Drawing on nails with acrylic paints. technique for

multicolored flowers

Every young lady who follows fashion trends knows that painting on nails with acrylic paints is one of the most popular trends in professional manicure. This technique provides tremendous opportunities for the implementation of creative ideas and the creation of a unique design.

The advantage of acrylic over other materials for drawing is that it is very obedient and easy to use. The paint composition is represented by acrylic resins and water base, respectively, it is easy to dilute it with water or to mix different colors with each other, getting any desired shade. Acryl is non-toxic and safe for human health. The material is good for beginners, because at any stage of work on the design of the nail can be washed off. In addition, acrylic painting dries quickly.

palette of colors in tubes

The main difficulty of painting the nail plates is that the drawings on the nails with acrylic paints require a certain level of skill. It is very difficult to draw patterns at home, especially if the design is designed using complex techniques or elements.

Beginners are better off working according to predefined patterns, following all instructions step by step. Learning to draw should be with the most simple motives.

Preparation for painting at home

Before you learn to paint on the nails, you need to prepare the necessary tools. The minimum list includes a set of acrylic paints, brushes with synthetic hair of different sizes, toothpicks, nail polishes, nail polish remover, a means for fixing the finished manicure.

painted tips

Little nuances when preparing for painting

  • Drawing with acrylic paints on the nails should be performed with materials from the same manufacturer, without mixing products from different companies.
  • Nail design with acrylic paints can be supplemented with such decorative elements as stickers and rhinestones, which should also be prepared in advance.
  • Drawings on nails with acrylic paints are applied, as a rule, on a base made with colored varnish. In some versions of the design can be applied transparent base for painting.

Technique of painting at home

Drawings on nails with acrylic paints applied step by step, starting with the base. It is very important to ensure that each new coat of varnish or acrylic is well dried.

paint from the tube

Draw any pattern itself should, starting with the contours. It is necessary to work with a brush of the smallest size. For beginners, there is a rule that beautiful patterns on nails are the simplest and smallest.

Beginner Design Examples


Interesting patterns on the nails at home - does not mean intricate. Multicolored polka dots of various sizes and colors can be drawn to itself by anyone who wishes, even if she completely lacks the experience of creating a manicure. Such drawings on short nails look no worse than on long ones, which allows you to create an interesting design, regardless of the original data.

design with dots

With the help of applying dots you can create more complex patterns on the nails with acrylic paints. For example, if you draw five to six dots in pink so that they form a circle, and place another yellow dot in its center, you can get an elementary floral motif. And if you make up the nail plate with a dark shade of blue, and from above draw small dots in gold, white or yellow colors, then you get a star scattering in the night sky.

As a rule, each manicure specialist has his own secret tool to draw patterns with acrylics. At home, you can also try the tools at hand. You can successfully draw points not only with a brush, but also with a toothpick or a cotton swab, which will make it possible to obtain elements of different sizes.

Colored whirlpools

Interesting and simple drawings on short nails can be created by mixing different colors of acrylic directly on the nail plate. For the execution of this option at home, you need to put on it a few dots of different colors, and then mix them with a toothpick, creating a whirlpool effect. Drawing this option is not only easy, but fun.

Instead of whirlpools, you can also draw spirals of another kind.

Funny drawings

Positive drawings on short nails can be created, inspired by children's drawings. Funny houses or hearts - no less touching drawings for nails.

bees on nails

Marble pattern

Very effective drawings on short nails, made under any texture or material. If you add a little water to a painted acrylic nail, you can create marbled nail polish.

Drawing on nails with acrylic paints. Technique for beginners


Apply drawings for nails, while imitating the colors of a zebra or leopard skin, will not be difficult, and such patterns look very impressive.

leopard design

Any of the above options can be decorated with rhinestones or nail stickers.

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