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Surely, when you are going to your friends for a fun party, you have often asked yourself the question: how to attract special attention to your beloved one and be sure to be at the center of all the events taking place? For all lovers of nightlife a super find was invented - glowing nail polish. But it is impossible, also to exclude the possibility of using such a coating not only as a detail for a club manicure, it will also become a worthy and original means in everyday everyday nail art.

UV Nail Polish comes in two different forms:

  • Primers- This kind of tool is a tube with a means to cover a clean nail plate;
  • Proofreadors - this type of manicure tool can be safely applied over the already painted marigolds.

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As for the brightness of these two cosmetics, it should be noted that the primer is applied in 2 layers as a normal manicure tool and shines brightly and saturated, and the corrector is inferior to its fellow and it should be applied at least 5-6 layers for brightness and cool glowing effect.

Popular brands of luminous varnishes

Of course, the choice of these nail art products is not as wide as the usual ones, but still there are brands among them that quite often delight girls with the release of a new shade. Let's get acquainted with these brands closer:

  1. Brand Jerden- releases budget phosphorus series. A translucent or clear liquid that is best applied over a colored layer. To make the nails glow, you need to hold them in a very bright light.
  2. Brand Dance Legend - has not too high cost per bottle of corrector. Such neon varnishes glow in the dark just perfectly and their luminescence steadily lasts for several days.
  3. The brand Neil Art - fluorescent nail polish of this company immediately differs from all of its widest palette of shades.

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You can go through small shops and boutiques with jokes (for example, for Halloween) and find there are several more brands of similar cosmetics from a different price range.

Neon Nail Polish

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Neon nail polish - night version of manicure for young people. A club, a cinema, a disco - this is the place where your neon gel polish or just a varnish will show its best and attract all your attention. Neon colors of lacquers will be visible from afar and you will not get lost in the crowd, and it will be easy for your friends to find you on bright spots on your hands, as they glow very brightly in the dark. Neon nail coating refers to reflective, as we have already noted, their action can be seen in daylight and only under ultraviolet rays. Fluorescent nail polish has a similar property.

Fluorescent Nail Polish

This type of nail cosmetics can be noted quite a significant list of positive properties, which in turn make it a good advertisement and a large number of girls select it when creating a fluorescent manicure. Fluorescent lacquer is easy to use, dries quickly, is elastic, especially resistant to detergents, evenly rests on the surface of the nail, forming a shiny film. The glow effect in the dark is bright enough, but only under ultraviolet light, has a wide range of shades - from classic blue, red, green, blue to delicate undertones - purple, pink, yellow.

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Fluorescent Nail Polish

It has a wider range of properties. It shines under ultraviolet and in total darkness, provided that the necessary recharging was obtained in a short 2 to 3 minutes before, from an artificial or natural light source. Due to its unique composition, such a fluorescent nail polish is non-toxic, waterproof and perfectly safe for health.

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Phosphoric varnish

Phosphoric lacquer, glowing in the dark, has one indisputable attractive property - it charges itself from any light source: the sun, a room lamp, ultraviolet, daylight. It takes only 2 minutes to recharge, so that the luminous phosphor nail polish will once again shine with a bright light and delight the eyes of the owner of such a manicure.

How to make a glowing nail polish with your hands

High-quality phosphoric nail polish can be purchased at special cosmetics stores. The price of phosphor coating is quite acceptable, but many girls are still interested in the question, how to make a glowing lacquer at home, without investing in this event a lot of money ?! To do this, you need to buy special sticks, inside of which there is a luminous liquid, or pigment powder-phosphor, which is usually more effective.

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Our detailed scheme of how to make a glowing lacquer with your own hands without leaving home:

  1. Carefully break the strip in half, or open the bag with the phosphor;
  2. Fill or pour the glowing pigment into the vial with the usual nail polish;
  3. Close the vial and shake to mix with the pigment;
  4. We paint the nails as usual with the resulting tool;
  5. Turn off the light and check the result;
  6. We protect the result with a transparent coating.

We hope that our article has revealed all the secrets of the popular glowing cosmetic for nails, and our recommendation on how to make neon lacquer at home was as simple and clear for everyone as possible. Create a stylish manicure and be irresistible!

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