Criminals nail art. what a manicure deserves the title of

demi lovato's nails

The fashion trend of 2013-2014 was recognized nude manicure. Gentle coating without any pictures, put a fat point in the life of not so long ago popular nail art! But not many beauties follow the new trend and turn their nails into something disgusting. What kind of bad taste are girls to the masses ?!

Say stop !! Off-season matched varnish color

neon varnish

Undoubtedly, it is important to remember that lacquers of neon shades are good only in summer! In cold winter and gloomy autumn, such a coating will look completely out of place, as your skin will become pale, and the lacquer will play a bad joke with your hands, giving them a painful look. Prepare dark shades of varnish for the cold seasons, but in the spring and summer, forget about them completely! Try to carefully choose the shades of coatings, and as a guideline in this choice should serve for you the latest trends and weather outside the window.

blue varnish

Little hint

nude nails

Fashionable color of varnish 2013-2014 autumn-winter: Golden, silver, platinum, steel, bronze, copper, emerald, denim (jeans color), beige, coffee with milk, chocolate, wine, berry, violet-red, cherry, bloody red, scarlet, rich orange, pale pink, gray, bluish-gray, khaki, marsh, transparent nacre.

Say stop !! Aggressive nail art

nail art with sparkles

ugly manicure

weird nail design

Rhinestones, stones, lace, pictures, inscriptions, badges, sequins, emoticons and much more need to be thrown overboard! Such a manicure was recognized as a very bad form. But do not think that the nail design should be completely erased from your life by going to pastel shades of lacquer. No, just when choosing a manicure with elements of nail art, determine the exact time and place for it. Going to a business meeting or for dinner with a potential chosen one, forget about such a manicure at all, so as not to make the impression that you are an extravagant and frivolous person.

Say stop !! Not matching varnish to image


Properly selected manicure is an important component of a harmonious image of a modern girl at any time of the year and day, with any outfit and event. If you put on a black dress with shoes of the same color, then black nail polish will make your look mournful, you should not darken your look, dilute the image with another, more fresh shade. Do not hesitate to pick up lacquers in the color of your accessories for your outfit, be it a handbag, a scarf or glasses. It will be very stylish! The taboo also extends to splinter varnish, gnawed nails, protruding burrs, a layer of dirt under the nail plate, uncleaned fingers, with an ugly regrown cuticle, nails of different lengths and shapes. And never fix the nails on everyone's eyes with a file, and also do not apply varnish when crowded!

shame peris hilton

Video: scary manicure

Say stop !! False nails

horrible nails
False nails are a favorite in a number of bad taste in the nail industry. Many men with horror bypass the owners of such "beauty", telling horror stories about fallen off nails right in the glass. French beauties recognize false nails bad tone. And the Americans made a very interesting statement that a wide strip of smile lines in French manicure is a sign of a girl’s vulgarity. But with such dilated nails, almost every 3rd American walks! And if you do not want to be seen as a vulgar person, then turn out to be wearing these long eagle claws!

Riana manicure

Video: Ugly Manicure

If you can not resist these absurdities, then you can safely bring them to life in a perfectly suitable for this holiday Halloween !!!

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