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Girls living in megalopolises know firsthand what a fast paced life is. I want to catch everything and why is it only 24 hours a day ?! Sometimes, torn between family matters and work, a woman simply does not have time for herself to be loved. But you want to look perfect! Having taken care of the weak half of humanity, London specialists together with their colleagues from Russia presented a new service - express manicure. You probably noticed in the large shopping centers such mobile nail salons in miniature. Express manicure is an opportunity to give your hands care for a few minutes and then go shopping.

Differences between express and salon procedures

As in the usual beauty salon, mobile salons offer the same range of services: you will get a manicure, cover your nails with varnish and even apply a drawing or perform a more complex design. Masters can offer you trimmed and unedged manicure and other salon hand care procedures. However, the distinctions of express nail art from the usual service for women in the beauty salon, though not very significant, but there are:

  • Time. The main focus of mobile salons is on the speed of the procedure. On average, traditional express manicure is performed in 20 minutes, with the application of the coating - another plus 10 minutes.
  • Means and materials. In the express procedure, the master uses special “quick” means to soften the cuticle, gel for nail growth, and antiseptic lotions for instant absorption.
  • Cost The price of the service will be slightly lower than in a regular beauty salon. The average cost of a classic express nail art is about 300 rubles, while the same service in an ordinary salon will cost from 450 rubles.
  • Pre-entry. Unlike ordinary beauty salons, which are quite difficult to get without an appointment, in mobile studios you will be provided with services as soon as you decide to pamper your hands in the interval between shopping.

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Advantages of express manicure

Mobile salon express manicure can be found not only in shopping centers. Today, this service can be used at airports, business centers, cinemas and other public places with high traffic. Despite the concept of fast nail art, mobile studios provide high-quality services, and the masters working in them are high-class specialists. This service is most often used by women who do not have enough time to go to beauty salons, and they don’t get their nails in order at home.

How to create a traditional express manicure

Express manicure involves the abandonment of traditional sharp tools, such as tweezers and nippers. The technology is similar to a European unedged manicure, when the cuticle is pushed back with an orange stick. This technology and "fast" means can significantly reduce the time of the procedure. Step by step scheme of express manicure is as follows:

  1. The master puts antiseptic on the client's pens.
  2. The old coating, if any, is erased from the surface of the nails.
  3. Using a nail file, the shape of the free edge is created.
  4. The master applies a special softening agent, a remuver, to the area of ​​the cuticle and side rollers.
  5. The side rollers are handled by sawing to remove the horny layer of skin.
  6. A wooden stick handles a softened cuticle.
  7. Remnant remnants are removed, an antiseptic is applied on marigolds.
  8. A monochromatic lacquer coating or design is applied on the nail plate.
  9. If you want to leave your nails uncoated, the master may suggest applying polishing wax on them.
  10. The master uses a special antiseptic, which has a prolonged effect. This is important, because after the manicure you will continue your route in crowded places.

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Express manicure at home

Perform express manicure can every woman at home alone. This does not require any special skills and a lot of time. You will need nail files, an orange cuticle stick and a softener, your favorite nail polish, scrub and hand cream. If you want to make a more complex design, you can purchase the salon express manicure set, which includes various nail art stencils. The step-by-step instructions for performing the express manicure itself are as follows:

  1. File your nails to give them the same shape and size - 3 minutes.
  2. Walk polishing file on the surface of the marigold - 1 minute.
  3. Apply scrub on handles, massage and rinse - 3 minutes.
  4. Apply an emollient to the cuticle area - 2 minutes.
  5. Using an orange stick, remove the cornified cells –– 2 minutes.
  6. Apply your favorite varnish on the nails, if necessary, in two layers - 3 minutes.
  7. In less than 15 minutes you can put your pens in order.

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Express manicure service is a kind of magic wand for busy women immersed in the routine of daily activities. But the young girls who value their time and want to combine pleasant shopping with useful hand care procedures will like this service.

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