Glitter nail polish

silver nail art

Glitter nail polish is a perfect solution not only for evening manicure, but also for everyday, which is suitable for any toilet. You just need to choose the right color and texture. Glitter is the filling of varnish, which gives metallized glitter. Polyester and aluminum films are used as this filler.

Varnishes with glitter

Glitter nail polish is divided into several varieties, which are caused by the type of glitter:

  • colored sand;
  • "star dust;
  • large shines of different shapes. They may attend holographic patterns.

large shine

Varnishes with glitters can be colored, that is, glitter is present in a colored mass that has its own color — red, beige, blue, green, or whatever. Modern decorative cosmetics, which include varnishes, offers many options.

Also glitter varnish can be colorless, glitter is present in colorless varnish. It can be applied as an independent decorative coating, which will look very impressive due to the presence of glitters. Also, this composition can be applied to a color base, which you will cover your nails before applying the coating with glitter.

There are two types of varnish with glitter in their size:

  • glitter– metallized elements with a diameter of more than 1 mm.
  • will give - metallized elements less than 1 mm.

very beautiful design

It should be noted that the durability of the manicure depends on the size of the metallized particles in it. The smaller the particles, the more resistant your varnish with glitter will be. The advantage of the nail design with sparkles is the ability to model your manicure according to your taste and mood. This is especially true for nail cosmetics on a colorless basis. You can create a nail art, applying all sorts of drawings, patterns and ornaments on a pre-applied color coating using varnish with glitter. This can be a French-style manicure, a drawing on several nails or only on one.

Another advantage that the glitter lacquer has is that it does not require additional accessories for drying and fixing the manicure. A manicure with sparkles made with the help of such a coating will look very impressive, but may cause some problems when removing the coating.

pistachio golden nail art

Removing glitter coating requires a special approach. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to clean your glitter nails at home:

  1. cotton discs cut in half and wetted in nail polish remover;
  2. wrap marigolds with prepared cotton pads and on top with food foil;
  3. leave for 10-15 minutes;
  4. unwrap the "compress" and remove the coating from the nails;
  5. if there are still traces of it, they will be removed without much difficulty without wrapping.

varnishes of different brands

You can buy varnish with sparkles at any cosmetics store. It is presented in a large assortment and from different manufacturers. Their cost varies within the following limits:

  • Cuccio Cafe - $ 15 (set of 4 pieces)
  • New Fashion - $ 1.5
  • DollarStour - $ 1.78
  • DLFie - $ 11.4 (set of 6 pieces)

The price of this cosmetics for nail design is about the same, there are only minor differences, depending on the manufacturer.

798-Glitter Nail Polish

Gel Polish with glitter

Gel Polish for nails has several advantages compared with a simple coating and gel polish with glitter is no exception. Sustainability is the most important advantage of it. In addition, gel polish allows the nail to breathe and helps to strengthen the nail plate. The disadvantage is that in order to fully cover and ensure drying, you will need a UV lamp.

azure blue nail design

Glitter gel polish is of exactly the same types and varieties as a simple coating. Glitter and will give in its composition have the same properties, but hold on the nails much longer. Gel polish nails require additional application of the finishing composition, which contributes to the durability of the coating. Its cost is slightly different from the cost of simple coverage. Price ranges from $ 3.5 to $ 6 per item. Make a manicure gel varnish itself can be subject to the availability of special equipment and requires some skills.

Make yourself a gift, cheer up with a brilliant manicure. The sun, which will play on your nails, will certainly be reflected in the eyes of passersby and they will smile back at you.

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