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blue design with a pattern

Neil industry pleases beauties with new techniques and materials almost daily. Not surprisingly, decorative manicure also has the ability to become obsolete. Even last year, fashionistas handles decorated the aquarium design, a few years ago acrylic modeling was in the trend, and today such decorative nails already look boring. Do you also want something new on your nails? Then we will tell you which decorative nails will be relevant in 2015, perhaps one of these ideas you will take note of.

Trends in decorative nail design 2015

decorative manicure

First of all, we note that in 2015, monochromatic coatings of different shades are at the peak of popularity. But this does not mean that decorative nail art has become unclaimed. Not at all! Monochrome coatings are good for everyday wear, and for solemn occasions, and simply for a playful mood, decorative nails are simply vital for us. Perform a decorative manicure at home, everyone can, because modern materials and their range allow you to experiment in every way. The main trends are:

  • Minimalism. Today, you do not slay anyone with an abundance of rhinestones, beads, threads and other decor on your nails. The fewer the decorations, the more refined and thinner they will be, the better. If you want to decorate the nails with some kind of active decoration, use it on 1-2 fingers, no more. Otherwise, your creation may look vulgar.
  • The right shine. Do you like everything sparkling? Do not worry that the rhinestones on the fingers are no longer fashionable. Better look at the steel and gold manicure, made with minx films. The glitter of such marigold will eclipse any rhinestones and this is really the trend of 2015
  • Mixed textures. This is the easiest way to do it yourself. Your hands will certainly attract rapt views. We will tell you how to make such a manicure with your own hands, using unusual textures, such as confetti and microbeads.
  • Simple drawings. Fortunately or unfortunately, but complex drawings and mini-masterpieces on the nails have lost their relevance. A couple of years ago, each master tried to repeat Andy Warhol's masterpiece on a tiny “canvas”; today, it’s not at all necessary to have an artistic education in order to perform a fashionable pattern on the nails. We draw simple geometric patterns on the principle: "The simpler, the better!"
  • Shape and length. Today, long nails finally surrendered their positions. But a decorative manicure can be performed on a short length, it is enough that the tip is about 2-3 mm. Such a nail design will look neat and natural.

double nail design

Taking the fashion trends as a basis, let's perform a decorative manicure at home. Step-by-step diagrams help you replicate ideas on your own pens.

Rock Manicure

Such a use of a microbead looks unbeaten and relevant: if you pour a whole plate with a microbead, this will surprise no one. The thorns and spines, so popular last year, remained fashionable in 2015, which means that such decorative nail art should certainly decorate your pens. Step by step diagram looks like this:

  1. Apply a layer of foundation to your nails. Wait until dry.
  2. Cover the nails with a layer of black lacquer. If this is a matte finish, the result will be even more spectacular. After the first layer has dried, apply the second one if the color is not deep enough or there are irregularities and gaps, but one layer of black lacquer is often enough.
  3. Wait until the coating dries, but not completely.
  4. Now the most difficult stage: with the help of tweezers, you need to place the beads in several rows at equal distance from each other, imitating the spikes. Another way to fix the micro-bead is to allow the black lacquer to dry completely, then dip a toothpick or dots in a colorless varnish and put points on the nail. Immediately dip the nail into the microbeads, the decorations will be placed in their places.
  5. If you covered the nails with a glossy varnish, fix the result with a layer of colorless coating. It is useless to cover a matt varnish with a top, because it will become brilliant, but the microbeads should already be firmly fixed on the varnish.

rock nail art with beads

Mixed texture design

Mixed textures on the nails are the undisputed trend of 2015 and a kind of eclecticism: each of your nails will be made in a different style, but the overall picture will be harmonious and complete. The easiest way to perform such a decorative manicure, having at hand a top with confetti, a coating with fine glitter and 2-3 shades of lacquer, which are successfully combined with each other. We recommend that you perform a decorative manicure in a blue or greenish palette, fashionable this summer. The step-by-step instruction is as follows:

  1. Apply base coat on all nails. It will level the surface of the marigold and make the color of subsequent coatings more saturated.
  2. We are waiting for complete drying of the base. Now in stages we decorate each nail.
  3. Thumb: put 2 layers of blue lacquer, wait until dry. We take a coating with a small glitter of silver color and draw a silver tip using the technique of French manicure.
  4. Index finger: apply 2 coats of white lacquer. We take the same lacquer with small silver glitter and with the help of dots we make large dots evenly over the entire surface of the nail.
  5. Middle finger: we put a greenish varnish in 2 layers, we wait for full drying. We put on top top with large confetti of white color.
  6. Ring finger: Coat with large glitter on top of base layer. Large glitter fits better in 1 layer.
  7. Little finger: cover with white lacquer in 2 layers. We hold blue varnish on a white background horizontal lines.
  8. All nails covered with a layer of clear varnish.

eclectic nail design

Each nail is unique, but the combination of shades among themselves and the simplicity of the drawings make the composition uniform and organic.

Simple geometry in decorative manicure

To decorative nails in a geometric style were executed carefully, you will need a special adhesive tape for manicure. If it is not in your arsenal, you can use an ordinary tape on a paper basis. Transparent stationery tape is also suitable for this. By the way, Jeff Pink, who invented a French manicure, initially used an ordinary scotch for the perfect tip, and only then special stencils and adhesive tapes appeared in the nail industry.

geometric patterns on the nails

Take 2 shades of lacquer and 1 thick fine glitter. Coating colors can be any, the main thing is that you like them and blend with each other. Perhaps you choose beige and peach colors with silver glitter, or maybe it will be pistachio, chocolate varnishes and gold glitter. Now the instruction:

  1. Apply on the thumb, middle finger and little finger one shade of lacquer, for example, beige.
  2. Apply the peach color of the coating on the middle and ring finger.
  3. If necessary, duplicate the layers and wait for complete drying. Now proceed to the decorative geometric pattern.
  4. Beige coated thumb: stick the tape so that you have a triangle at the base of the nail. It must be filled with silver glitter and remove the tape until the shiny coating is dry.
  5. The index finger with a beige lacquer is left without a pattern.
  6. We have a peach shade on our middle finger. Apply thin strips of tape horizontally and at equal distance from each other. Now cover the gaps without adhesive tape with beige lacquer and remove the tape.
  7. Ring finger covered in peach varnish. Glue 2 thin ribbons crosswise, fill with a beige shade 2 areas diagonally. Remove the ribbons and draw fine lines with silver glitter in their place.
  8. Mizinchik we beige. On it, we repeat step number 4, but fill the resulting triangle at the base of the nail with peach color.
  9. All marigold covered with a finish line.

simple geometry in manicure

Such simple technology will make your pens well-groomed, and your look stylish. But remember that the decorative design should be preceded by a traditional manicure, which is aimed at adjusting the shape of the nail plate, polishing it, removing the cuticle and hand skin care.

Video: decorative manicure with ribbons

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