Classic french - an eternal trend in manicure

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Classic French manicure has gained wide popularity due to its ease of execution. Due to the natural appearance of the nails look well maintained. Knowing some tricks, even a housewife can become the owner of shining nails.

What is a classic French manicure?

The story of the emergence of the concept of "classic French manicure" is the reason for the numerous debates. According to one version, the stylish Parisians were the first to wear a manicure with clear, white tips. In another, it says that the company Max Factor invented this type of nail design.

No matter how this type of manicure arises, the classic jacket is remarkable for its excellent wear resistance. Thoughtful to the smallest detail, it gives elegance to the appearance of nails. Therefore, women around the world are still ordering traditional French manicure in beauty salons: pink, beige or transparent base with a rim of white.

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Masterfully made classic French nails give the impression of naturalness. This trick is suitable for those who seek to create a certain elegant style. Thanks to this effect, the classic jacket fits everyday makeup, creating an evening make-up.

Traditional jacket requires a firm hand and precision performance. To make nail art look good, you need to carefully and step by step perform all the necessary actions. Having practiced independently, any woman of fashion can make that traditional French manicure.

Step by step scheme to create a classic service manicure?

Carelessly executed classic nails french look rough. Thick, gel-like nail plates with fuzzy edges look poor and unprofessional. To make a French manicure at home, you need accurate instructions. Gradually observing the entire sequence, you can make yourself neat stylish nail art.

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You will need:

  • cotton sponges;
  • nail polish remover;
  • moisturizer (optional);
  • nail file;
  • cuticle stick;
  • clear lacquer (base coat);
  • neutral lacquer color (nude);
  • opaque white lacquer;
  • clear varnish for the top layer.

Basic step-by-step instruction

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The scheme for creating classic french nails is as follows:

  1. Step 1: Initial preparations. Cotton pads and liquid carefully remove all traces of the previous manicure. Traditional French manicure should always have a perfectly smooth surface.
  2. Step 2: Pretreatment of hands. Massage a thick layer of cream on your hands.
  3. Step 3: Processing the nail plate. Wipe off the excess moisturizer, then gently push the cuticle back. Use a nail file to shape the nail. Polish the surface of the nail plate. Apply a base color varnish.
  4. Step 4: Color your nails. From the order in which you apply colored varnishes, will hang the type of French nail art. To make a white french you need to apply a milky color of not more than one layer. This is a necessary condition for a clear separation between the tip and the main plate.
  5. Step 5: Smile line. Apply neat white strips on the tip of the nail can be using stencils. They are made on a sticky basis, sold in sets, they are easy to apply with your free hand. Another option is a white pencil. Apply to the back of the nail, from the skin.
  6. Step 6: Final Stage. A transparent top layer gives the nail art a finished look. Until the varnish is completely dry, do nothing with your hands.

Variants of the classic jacket

Classic white jacket became the basis for creating a large number of versions with a design of patterns, stucco, rhinestone jewelry.

lime and black and gold nail design

  • To create a new image was developed color jacket. Contrast colored varnishes are used to create it.
  • Recently, matt French manicure has gained popularity. The combination of glossy and matte varnishes creates a peculiar effect. To achieve a different impression, the main surface is covered with one of the lacquers.
  • Versions of the classic jacket include such a phenomenon as the “Millennium”. A distinctive feature of this nail design was the bright design of the tip of the nail plate. This is a classic french dress with a pattern, which is created using micro-dust, rhinestones, sparkles, and overhead elements. This version of manicure is suitable for creating a festive image.
  • French design, or art-french, an example of this fine art. The highlight of this style are complex drawings, printed on a dark strip. To create these masterpieces using the stamp method. This method allows you to apply absolutely any image. Thus, the classic jacket with a picture acquires a new meaning - self-expression of personality.

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Various versions of the classic jacket allow the master of nail art to transform the hands of a woman, creating a real masterpiece of refinement, elegance and originality. Becoming a master of French manicure is easy, just purchase all the necessary materials and be patient.

Video: creating a classic jacket

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