Dots nail art

green and pink coating in nail art

A variety of patterns on the dots' nails is the creation of a special manicure design with the help of a pointed stick. Instead of this tool, a regular knitting needle or a ballpoint pen can be used. Quite often, girls face such an insidious problem when a beautiful manicure is needed, and there is no time or money to go to a specialized salon. In such cases, the ideal option would be to create a manicure with dots.

Popular variations of dots on nails

The drawings on the dots' nails always turn out to be even and beautiful, as if you had just left the nail salon. Every girl who has the desire and a little patience is capable of learning how to make such a design independently at home. To do this, you need only your favorite shades of lacquer, dots and a little imagination. It is possible to work with such a device both on short nails and on long ones. Covering nails with dots involves fairly simple drawings.

Tender pea

sweet peas

This dotsom nail design will be a good option for an office style or event requiring a strict look. You will need a nail polish of white and bright red color, as well as a topcoat and, of course, dots.

  1. Create a classic French manicure, covering only the ends of the nails with white lacquer, let it dry well;
  2. Take the dots and dip them in red lacquer so that a little used material accumulates on the tip;
  3. Put a red dot on the white surface;
  4. Step by step fill all the white space, placing the peas in a chaotic order;
  5. Do the same with the remaining fingers;
  6. Secure the result with a finishing coat.

Funny flowers

This nail design using dots is ideal for young and naughty girls. You will need three colors of varnish - pink, red and yellow.

merry little flowers

  1. Cover the nail bed with pink varnish and let it dry well;
  2. Dip the dots in the yellow coating and put 2-3 peas on each finger - these will be the middle of the flowers;
  3. Red draw the flower petals, similarly creating peas in stages;
  4. Secure the manicure with a finishing coat.

Parallel lines

Dots nail design in this manicure is performed in parallel lines. The instruction of its execution will ideally fit into any evening image. You will need materials such as dots, metallic silver lacquer, black coating and finishing fixative.

parallel colored lines

  1. Coat the nail plate with a black shade of lacquer and let it dry thoroughly;
  2. Take a dots and dip it in a silver coating;
  3. Create a line of peas along the nail bed in the center;
  4. On the sides of the drawn line, make two more, smaller ones, in the same color;
  5. Let the nail design dry and cover with a finishing sheeting.

Contrast Pea

Manicure dots made in this style is considered one of the trend. It contains fairly simple drawings, thereby gaining an increasing preference for girls who independently make designs on their nails. In order to create such dots on the nails, you will need only two varnishes of different colors - black and white. All instruction is quite simple.

contrast polka dots

  1. Cover the nail plate with a white dense varnish through one finger;
  2. The unmarked marigolds are painted black;
  3. Take a dots and dip it in black;
  4. Choose white marigolds and place black peas on them;
  5. The next item will be the treatment of black marigolds. To do this, dip the used tool in white lacquer and arrange chaotic points in the same way;
  6. Let the created manicure dry thoroughly;
  7. Cover the nails with a finishing sheeting.

As you already understood, nail design with the help of dots is not a difficult task. It can easily be done by hand if a certain scheme is observed. Take care of your nails and be beautiful.

Video: creating a beautiful design on the nails using dots

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