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At present, it is impossible to imagine a modern woman who would not dream of the beauty and elegance of her legs. One can only sympathize with those who use the old classical method of caring for their feet. Painful procedures that involve the use of cutting tools, will not give pleasure to a gentle and narcissistic woman. The century of the Inquisition is long past. Let's turn our attention to the new, internationally recognized method of European pedicure for nail treatment, which is suitable for any woman of different ages, even for children and pregnant women.

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What is a European pedicure? This method of care, which can still be described as dry or uncut. That is, unlike simple manipulations with piercing and cutting objects, this is a completely painless and safe pedicure. This method simplifies the procedure of care and allows you to do without water and any baths. In this case, the cuticle is removed and it does not need to be removed. After several such procedures, usually 6 - 9 times, the cuticle will become thinner and the legs will look even more attractive and well-groomed. Let's step by step how to do a European pedicure?

Types of European pedicure. Technique performance. Detailed nuances

In Europe and throughout the world use the three most common options for pedicure at home.

Classic pedicure in European

For this stage it is very important to do all the procedures alternately and use only those hygiene products that are recommended when performing this operation.

Step-by-step technique for performing a classic European pedicure

  1. First of all, remove the old nail polish. For this, any agent that does not contain acetone is suitable. Then gently nail file give the desired shape of the nails. When processing the nail file in the hands of the master is at an angle of no more than 30 degrees relative to the edges of the nails. The direction of the cut is to lead from the edge of the nail to its center. It is advisable not to cut the corners very deeply, as this may cause an undesirable inflammatory process.
  2. The next stage is the removal of the cuticle with the help of a special gentle
    perfect pedicure
    facilities. Such means include various liquids, creams or lotions. They can be purchased at any specialty store or pharmacy chain.
  3. With a slight movement we apply our product on the toes, in a small amount, and then rub it into the skin near the nails. You can give this hygienic agent some time to be absorbed into the skin, then with the help of a special wooden stick with a slight movement we move the cuticle to the very edge of the nail plate. It is best to choose a stick from an orange tree and it is necessary to carry out this procedure in the most careful and accurate way.
  4. The remaining cream on the feet is removed with a slightly damp cloth. After this process the cuticle with any nutritious oil.
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Spa pedicure European

Consider the second option pedicure. SPA - pedicure. Apply with any method, both European and classical. It involves the use of certain tools for the European pedicure, such as masks and creams.

Step-by-step technique for performing European pedicure in Spa technology

  1. First of all, you need to thoroughly wash your feet, and then wipe them dry.
    foot wash
  2. Remove the old layer of nail coverings on the fingers. You can still do without lotion and other moisturizers.
  3. We lower the legs in a specially prepared bath with the aroma of oil and shampoo for no more than 5 minutes to soften the skin on the legs. Then wipe dry with a towel or napkin.
  4. Using scissors, cut the nails in a straight line, not rounding the edges. After
    applying a mask on the feet
    This is slightly filed with a nail file. How to use a nail file, we have described above.
  5. Manicure spatula, which is always present in the manicure set, process and remove the cuticle.
  6. Soft nail file polish the nail plate.
  7. Then, using the scrubs for the feet get rid of corns and corns. In this case, it is unforgettable to moisturize the skin with cream and milk.
  8. Before applying the varnish, degrease the nails with a cotton swab, previously soaked it with nail polish remover. Manicure is recommended to apply in two layers.
  9. For a more complete result, use a lacquer at the end.
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European hardware pedicure

It is becoming increasingly popular, as in contrast to the classic pedicure

moving the cuticle away from the nails
eliminates the use of trays with water, as well as cream or lotion. The very name of the method suggests that it is based on the use of a special apparatus. Included with it are attached various attachments and fixtures with the help of which the feet of the legs are processed faster, more efficiently, and also save a lot of time.

This procedure allows the patient to not feel pain at all, safety is 100% guaranteed, the effect is maximized.

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If you have damaged, infected with fungal diseases, nails ingrown into the body, then a hardware European pedicure will solve your problems. Large selection of rotating nozzles will allow you to get rid of corns, cracks and corns on the legs completely painless.

More frequent use of this method will minimize excessive sweating, as well as restore the protective function of the body to the perception of fungal diseases. Yes, and just relieve fatigue at the end of the day. For people with diabetes, this is simply a find, as it makes the procedure more benign to pain and even temperature sensitivity.

Step-by-step technique of hardware European pedicure

  1. Apply a disinfector on the skin of the feet, in order to soften and
    work cutter during pedicure
    clean the horny part of the skin. Leave for a while. The disinfectant itself recognizes problem areas of the body and does not affect living tissue.
  2. After that, we remove this cosmetic with a towel or napkin.
  3. You can start processing. As a nozzle for the drill choose
    feet with perfect pedicure
    cutter and bur, suitable length and diameter. First, we process the plates on the nails, and then proceed to the processing of the feet. This whole procedure will take no more than 5 - 10 minutes. The patient does not feel pain at all and at the same time feels pleasant sensations.

A distinctive feature of this method of treatment of problem areas is that with the help of a drill, we achieve exceptional accuracy in reaching the affected areas of the skin of the feet, fingers and heels of our lovely women. And now shoe beautiful shoes and forward.

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So you got acquainted with how to do a European pedicure at home. We hope that the described technique of performing a European pedicure is completely clear to you and you have no questions left. Be beautiful!

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