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Sticking false nails at home, you can get a pretty neat manicure in minutes. Many modern girls believe that they look too unnatural and are already irrelevant, because there are so many ways to decorate pens without plastic plates. But correctly sticking false nails and choosing a quality product, no one will distinguish that it is not your real marigold!

Today, such well-known companies like Loreal and Broadway delight beauties with a wide selection of false nails. We will tell about the intricacies of their use and how to make artificial nails similar to natural ones in the article.

About modern false nails

Some people mistakenly believe that false nails at home can not be good. Overhead tips remained in the memory of many girls as coarse pieces of plastic, which needed to be filed for a long time to give them a more or less neat shape, and then still manage to firmly and accurately fix them using glue for false nails. It was quite difficult to glue such nails to itself, and the surplus of glue spoiled the whole result, leaving marks on the hands that were rather difficult to remove. In general, some torment!

loreal set

But today, a set of false nails is fundamentally different from its predecessors: you will not have to shape the plates or mess with glue. Just a couple of minutes and nails on the right place and look pretty natural! Of course, the pads that need to be glued to a special glue can also be found on sale. But also they became much more plastic and stronger.

The advantages of plastic linings

The advantages of false nails are as follows:

  • From a huge range you can choose the shape and design of false nails, in harmony with your image.
  • Plastic linings are quite durable and hold on for a long time with proper gluing.
  • On tips, the varnish does not “peel off” longer, and the color of the coating will be more saturated, because the surface of the plates is perfectly even, and the natural nails have furrows.
  • Harm to your real nails is minimal.
  • If desired, you can shorten the length of the pads using a regular nail file.

What are the overhead tips

interesting shiny design

Today, the range of this product is so wide that the eyes just run up. How to make the right choice? The main differences are as follows:

  • Design. Monophonic or with a pattern - the choice is yours.
  • The form. Pads are made for different forms of nails. You can choose tips that match your natural plate shape.
  • Way of sticking. Modern tips can have a thin sticky layer on the back side of the plate or stick with special patches that are pre-placed on a natural plate. Tips, on which you need to apply liquid glue, have a lower cost, but it will take longer to tinker with them.
  • Quality. The price of the goods and the naturalness of the final result depend, of course, on the quality of the linings. The quality of the adhesive layer determines the life of the tips. If you want to bring the result closer to the ideal, do not save on the purchase.

False Nail Design

transparent tips

False nails can be of two types:

  • Without design. These are transparent or beige plates, on which you will be able to apply any varnish in a usual way, as you paint your real marigolds. The coating is applied evenly, and the color is saturated in a single layer.
  • With design. The diverse design of false nails allows you to pick up the goods even the most sophisticated fashionistas. A variety of prints, patterns, monochrome marigolds or made in the technique of French manicure, with sparkles or rhinestones, almost any ideas of nail art are already embodied on tips. Just choose what you like!

To make fake marigold look more natural, we recommend that you buy a lining without a design and apply it yourself. Of course, the design applied in the process of manufacturing tips is more complex and unusual, but often, such marigolds look very unnatural.

How to glue false nails

Depending on which lining you choose, the gluing instruction will be different. But the first step - the preparation of nails for the procedure, will be standard for any option for further developments. To prepare your natural marigolds, step by step follow these steps:

  1. If your nails are made up, remove the old coating.
  2. Orange stick move cuticle.
  3. Cut the burrs if they are.
  4. Using a nail file, make the minimum length of your natural marigold.
  5. Add roughness to the surface of your marigold by treating it with a soft nail file. This will improve the grip of the natural and artificial plate.

Glue ordinary plastic tips

gluing process

Now we proceed directly to gluing tips. If you purchased fake marigolds without a sticky layer, step-by-step instructions on how to glue the false nails are as follows:

  1. Choose the tips that fit the width of your real nails.
  2. Saw a rigid nail file overlays so that they perfectly "sat down" on your nails.
  3. Put all the pads in front of you in the right sequence to simplify the process of gluing.
  4. Natural marigold need to degrease a special antiseptic. This will ensure reliable fixation of the tips and prevent the development of the fungus on your real nails.
  5. Apply glue gently to the surface of your nail, avoiding contact with skin.
  6. Attach the tipsy and press it tightly.

It remains to mask the joint between the plate and your real plate. To do this, you can use 3 ways:

  1. Saw the joint with a hard file.
  2. Put a little glue in place of the joint, and then after it dries, even out the unevenness with a nail file.
  3. Use liquid acrylic. You will need liquid acrylic and acrylic powder. Brush dipped in liquid acrylic, and then into powder and touch the place of the joint.

We glue tips with a sticky layer

a set of tips with a ready-made design

Such linings are of two types:

  • the adhesive layer has already been applied to the back side of the lining, and a thin film is located above;
  • lining under each nail with a sticky layer attached separately.

Difficulties in how to glue false nails coated with a sticky layer, usually does not occur. You simply remove the transparent film from each artificial plate and fix them on natural ones.

If you have purchased flexible patch tips with adhesive linings, for example, Flex from Loreal, you need:

  1. Choose the type that fits your natural plate size; it will be numbered.
  2. Carefully peel off the adhesive pad under the appropriate number and place it in the center of your marigold.
  3. Remove the thin film from the surface of the lining.
  4. Attach an artificial plate with your natural, pressing it in the center and then on the sides to remove air from under it.
  5. If the tips have irregularities, use a nail file.

Now you know how to make false nails as natural as possible. And so that your real nails are not affected by wearing tips, you need to know how to remove false nails.

nail strips

How to remove false nails

Wearing plastic pads is not recommended for longer than 2-3 weeks. If you use them to create a manicure all the time, give your natural marigold a break. Instructions on how to remove false nails are as follows:

  1. Dip your hands in hot water and hold for 15 minutes.
  2. The glue will dissolve and you can easily remove the tips.
  3. If the plate is held very firmly, put your finger in a container into which you pour nail polish remover. After this, Tips is easily removed.
  4. Remove glue residues from the surface of the nails with nail polish remover.

Modern false nails can take pride of place in the cosmetics bag of every girl who wants to always look perfect. Remember that the lining can be glued only on healthy marigolds! Use the recommendations and enjoy a beautiful manicure!

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