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One of the most modern nail materials, gel nail polish has a number of positive qualities that allow you to create a beautiful, neat and long-term nail art. If you are not familiar with this nail polish, we will give you a brief excursion and show you beautiful photo ideas that you can easily embody with your own hands. Let's learn how to perform manicure gel paints!

What is gel paint for nails?

More recently, nail masters had to use acrylic paints for the execution of drawings, which did not give a dense coating and did not differ in durability. But the nail industry does not stand still and is pleased with innovations. One of them was the gel paint for nails, which is a hybrid of gel and paint. Like the gel, the material dries only under a UV or LED-lamp, this design is durable and high quality results. From paints material received a wide color palette and pigment saturation.

flowered nail art

Gel-paint for nails suitable for complex drawings, and for monochrome manicure on all nails. With its help, you can create a planar design, applying it with a thin layer and drawing elegant patterns, and you can achieve a three-dimensional effect, since due to the dense texture the material does not spread on the nail plate.

Benefits of gel paint for nails

Gel paint for nails has several advantages, thanks to which, in spite of its price, it quickly became popular among the masters:

  • Variety of colors. In addition to the fact that you can buy material in almost any color, different shades can be combined with each other, achieving the desired tone. In addition, some manufacturers produce coatings in gold and silver shades.
  • Materials of some manufacturers have residual stickiness, thanks to this gel paint is used for casting on the nails. To recreate the effect of gold casting, transfer foil is imprinted on the traced design.
  • The material is polymerized in the lamp, this property allows you to adjust the design until you achieve the result you want.
  • You will be able to create a variety of design nail gel colors, ranging from the classic jacket and ending with a complex bulk nail art.
  • Manicure gel paints can be performed at home. It is possible to use them both on the natural, and on the increased nail plates.

black and white manicure

If you want to buy a set of gel paints for nails, you should get acquainted with the most popular manufacturers and features of their products.

What gel paint to buy?

The most famous manufacturers are presented below:

  • E.MI. Gel paints from this company are made in Germany and are of high quality. After polymerization, the surface has a sticky layer. Buy a tube of gel paint with a volume of 10 ml today for 450 rubles. E.MI offers goods in a variety of color palettes. It is thanks to this company that gel paint is used for molding on nails, since the technology was developed by its founder, Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. On the website of E.MI you can buy both individual colors and a set of gel-paints for nails.
  • Kodi. The materials of this company are presented in a variety of shades, including silver, they do not have a dispersion layer, polymerize in a UV lamp. The texture is dense, the material does not spread and allows you to create a complex nail art. The price today is 270 rubles for 4 ml.
  • Irisk. Coatings of this company do not have a sticky layer, they are all presented in muted pastel shades. Texture density allows you to get a decent result even when applied in a thin layer. The cost of a bottle of 5 ml is 280 rubles.

nail design with hearts

Create a manicure gel-inks yourself

As we have already noted, the design of nail gel paints can perform the most diverse. We will tell you 2 main technologies: covering the entire nail plate with gel-paint and execution of drawings with this material on the gel varnish.

soft blue nail design

How to cover the entire nail gel paint?

To perform a manicure with gel paint, in addition to this coating, you will need:

  • Baf for removing the glossy layer of nails.
  • Means for degreasing and cleaning plates.
  • Ultrabond- primer, which does not contain acids.
  • Base for gel polish.
  • Top for gel polish.

It is advisable to purchase all the materials of the same manufacturer as your chosen gel paint. The step-by-step instruction for the manicure is as follows:

  1. Prepare marigolds, slightly walking around them with a buff.
  2. Degrease plate.
  3. We put acid-free primer.
  4. Apply a thin layer of gel polish base and dry in the lamp (2 minutes in the UV or half a minute in the LED).
  5. Using a brush, cover the nails with a selected shade of gel paint. You can mix shades right on the nail, creating a gradient effect, or you can apply two contrasting shades, for example, as in the photo below, and then put dots in silver color. Dry in the UV lamp for 1-2 minutes.
  6. We cover it with a top and then send the hand to the UV lamp for 2-3 minutes. If the top you used has a dispersion layer, remove it with a degreaser.

nail art in crimson color

Gel paint on gel polish

Most often, a manicure with gel paint is created on the nails, previously coated with gel varnish. After applying the nails on the nails, the base for the gel polish and the layer of colored gel polish, as well as drying each of these layers in the UV lamp until full cure, you can proceed to the design. Ways of applying gel-paint set. Here are some of them:

  • Take a thin brush and, having dipped it in gel-paint, draw monograms and curls. Dry the pattern in the LED lamp for about a minute or 2-3 minutes in the UV lamp. Then apply a topcoat.
  • Take a dots, dip it in one shade of coating and put the dots on the nail in a chaotic manner. Then take a second shade similar in color and add smaller points. Dry in the lamp, cover the top.
  • Apply a matting coating to the gel polish layer, dry it in the lamp and remove the sticky layer with a degreaser. Then using a gel paint to tint the background, apply a pattern or draw a smile line. You get a combination of matte background and glossy pattern. On top of the pattern, you can print the transfer foil, creating a casting effect. Locally apply top for gel polish on the drawing and dry in the lamp.
  • Use a thin brush to fill in the selected shade of the covering with the well of the marigold Use the same shade of gel paint to draw a smile line. Dry the design under the lamp and cover the nail with a top without a sticky layer.

lace patterns with a thin brush

Video: Creating a manicure gel paint Kodi

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