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If you came to this page, it means for you that a French manicure has not sunk into oblivion. Classic nail art, of course, remains relevant for many girls. No other manicure will make the handles so elegant and refined, like a thin white border along the edge of the nail. Today we will tell you how to perform a French gel varnish. You will learn how to make a traditional French manicure gel polish and its stylish variations. Let's get a portion of inspiration from a photo of a beautiful manicure, learn the subtleties of technology and watch a video lesson.

We execute classical french gel varnish

Long-lasting coverage has gained immense popularity with girls in recent years. And this is not surprising, because gel polishes have a lot of advantages. You do not have to spend an hour of time performing a manicure every 2-3 days. Knowing that such a nail art will live for at least a week, you can get a little confused with the design, complementing the French manicure with lacquer, for example, gold casting or sliders. Let's start the process.

gold casting

Materials and tools for creating french gel polish

If you want to achieve the effect "ala-natyurel"You will need:

  • Base under gel polish.
  • White shade resistant coating.
  • Top for gel polish.
  • Ultraviolet lamp.
  • Baf for removing irregularities from the plates.
  • Orange stick.
  • Degreaser.
  • Thin brush.

If you want to cover the natural plate with a gentle gel polish color, you will need a light pink or beige shade resistant coating. For design execution, gel paint, rhinestones, velvet sand, glitters or water stickers can be used.

nail design with rhinestones

Step by step scheme to create a French gel polish

Having prepared all the nail materials, gently shaking the bottles with the coatings and placing the lamp on the table, let's proceed to the process itself. Step by step instructions are as follows:

  1. Let's start with the preparation of marigolds: go through the buff on all the plates to erase the gloss from them. Do not apply too much zeal, so as not to thin the nails.
  2. With a wooden stick move the cuticle. There should not be a film on the nails, otherwise the coating will be of poor quality and will not last long.
  3. After that, wipe your nails with a degreaser. You can use a special liquid-clincher or alternative-liquid, which you usually remove varnish.
  4. Apply base coat. Try to make it thin, the excess funds on the brush clean about the edge of the jar.
  5. Dry this layer for about 15 seconds.
  6. Now, if you cover the whole plate with a delicate shade of gel polish, apply it with a thin layer and dry for a couple of minutes in the lamp. If necessary, duplicate the layer so that the natural nail does not show through.
  7. If your french gel polish is as natural as possible, immediately after the base layer, proceed to filling the free edge with a white tint. To draw a graceful smile line, it is better to use a thin brush.
  8. If you have already covered your nails with a delicate shade, after drying in the lamp, just draw a smile.
  9. To get a perfect coat of gel varnish at home, you can use stencils, especially if you find it difficult to give perfect lines on your right hand.
  10. Having drawn a tip, we dry result in a lamp 2 minutes.
  11. If you succeeded "bloopers", remove them before polymerization with a thin brush or cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  12. It remains to apply a top coat without a sticky layer, sealing the free edge. We cure another couple of minutes in the lamp.

french manicure with design

So just performed french gel polish at home. If you want to decorate your nails with a pattern, you need to draw it before finishing with a white shade of the tip and polymerization of this layer. To add shine rhinestones to the manicure, they need to be fixed with a drop of top, then dry the minute in the lamp, apply the finish with a coating on top and then polymerize. Performing a French manicure gel with varnish with a pattern, you can use both gel polishes and gel colors. With the help of the latter, thinner lines are obtained and you can easily recreate imitation of lace or, for example, draw a rose bud.

gentle nail art

Create an unusual french gel polish

Knowing the phased scheme of how to make a French gel coat with varnish, you can safely experiment with shades and shapes, for example, filling the free edge, it is not necessary to duplicate the smile line: it can be perfectly smooth or V-shaped.

V-shaped tip

Performing a french design gel varnish, to retreat from the classics is easy, simply take instead of white color any other: black, blue, yellow.

smile black line

Having covered all the plates with one shade of gel polish, for example, white, you can make a double tip, duplicating the smile line with similar shades: silver and gold, brown and sand, pink and crimson, blue and blue. You can not be limited to two lines, change their thickness and color intensity, as in the photo below.

colorful tip

Two-color ideas for french gel polishes

In 2015, there is a trend towards simple solutions. A special love for girls won the moon jacket.

moon jacket

To make the french gel-lacquer design look stylish, you should not overload it with decorative elements, but you can combine only 2 shades of coatings:

  • Creating nails french gel polish according to the laws of the office dress code, you can draw not only the tip, but also the nail hole or leave the hole "naked". Here pure colors are used: white, beige and pastel shades: pale pink, sand.
  • For everyday wear, combining filling the hole and drawing the tip, you can use contrasting shades: lilac and gray, pistachio and white, black and silver, purple and dark green. These two-tone nail polish gel nails will look simple and stylish.
  • One of the most simple solutions is to cover one of the nails, most often, on the index finger or little finger with the same shade as the tips of the nails. In this two-color design, it is better to combine shades of the same color, for example, beige and chocolate, pastel lemon and bright yellow, lavender and purple. But you can play on the contrast, as in the top photo.

contrasting shades in nail art

Video: Double French gel polish

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