails black, waiting for drying;
  2. On a piece of paper drip gold nail polish and blot it with a sponge;
  3. At the tip of the nail we make jerky movements with a sponge, applying varnish on it;
  4. The golden color will not completely paint over part of the nail, but will fall on it like pollen. It will be very beautiful and stylish.

General tips

We must not forget that any coating on the nails will stay better and longer, subject to the simplest rules:

neil art

  • Before applying the lacquer be sure to degrease the nail plate;
  • If the cuticle is pushed or trimmed - the nails will look neater;
  • Keep lacquers at home should be in the refrigerator, because the warm deteriorates faster and does not fit well;
  • Finish the nail design should be fixed with a clear lacquer. It protects the nail from scratching and lightening.

And remember, whether you wear golden nails or ordinary pink ones, they should look perfect: one length, no burrs, neat cuticle.

Video: golden manicure technique

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