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bright summer design

Nail polish is another way to make an unusual manicure. Masters use this decorative element for a long time, so today it is unlikely that you will surprise anyone with flower flowers on extended nails. But still, a manicure with the use of fimo is bright, neat and simple, all the more, the cost of the decoration is very affordable, and the variety of pictures gives room for the master's imagination.

What is fimo?

You probably saw a similar manicure with your girlfriends or work colleagues, you just did not know that you created it with fimo for nails. Rods or rods made of polymer clay, having a length of about 6 cm and a simple bright pattern in the center are the fimo sticks for nails. The master, using a special blade or a stationery knife, cuts off thin plates from the rod, and then uses miniature pictures in the nail design.

sticks with different prints

Using this decor, you can create a manicure without the time spent on drawing a picture, and the price of jewelry is very low, from 10 rubles per barbell. You can buy them in specialized stores with products for nail art. On sale you can also find already sliced ​​plates. If the master does not have a special blade, he can use ready-made ornaments.

The cost of a set of plates with different drawings approximately from 80 rubles. However, cutting yourself can save a little and, if you wish, make plates of the desired thickness. Usually the finished plates in the set are rather thick, they are about 1 mm thick. Such decorative elements are not suitable for natural nails, and it will be more difficult to cover them with gel.

sliced ​​fimo

Fimo in professional nail design

Master nail service, certainly knows how to make a manicure with fimo. Professionals use this element of decor and in the design of extended nails. Plates spread in the correct order on all or some of the nails and covered with a layer of gel. To make the manicure practical, and the decor does not interfere with you in everyday life, the master will try to make the surface of the marigold smooth so that the decorations do not rise above the plate and their edges do not protrude beyond its borders.

heart design

There are a lot of design options, as well as pictures on this decorative element. Depending on your wishes, you can choose fimo-fruits, flowers, smiles, hearts, leaves, images of animals. Of course, this fimo manicure is not suitable for business women. But for teenagers and young, active girls, this is a godsend. You can create simple, but complex in appearance, three-dimensional drawings that you can not make manually with a brush. The stickers look pretty cheap, and the stencil does not allow you to make multi-color images so neatly, therefore fimo can be considered a boon for masters.

How to use this decor yourself

nail art design

If you do not like the gel extension or do not want to go to the salon, you can do fimo nail design with your own hands at home. For natural nails, these decorative elements will not be so practical, be prepared for the fact that the plates can interfere with you, cling to clothes, and if they are not sufficiently secure, even fall off. If you decide to create a manicure with fimo, read the step-by-step instructions. She will tell you how to use fimo for nails:

  1. Slice the stick as thin as possible.
  2. Cover the marigolds with a colorless top or any other uniform coating, depending on the desired design.
  3. Using a toothpick, apply a drop of glue for false nails on the back side of the picture.
  4. Using tweezers, lift the plate by the edge and place it in the right place.
  5. Squeeze the decoration for 2-3 seconds.
  6. From above apply a colorless varnish, it is possible in 2 layers.
  7. Wait until the varnish is completely dry.

fruit nail art

It is rather difficult to make an ideal manicure using fimo for nails itself, even following the step-by-step scheme described above. Such decorations are more designed for aquarium design, so they will not last long on a natural marigold, no matter what glue you choose. This manicure will be short-lived, but unusual.

Manicure Ideas With This Decoration

Fimo for nail design can be used in different ways:

  • place the jewelry on the tip, you get an unusual jacket;
  • using single plates, you can focus on the decoration in manicure;
  • combining lines drawn with acrylic paint and fimo, you can create whole pictures;
  • Arrangement of jewelry all over the nail plate, you get an interesting textured coating.

fruit jacket

If you want to make a bright and unusual manicure with your own hands, while you do not have the skills to paint with acrylic paints and want to spend some money, Fimo will suit you for nail design. You can combine these decorations with glitter and coatings of different colors. Do not try to make all the nails the same. In addition, you can use this decoration for the design of toenails in the summer.

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