French manicure for short nails

french on short nails

Fashion, as well as ideas about what is beautiful are constantly changing. And if recently a manicure of a pointed form imitating cat's claws was in fashion, today in the trend of the nail of the most natural look. French manicure on short nails is not only very relevant, but also practical. The short length of the marigold does not interfere with the daily work of the house, playing sports and leading an active lifestyle. A variety of embodiments of this manicure will make you forget about boredom. This material provides a diagram and basic principles for creating a french on short nails with your own hands and at home.

Technique of the classic version of the service manicure

Every woman knows what a classic manicure french on short nails is. First of all, it is a very neat marigold shape and a well-groomed cuticle. In addition, an integral part of the jacket is the so-called smile - the tip of the nail, painted in white or pale beige. The main part of the nail bed is colored with a natural shade of light pink, beige or flesh.

French nail art varnish

cute pink design

French varnish for short nails is performed according to a fairly simple scheme:

  1. Cut the nails and with the help of a nail file to give them the desired shape;
  2. Make a warm bath for the fingers. In the water, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, herbal infusions and other useful ingredients;
  3. Using a special wooden stick, move the cuticle from the surface of the nail plates;
  4. Cover the nails varnish, the color of which will be the main. Let the manicure dry;
  5. Paint the tip with white lacquer.

As a rule, it is rather difficult to make this procedure to yourself. For this reason, many ladies prefer to create a french on short nails in beauty salons. However, if you use a specially designed template or stencil, it will be much easier to do a beautiful french on short nails with varnish.

French nail art gel

extended nails

An alternative to the usual is a french on short nails gel. The advantage of this technique is a longer service life of manicure. In addition, creating a french on short nails with gel, it is easier to draw a smile line. In the case when the length of the nails is small enough, their tip is painted with a special flat brush. The manicure version made by the gel looks more accurate and looks more like the result of a visit to a beauty salon, but it takes more time and effort. Another nuance, manicure gel does not tolerate any hurry.

Non-classical design

Initially, the French manicure on short nails was invented, and only the fashion modernized and adapted it to the nails of great length. Now a short version is chosen mainly by young ladies who lead an active lifestyle. Classic jacket perfectly combines with a business suit and sportswear. Without a doubt, it will be appropriate both in negotiations with customers, and at a party, jogging, in a cafe and so on. And if you use a non-classical version, you can create bolder and more interesting options on the nails that will not go unnoticed even in nightclubs and at costumed holidays. Here the result depends only on the courage and imagination of the manicurist.

interesting nail design

As a starting point for the launch of the flight of your imagination, we present the main types of design based on French manicure. Any of them is carried out according to the instructions above, only the color of the material used and the technique of applying a varnish or gel change.

Color French manicure on short nails

Color jacket implies replacing the classical palette with a brighter one, thus you can get the widest scope for experiments.

  • For example, the tip of the marigold can be left white, and the main part of the plate can be painted blue, yellow, green, and so on.
  • You can, on the contrary, leave the plate beige and make the tip bright.
  • In addition, in both of these options for each finger, you can use a separate color.
  • And another option with a solid fill is to replace with bright colors both a varnish for the base and a varnish for the tips. Thus, you can create a gentle and pastel French nail art, gothic or very elegant.

white and blue design

French manicure on the millennium short nails

Make the nails bright and unique will help multi-colored sparkles or rhinestones, which can cover the base of the nail or the tip. This option is performed step by step in accordance with the above scheme, then glitter or rhinestones are glued to the underdried varnish.

Millenium Nail Art

Moon jacket

elegant moon nail art

Lunar French is an interesting option, which creates a smile not at the tip of the nail, but at its base. Colors for this decor can be any. As the design, you can choose drawings or stucco. Moon French nail art is most often used by brides. Such a nail design takes a lot of time and requires multi-stage work of professionals.

Video: creating a neat french on short nails

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