Fungus on the nails - fighting the problem on the vine

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If you find that your nails on your hands or feet are yellowed, covered with longitudinal stripes on the sides of the nails, yellow spots appear in the center of the nail plate, while you feel itchy skin, burning, cracks between the toes - this is a sign that you have visited the nail fungus . Especially a lot of trouble will bring a fungus that settled on the skin of the feet. In this disease, the marigolds begin to crumble, the skin peels off and cracks. But not only the aesthetic side should bother you - a nail fungus can have a bad effect on your overall health.

Independently, at home, without consulting with a specialist, you will not be easy to get rid of such problems as nail fungus. It is a disease that must be cured immediately. Explain why. First, the fungus comes out on the skin of the feet, especially often interdigital folds. If you do not immediately begin treatment, then followed by a rash of vesicles, which tend to burst and form cracks and ulcers, gradually spreading throughout the foot.

A fungus naturally forms on the nail, getting into the nail plate, it multiplies and there, gradually starting to exfoliate the nail, thereby penetrating the nail bed. Conniving attitude to this disease will lead to the fact that this attack spread not only to the legs, but also to the hands, and in an advanced form is also found in the internal organs of a person, especially among those who have weakened immunity or health problems.

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Based on the foregoing, do not delay the time, do not start treatment at home without knowing the essence of the disease. Contact a specialist, mycologist or dermatologist, who will answer you the question of how to cure nail fungus on your legs and how to get rid of it forever. After examining you and taking the tests, the doctor will assess the condition of your arms or legs, will adopt the thickness and structure of the nail. Only after this procedure you will be prescribed a comprehensive treatment, including antifungal ointments, cream and other medicine that can overcome nail fungus.

Nail fungus treatment

How to cure nail fungus on legs and arms? In general, during the initial stages of the disease, if the site of the lesion is of minor size, the doctor may recommend antifungal ointments, for example Clotrimazole, Exoderil, Ketoconazole. Ointment or cream impose on the sore spots with a dispenser, then leave for a day, wearing a waterproof plaster to avoid wetting of the treated places. But you should know that before you apply any tool in the form of a cream or ointment from nail fungus, you must prepare for this procedure at home.

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First you need to lower the sore hands or feet in a soap-soda solution, diluted in water 45-50 degrees. To do this, you need 50 grams of soap and 1 large spoon of soda. The procedure for soaking fingers or feet takes about 15 minutes. In the process, the horny layers on the nails soften, then they can be carefully treated with nail scissors and file, and then apply an antifungal cream. This home treatment is applied until healthy leggings grow.

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With the initial forms of this nail disease, you can use a varnish against nail fungus. Such antifungal varnish as Lotseril or Batrafen is in wide demand. If the nails on the hands or feet are affected, then loceryl antifungal nail polish is applied for about 8 months, applying it 2 times a day. In the event that the nail fungus struck the feet and toenails, the treatment with this varnish is carried out for a year. Nail varnish against nail fungus Batrafen apply a little differently. During the first month it is used every other day, in the second month its use is reduced to 2 times a week, then once a week and so on until the treatment gives a positive result.


In the event that the antifungal ointments and antifungal lacquer used do not give results and the disease continues to spread, then the doctor will prescribe a medicine for you to be taken inside. In this case, such a tool as Lamisil, Diflucan, Nizoral or Orungal will help to get rid of the problem. These drugs belong to general antimycotics. It is possible to take such antifungal agent by combining treatment with antifungal varnishes and ointments at home.

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Laser treatment for nail fungus

Recently, laser nail fungus removal has been increasingly used. This modern way of getting rid of the fungus is very effective, fast and harmless. Those who suffer from fungus of the nails of the hands and feet are well tolerated by laser treatment, which does not cause side effects.

Fungus laser treatment does not cause pain, discomfort. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to cure the affected skin and the fungus on the nail after a certain number of sessions, spending only 25 minutes. Laser treatment includes many advantages:

  1. Safe for health. The deep penetration of the laser beam allows you to warm, thus, to destroy the nail fungus, it does not touch and does not damage healthy tissue.
  2. Efficiency. After the first laser treatment procedure, you can see and feel the results. However, be aware that you can only have a final result after a six-month or even annual course of treatment.
  3. Painless treatment.
  4. Rapidity. Such treatment does not take a lot of time, which we always lack.
  5. Comfort. Laser treatment does not cause discomfort, inconvenience.

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Before you decide on a laser treatment for the fungus on the nails, you will need expert advice. Considering that the nail and fungus on the hands and feet can be of different forms and neglect (described above), the doctor must select an individual treatment for you that will help to cure your illness. To do this, the doctor will ask you to conduct a diagnostic study.

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Laser treatment contributes to the complete recovery of the skin and nails of human limbs. It helps to get rid of the fungus on the nails of 95% of people who decided to cure their problem in this way, after a three-month course of treatment! Some may need more time to cure a nail fungus. If we talk about the cost of this method, it is much cheaper compared to the medication method. Yes, and surgery can be avoided.

How to cure nail fungus on feet and hands at home

In order to cure the nail fungus on the hands and feet, you can use not only antifungal ointments and other medical medicines designed to destroy the nail fungus, but also apply some folk remedy. In our article we describe several recipes for those who wonder how to get rid of nail fungus, but are afraid to contact a doctor.

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  1. A simple recipe for those who do not know how to cure a fungus on their feet. Make a bath, pre-brewing in proportions of 1 liter of water with 4 large spoons of dry herb celandine. In this broth you need to soar sore feet for half an hour. During the day, if time permits, it will be useful to make lotions on the affected areas from this broth.
  2. The following remedy will help you to cure the fungus on the nail. Get in a pharmacy 20% tincture of propolis and apply a tampon soaked in it to unhealthy nails. This procedure should be done every day. Thus, the fungus on the nail will come off with the nail.
  3. If you are worried about foot fungus, a burdock may come to your aid. Tear the burdock leaf, wipe it with a dry napkin or cloth, repel it so that the juice begins to stand out, attach it to your leg and tie it with medical gauze or a bandage. To cure foot fungus at home, it is necessary to do this procedure for 3 weeks in the morning and evening before bedtime.
  4. Very effective remedy with the use of iodine solution. Within 3 weeks, apply 1 drop of iodine using a wick, you can use ear sticks on the affected marigolds and toes between the legs. This procedure should be done in the morning and evening. Nails and fingers that are near, but not infected with a fungal infection, should also be treated with pharmacy iodine for preventive purposes, but 1 time in 2 days. When you start to feel the unpleasant burning sensation and soreness of the affected nails and skin, know that your treatment gives positive results.
  5. Toenail fungus can cure the following solution made at home: take 2 teaspoons of alcohol and acetic essence and mix with 1 teaspoon of glycerin. Every evening, before going to bed, rub this sore nails with this solution. The terms of this procedure can last from 2 to 5 weeks, depending on the complexity and shape of the gapasti. If the solution gets on the skin, then use a fat cream or oil to avoid burns.


How to prevent yourself from fungus on the nails of the hands and feet

In order not to be asked in the future, the question is how to cure nail fungus, you need to follow the basic rules. Here are some of them:

  1. If you are on the beach, in a public bath or near the pool, be sure to wear slippers.
  2. After washing your feet, wipe them dry, do not leave moisture, which is an excellent medium for spreading nail fungus.
  3. For the prevention of nail foot fungus, use antifungal cream, treat them to dry, clean feet.
  4. In no case do not put shoes on someone else’s shoes or wear someone else’s gloves.
  5. Wear socks, tights, stockings always only after washing.

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