Festive manicure - stylish nail art options

beautiful nail art with ornament

Any woman on a holiday wants to stand out from the crowd and the easiest way to do this is with a beautiful manicure. You can make a festive manicure in the salon, where you will be offered a hand-painted, complex and unusual design or any fancy decor, but you can make it yourself, because in this process everything depends on your preferences and capabilities.

Manicure options for the holiday

There are lots of different options for nail design. And if on a normal day, girls can choose the pattern they like for nails, then for a holiday, I want to look special.

Having a good taste, as well as a set of special tools, the presence of varnishes of various colors, decorative ornaments in the form of rhinestones, pebbles, beads and a bit of free time, you can create a festive nail design with your own hands that will not differ from a professional one.

heart design

  • The easiest way to do a solemn manicure at home is to cover your nails with a transparent base and sprinkle your marigolds with a layer of multi-colored sparkles. Looks elegant and fun.
  • Uncomplicated patterns are also very easy to make. There is no need to have any skill, while you can create unique compositions. You can apply drawings with varnish or acrylic paints. Well, if the nature of the printed picture, will symbolize the upcoming event (New Year, Valentine's Day, graduation party). A manicure for the holiday with their own hands will be a small work of art.
  • The most common type of nail design is french. It is ideal for any clothes, season and occasion, and it looks stylish and elegant. Make a fashionable "jacket", itself is not difficult. Variants of French manicure can always be looked at the photo in our article and gradually study such a technique.
  • Another version of the holiday manicure, which is quietly performed at home is the effect of frosted glass. In 2015, many cosmetic companies began to produce varnishes, which look original and quite expensive. With the help of such varnishes, you can create an incredibly fashionable and bright manicure, which will delight others!
  • Due to the large selection of varnishes with different effects, it is very easy to make a festive manicure gel varnish. Using gel polish on the nails will provide you with a good mood for a long time and fill the image with mystery. Get some original ideas from a step-by-step photo or experiment and invent something of your own.

pink gel polish design

Fashionable manicure for the holiday of 2015

In the new season, the lacy nail design became especially popular. With the help of lace, you can create a magnificent pattern for absolutely any event, as well as choose a lace for a festive dress. In any situation, this technique looks gorgeous. The scheme and instruction of lace manicure presented on the website will help you to more accurately perform a complex and at the same time elegant and delicate nail design.

manicure with lace

Festive design on short nails

Here you can use a variety of nail art. For the holiday well suited rich and bright colors of lacquer. With the help of color you can visually lengthen the nails and make them more expressive. When decorating short nails, it is better to be limited to 2 shades of varnish. No longer worth it, because it will look ridiculous.

stylish glitter decor

You have already decided what a manicure you will do for the holiday? Maybe it will be a "French", gradient nail art, or will you apply cute drawings on the nails? Listen to your heart, play with flowers. Bright and bright colors will make you more noticeable and more attractive. Do not be afraid to experiment and you will definitely succeed!

Video: Holiday Glitter Manicure

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