Fashion manicure

very unusual nail art

To always remain fashionable and stylish, of course, you need to have well-groomed and beautiful nails. They are an obligatory element of a charming image. A little knowledge and practice, and you can independently make a fashionable manicure in 2014.

To date, there are many different ideas in order to manicure looked stylish and relevant. Making it so easy with creative designs, modeling, accessories and jewelry. However, it is very important not to overdo it. Since simplicity and naturalness have now returned to fashion, you can easily make a manicure at home. Below will be described what nails are now in fashion.

idea for an unusual manicure

Well-groomed pens remain forever in fashion

No matter what kind of manicure is now in fashion, and what color of varnish you have chosen - unkempt hands can ruin any image. Therefore, before you do a fashionable manicure, first of all you need to bring your pens in full order. It is easier and more effective to do this with the help of a Spa-procedure, which, moreover, will provide a wonderful addition to the well-groomed look of pens - high spirits. It is best to use the Spa-program with the effect of cooling. The manipulations included in it perfectly moisturize, refresh and deodorize your pens.

blue design on the nail

What nail design is in fashion now?

Fashionable shades

  • In 2014, fashionable colors are light and pastel. Actual shades are: turquoise, soft pink, berry, or simply classic white.

pastel shades

  • For leisure or office ideal translucent watercolor shades. The trendy colors of this season are very diverse and the main thing is not to “get lost”.
  • Lucky colors for French manicure are also ideal for you, and pink and turquoise shades can make your look unusual and individual.

ultra white lacquer

  • Also very relevant this season has become a retro-white color, which is especially popular among the beautiful half of humanity. It is both classic and avant-garde, making your nails unusually bright and your skin color fresh.
  • Fashion trends manicure does not accept the design of the vinaigrette of the flower theme, abstract patterns and folk motifs. Now such a manicure is absolutely inappropriate and unfashionable.
  • From the dark shades of lacquers should be abandoned, because they are no longer fashionable. They can be used, but very carefully, so as not to spoil the whole image.

Almond-shaped and oval nails

Fashionable nail design in 2014 is natural, because now it is important to do a manicure with a classic oval and almond-shaped nails. Such a nail design easily emphasizes femininity. It is very important that the nails have a beautiful and regular shape. If you don’t have one, it will be a great solution to a Manicure “Kreatyur” - this is nail modeling, which takes into account your individual features, such as skin color and nail plate. Although such marigolds are made of acrylic, they will look very natural and fascinating.

very unusual nail art

Square and sharp nails are already completely out of fashion. Because of their inherent massiveness, they will in no way look light and natural. But the exquisite oval on the nails in fashion, and he can easily complete your feminine image.

In fashion nails of short length

small legs

A short fashionable manicure gives a natural look and perfectly combines a classic almond shape and a dim lacquer coating. The huge advantage is that it is convenient and that you can do it yourself. Therefore, for girls who love comfort, such a nail design will be very useful, especially since the scheme for doing it is very simple. Fashion trends 2014 manicure left women without long nails. They have completely lost their former popularity and now look more inappropriate than beautiful.

Elegant nail design with rhinestones

moon jacket with rhinestones

Fashionable nail design - this is including a manicure with rhinestones. The main principle of such nail art is its moderation, femininity and application of rhinestones step by step. The basis for this manicure are translucent light shades. Brilliant pebbles look great on soft pink or white nails, and such nail art can make a real beauty out of any girl. The use of "heavy" decor is strictly prohibited, because in order for your marigolds to look luxurious, it is not necessary to decorate them with many rhinestones, sparkles, beads and little rings.

Creative jacket

moon jacket with rhinestones

The most fashionable manicure is a French jacket, which still remains relevant. At the same time, the French manicure will be an unusual and classic color tip. To do this, use bright colors, applying varnish in stages and making the tips of the nails, for example, yellow or orange. At any celebration such a nail design will attract attention.

Doll Manicure

Fashion dictates its style and its rules. Now it is fashionable to abandon the flickering of diamonds and the brilliance of gold and plunge into childhood a bit. Porcelain figurines, lace parasols and satin dresses inspired the creators of fashion trends. Fashionable nail design with a soft pink tint that creates a feeling of a real holiday and takes us to childhood - that’s what is now incredibly popular. And the instruction to perform this manicure is very simple.

delicate nail art

The image of a “vamp woman” has become absolutely irrelevant. "Overloaded" design and decor can no longer add effect and charm. Also, do not apply multi-layered drawings on your nails, make asymmetrical shape of nails and piercings. Lightness, naturalness, femininity - that's what is fashionable now.


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