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In beauty salons, young ladies are increasingly recommended to try a Brazilian manicure. Many beauties would like to know how to perform a Brazilian manicure at home to save valuable time and money.

Brazilian manicure: features and benefits

Brazilian manicure, unlike other technologies of the procedure, also includes nail and hand care. It does not use hand baths or other familiar means. During the procedure using special kits. They serve only once. Set for Brazilian manicure includes:

  • Transparent gloves. Properties of gloves do not allow them to get wet. Inside them contains a special cream consisting of herbal ingredients that favorably affect the skin of the hands. It also contains tea tree oil, keratin, calcium, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • File
  • Cuticle stick. Usually use an orange tree stick.

The peculiarity of the procedure is the lack of need for preliminary softening of the cuticle.

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The composition of the cream is hypoallergenic, but to exclude the individual characteristics of the perception of the skin can not, therefore, it is better to check how the body reacts to it.

Of course, the advantage of such a procedure can be called its safety, because disposable elements of the set protects against the transmission of infections. The absence of the need to cut something does not lead to the appearance of small wounds. Besides:

  • Set for the Brazilian manicure is convenient to take on a trip.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Easy to do at home.
  • Enhanced cosmetic effect.
  • You can carry out the procedure without damaging the coating. This is especially valuable if an interesting design has been made.
  • No additional tools and fixtures are required.
  • There is no need to use water, so this event can be done anywhere, even on a train or in a study.

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The most popular kits are the balbcare and provoc Brazilian manicures. Brazilian manicure provoc has very large gloves, so they can be used even for men. For men, he is much more effective in solving the problem of hardened hands and cuticle than other means. Yes, and the manipulations themselves seem familiar to them, because gloves cause associations with construction work.

How is the Brazilian manicure?

The technique of performing such a procedure is not complicated, which is why it is easy to do it yourself.

Instructions for it may look like this:

  1. Prepare nails and hands for the procedure. Use old nail polish remover and dirt from under nails to remove nail polish. Remove jewelry from hand.
  2. Clean the skin of the hands with any disinfectant.
  3. Using a nail file, which is included in the set, adjust the shape of the nails.
  4. Remove the gloves for the Brazilian manicure from the packaging. Spread the cream inside the gloves so that more of the composition is on the fingertips.
  5. Place hands in gloves for 5–7 minutes.
  6. Remove the tips of the gloves to slide the cuticle with a wooden stick. Typically, manufacturers make a special perforation, Brazilian manicure provoc, for example.
  7. You need to act in stages: first, process the fingers on one hand, then on the other.
  8. Carefully remove the gloves for the Brazilian manicure. Rub the remnants of the cream in circular motions into the skin, remove the excess with a napkin.

hand care

Just like that Brazilian manicure is done step by step. A similar option already exists for foot care. If you intend to cover the nails, then you first need to carry out degreasing with the help of so-called cleaning.

More information on Brazilian nail art

  • The price of a Brazilian manicure in salons is an average of 800 rubles, which is higher than the services of ordinary nail art. But time to create it takes less.
  • The cost of the set itself varies, because affects the brand of its components, place of purchase and the city. For example, you can buy balbcare Brazilian manicure on the Internet for 300-400 rubles.
  • You can make such nail art yourself once a week. The technique is quickly mastered, and the costs are much lower than the cost of a Brazilian manicure in the salon.
  • It will take 20-25 minutes to conduct a session. The pattern can also be used simply to provide care, when you want your skin to be supple and soft. Naturally, only the process of moving the cuticle is excluded.
  • It is necessary to acquire several sets at once, in order not to waste time on their searches, because the procedure becomes more and more popular, the tools are disassembled very quickly.

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Those who first tried this way to care for their hands and nails are unlikely to refuse the pleasure of repeating it.

Video: conducting a Brazilian manicure session

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