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Natural forms of nails can tell a lot about their owner, her character and habits. An interesting fact is this: in a girl, the shape of the nails is not the same on all fingers. If you look at your hands now, you will notice these differences. Moreover, on the right and left hand the same finger can have a different type of plate. The main purpose of manicure, salon or homemade is the correct form of nails. Then you will read how to choose the right option for you.

Different types of nail plate

There are 5 main varieties of the nail form:

  • square;
  • oval;
  • almond shaped;
  • rounded;
  • pointed

In addition to the main ones, there are also additional ones. So, for example, the square can be divided into a clear and soft version, and the pointed model is divided into “stylet” and “peak”. The differences between them are very subtle. For an independent manicure at home, it will be enough to know 5 basic schemes.

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The correct form of nails is not one particular option, for each girl this is a specific type of tips. And this individual version is selected on the basis of the girl’s natural marigold form, her habits, lifestyle, structure of the fingers and personal preferences.

"Square" for calm and independent girls

The square shape of the nails is considered the most common, its contours are clear, the corners are rather sharp, and the tip has a straight line. This is one of the simplest models, you can safely choose it if you do a manicure to yourself. The square shape of the nail looks very good on the elongated fingers. It allows you to visually balance the proportions. Such a choice will make your hands neat, but there is one drawback - sharp edges can interfere. If you really like this option, but it is embarrassed by its inconvenience, you can choose a “soft square” for yourself, with such a square manicure, sharp corners are cut, and the handles look gentle and neat.

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Square nails give you freedom to experiment in nail art; you can apply various decorative elements, combining colors and textures. French manicure will look perfect on such nails. This square manicure fits almost any wardrobe and case.

"Oval" for fans of versatility and tradition

The universal oval shape of nails is an ideal choice for many girls. The tip in this case follows the line of the cuticle. If you are doing such an oval manicure with your own hands, it is important to smooth the free edge smoothly to make it natural and soft. Oval manicure is guaranteed to make your hands refined and elegant.

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The oval is considered a universal figure, which will never become obsolete and will never lose its popularity, just as the naturalness and naturalness in the image of a girl loses its relevance. The oval shape of the nails and the French manicure is the perfect duet. To make oval nails unbanal, you can use different colors of varnishes for the tip, from pastel low-key to the most unexpected and juicy. Various patterns and spangles for nail art are widely used.

The round shape of the nail is considered to be the ideal choice for active girls who prefer short marigolds. The main rule when creating round nails is the same rounding of the free edge. This year, long extended nails finally give up, and they are replaced by short neat ones, including rounded ones.

In order to beautifully highlight a circle, just one color of lacquer is enough. You can choose the shade to your taste, it may be relevant in the spring of gentle blue and purple, and you can prefer the classic shades of pink and sand color.

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Even for such a short length you can do an unusual manicure yourself, especially if you have a bold colored wardrobe. To do this, you can use the bright colors of varnishes, such as yellow, green, blue, purple, white, orange. Using the step by step instructions, make a simple but interesting round manicure:

  1. Take a special stencil that allows you to draw perfectly smooth lines.
  2. Alternating varnishes at your discretion, draw colored horizontal stripes.
  3. Let the picture dry and fix the result with clear varnish. You can also use colorless glitter coatings.
  4. The round shape of the nails can acquire tender features if you cover the nails with light pastel shades and apply a light pattern on the tip to a lighter tone.

"Almonds" for real yoke

The almond shape of the nail is quite complicated in execution. Moreover, on natural plates, the shape of the almond nails will almost never be the same. Even the smallest errors when working with a file will be immediately visible. An experienced master knows best of all how to gradually shape this type of nails. Independently working with a saw, you can overdo it and make one of the tips shorter or sharper. Although with constant training, you can bring this skill to a professional level.

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In general, almond is a beautiful form of nails, allowing you to experiment with the design. But keep in mind that almond nails do not go to every image. Long plates serve as an excellent “canvas” for creating whole pictures on your hands. Therefore, it is a great option for the form of extended nails.

Almond-shaped nails are demanding to respect the width-to-length ratio. If you have a wide plate, do not make the tips too long. Otherwise, your fingers will look heavy and heavy. Not recommended and too pointed elongated tips. It may look ridiculous and ridiculous.

Pointed claws for passionate girls

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Acute is a rather beautiful form of nails, resembling cat's claws, but a sharp manicure is not as simple to perform as it might seem at first glance. It is characterized by a sharp edge, at the slightest rounding of which the claws already lose their feature. Forms of accrued nails very often include this option, because on an artificial nail in case of an error it is easier to adjust the correct silhouette. This is the secret how to make the shape of nails perfectly sharp. Natural plates rarely grow the same to the required length. Sharp nail shapes give complete artistic freedom.

Video: selection of the shape of the free edge of the nail

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