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Glossy nail polish can be called a longtime friend of many fashionistas. Many girls painted their nails with a glossy lacquer texture before going on a date or even getting married. In this article we want to shed light on the miracle of creation called gloss varnish.

Choosing a good glossy nail polish

In the market of nail cosmetics there are a huge number of all kinds of varnishes, but not all of them can answer for their quality, and not everyone will help to make a beautiful manicure. Let's look at all the most popular brands and brands of lacquers with a glossy texture.


Glossy varnishes of the Orly brand are marked on the market of nail art with a sufficiently large palette of colors and high quality. In their range you can find even such rare shades as gold, silver and similar colors. No harmful substances were found in this cosmetic. After all, manufacturers often add nasty toluene, formaldehyde and dibutyl phthalate.

brand orly

A manicure with such a glossy varnish will not cause any damage to your marigolds. The price of such a tool can go up to $ 8, it is very inexpensive for such quality. But there were small flaws in this cosmetics. One of them is long drying, and the second is a liquid consistency. If you want to create a manicure with this makeup, it is better to get a spray-dryer for nail polish.

Dior vernis

Dior brand

This type of glossy coating can be called ideal. Dior Vernis has just a huge palette of colors and keeps on nails as much as 2 weeks. The drying of the coating is just instantaneous. The only and we can say a significant disadvantage of this varnish is its price. For a jar of this tool you can give as much as $ 30, and this is not affordable for all beauties.


OPI brand

This glossy nail polish fell in love with many girls because of its large and original palette of shades. Estimated cost per bottle of Opi- 450 rubles. It should be noted that the manicure with this tool looks stylish and well-groomed, because the glossy varnish is applied evenly. However, there is a small minus, if you like to cover the nails with a second layer of funds, then get ready for the fact that it dries for a long time.

Maybelline colorama

Maybelin Colorama

Mark Maybelline Colorama distinguished by its incredibly rich range of colors. But unfortunately in the series only 41 color. A manicure with such a glossy polish lasts from 4 to 5 days. This small drawback compensates for the low cost, not exceeding $ 3.


brand essie

The Essie brand has a nice plus. When the time of year changes, she releases a new color palette. Glossy varnish of this brand has not only bright colors, but also you can find shades of pastel colors and even varnishes with a transparent texture. But the tool had a drawback in the form of a strong odor and bubbles on the brush. The cost of a bottle of this cosmetic is about 400 rubles.


Chanel brand

Glossy nail polishes of this brand are marked by their richness, style and color depth. Very comfortable brush helps to create the perfect manicure with a smooth surface. But consumers noted negative sides. This is a high cost for a bottle of funds, as well as drying a manicure takes a lot of time.



The products of this brand feature high durability of the coating, a wide palette of colors and a rather quick drying of the coating. Cosmetics of this brand can be called a reference, if it were not for one small minus uncomfortable brush. The price for the tool can be up to 500 rubles.

Dance legend

Dance legend

In the brand Dance Legend you will find the most incredible colors. But there is also a minus - one shade of the product is produced 1 time per season. Many beauties have noted such a disadvantage as a poor-quality brush that prevents cosmetics from lying flat, and the manicure does not last too long, you have to fix it on top with a transparent varnish or fixer. Not too high cost, about 200 rubles.


avon brand

Beautiful bright colors, a wide enough range of shades, a manicure dries quickly, and the brush is convenient to use, but all are interrupted by big minuses. The manicure looks uneven and does not last long and not all girls can find a representative of this brand. After all, Avon is distributed by the marketing network.

The nuances of using glossy varnish

It often happens that a pretty varnish in color in a finished manicure disappoints a girl, but this disappointment could have been avoided. Consider a few points that will help avoid trouble.

creating a red manicure

  • If you are the owner of fair skin color, then do not choose products from light green, yellow, blue, gold and other pale colors. Otherwise, your pens will look unhealthy. Prefer bright colors - pink, orange, red, berry, lime, etc.
  • For beauties with a dark and dark skin tone, there are no exceptions when choosing shades of this cosmetic. May not suit a bronze color.
  • For girls with olive-colored skin, it is better to refuse such colors as purple, plum, eggplant and blue. Your colors are orange, silver, blue, neon pink and the like.
  • If you belong to the owners of the skin of medium color, then you are perfect wine, dark red, yellow and blue colors of glossy nail cosmetics.

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