Extension and strengthening of nails with acryl-gel


Many women do not have the opportunity to grow strong and beautiful nails due to a number of reasons. Some note increased fragility of the nail plate, others by nature are endowed with weak nails. The modern world provides an opportunity for women to increase and strengthen their nails with an acrylate, which will permanently provide the lady with a beautiful manicure. Different manufacturers call this material differently: Polygel, acryl-gel, acrigel, Elaston gel (Elaston gel). Let us examine all aspects of this material and this cosmetic service.

What is acrylic gel

Increasing the length of the nail and its parallel strengthening is carried out by applying a special substance to it. It helps to hide the visible defects of the nail plate. This substance is called acrylic gel. After crystallization, it practically does not differ from the natural marigold. The applied gel provides smoothness and uniform shine to the manicure. This nail cosmetics received all the benefits of acrylic and gel. From this and such a name.


Pros and cons of nail

Any outside intervention in the systems of the human body causes a number of consequences that have their own individuality. How much an organism will protest depends on the experience of the master and the level of materials and equipment used.

The extension procedure is carried out in three ways: gel, acrylic or a combination method (in our case). But regardless of the choice of basis, you can say for sure that all methods are safe and equally beautiful. The period of operation of such a nail lasts from two weeks to one and a half months.

Poly gel Danchel

It is worth paying attention to the following factors:

  • Before the procedure, the master calculates the durability and the ability to quickly restore the lost nail, as well as the possibility of correction.
  • Depending on the growth rate of the nail plate and its condition, the period of serving the artificial will be determined.
  • High-quality materials and sterile inventory ensure the safety of the skin and minimize the occurrence of the inflammatory process.
  • Modern technologies allow the use of safe acrylate, which does not contain methyl.
  • It should be borne in mind that artificially created nail prevents air flow to the plate, thereby providing a favorable environment for the development of microorganisms.

Advantages of Poly-gel for building

Acryl-gels carry all the advantages of individual materials: modeling, building, strengthening and design. Polygel nail is becoming the main competitor of simple gels and acrylic powders, gaining popularity among the fair sex. The second name of this substance is kombigel.

Acryl Gel Professional and Fayno Polygel

  • It is absolutely safe to use, as it does not cause allergic reactions, is easy to use and work, and also has no impact on human health.
  • Nail extension with acrylic gel provides safe cutting of excess material.
  • The particles of the frozen substance are lighter than those of the precursors, therefore they settle on the surface without flying in the air.
  • During the procedure, the master is not required to perform the process quickly, because this substance is not in contact with the skin due to its viscosity and ductility.
  • When building up with an acrylate it takes a little more time when drying in a lamp, but it excludes time measurement during this procedure.
  • The increased nail is close in appearance to the natural. The applied akrigel does not peel off, interacts well with other substances and is quite light in weight.
  • In addition to the beautiful appearance, the master carries out nail strengthening due to the components of the applied base.

The possibilities of polygel in manicure and nail design

Akrigel combined lacquer and acrylic polymers, oligomers and made the manicure service zone more diverse. When using akrigelya, the master not only lengthens and strengthens the nail plate, but also can eliminate defects and injuries of the surface.


Nail polishing is carried out if:

  • the client suffers from increased brittleness of the nails, in addition to having a trapezoid shape
  • if you need to adjust the nail surface.

PolyGel by Gelish and IRISK

How to use acrylic gel

There are many companies that produce this baseline. Everyone calls the product differently, but this does not affect the effect that is seen after building a polygel.


In order to get beautiful nails you need to follow the instructions:

  1. Contact the master or independently conduct a manicure procedure.
  2. Remove the fat layer on the treated surface.
  3. Process primer.
  4. Apply a base coat.
  5. Set the form on which the gel will be applied.
  6. Put a little acrylate on the form.
  7. Pre-degrease the brush and evenly distribute the gel.
  8. Dry in the ultraviolet lamp.
  9. Give the desired shape of the nail.
  10. Having figured out how to grow nails acrylic gel, you can start learning on models.

how forms are superimposed

When is it possible to use polygel

You can meet people who suffer from various fungal diseases of the nail plates and can not wear shoes opening toes. This disease causes the formation of voids, disrupts the growth of nails and contributes to their detachment from the base.

polygam capacity

Acryl-gel for strengthening nails and their prosthetics is used quite often. In order to apply a correction agent, it is not necessary to use additional forms and materials.


  1. For the procedure, it is necessary to remove the exfoliated parts of the nail, clean it of dirt, fillet the edges and surface, process and degrease.
  2. Instructions for use of polygel is simple. After preparation the surfaces are cleaned and decontaminated skin. This procedure is carried out to reduce the risk of pathogenic microflora.
  3. Then the necessary amount of akrigelya is laid out, distributed over the surface and dried under the lamp.

Replacing a part of a lost nail as a result of a disease allows a person to wear open shoes in the warm season.

nails after acrylic gel

How to apply a polygel on nails can be found on the courses of nail manicure or in the video under the articles. Courses allow you to familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of the procedure of strengthening, building up, rebuilding and design. How to apply the crystallized material tells the master. Some prefer to study on their own, attracting loved ones and friends. With the help of models, an aspiring specialist not only develops skills, but also creates a portfolio with high-quality works.

The cost of such materials is diverse and depends on the quality of the elements involved and the manufacturer. On average, the price varies between 400-500 rubles for one jar of polygel with a volume of about 20 milliliters.


With a bad nail plate, these services will be the way, since they do not have a negative impact on the feet and strengthen them.

Video: How to work with Poligel (Acryl-gel, Acrylic or Akrigel)

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