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Biogel for nails is a new beauty tool capable of solving the problem of nail plate brittleness for a long time. Every woman knows that in the appearance of the fair sex there are no trifles and therefore, watching the nails is as important as caring for the face, hair or figure. Brittleness, lamination and non-invasive appearance of nails - three factors that can permanently spoil the mood of every woman. Fortunately, biogel for nails is able to quickly and accurately correct the situation. By the way, strengthening nails with biogel surpassed in popularity, once demanded, acrylic and gel.

Advantages of biogel

We have already said that biogel for nails is a material for nail plates that have a positive effect on their health and growth. Strengthening nails with Biogel is due to beneficial substances, with an excess contained in this material. It will make a dream of strong and healthy nails a reality. It consists of only natural ingredients that meet all the needs of the nail plates: vitamin E and A, as well as resin of yew tree, which grows only in the expanses of South Africa.

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Magic Biogel Nail Extension Procedure

Biogel nail extension is a procedure that can be ordered in the salon or independently performed at home. The result will surprise even the most demanding and demanding of the fair sex. The only caveat to which attention should be paid is that it is impossible to use products containing acetone in this procedure. If you prefer nail extensions with biogel at home, make sure that in your arsenal, lacquers and manicure remover do not contain acetone liquid in their composition. Fortunately, the modern market for caring hands does not have a lack of such products.

Covering nails with biogel at home: the rules and nuances

Biogel nail cover

At home, making yourself a similar procedure is not difficult. With your own hands, you can recreate a manicure masterpiece, no worse than the salon version. Covering nails with biogel requires some financial costs, which, however, are more than paying for themselves through several similar procedures. So, consider the procedure of coating biogel step by step.

You will need

  • UV lamp;
  • several brushes of different sizes;
  • artificial bristles;
  • buff for nail plates;
  • firming gel, giving shine;
  • degreaser;
  • biogel coating remover.

These tools can be purchased at any professional nail shop. The detailed instruction to application is attached to each means. Before starting this procedure, in order to avoid mistakes, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it.

RUNAIL biogel

Coating scheme

  1. Using a special tool wooden stick move the cuticle to the base of the nail bed. Next, give the marigold the desired shape using a nail file.
  2. Carefully degreased each nail with a special tool.
  3. Apply the bio-gel on the nail with a thin ball. Evenly distribute it and dry under an ultraviolet lamp for 3-4 minutes.
  4. This manipulation must be done 4-6 times, each time a little longer drying the nails.

In comparison with other manicure manipulations, covering nails with biogel is quite a laborious task. But the time spent pays off with a vengeance, since the bio-gel coating keeps on the nails, on average, about three weeks.

nail extension process

How to make an original and unusual manicure?

The main undoubted plus of bio-gel is the ability to create a long-lasting manicure using the desired coating. So, the French manicure has been taking the leading place in the services of salon procedures for several years. The design of nails with biogel can also be done at home. In terms of complexity, such a manicure is not much different from traditional nail art.

If you wish to design nails with biogel, you will need several colored biolack coatings. Such biolaks are on sale in the same place, where other accessories for manicure - in professional nail art stores.

The misfortune of all fans of nail art - chipped lacquer coating the next day after applying a manicure. With biogel such problems will not arise. A color coating, like its colorless counterpart, will last for about three weeks. With it, you can not worry about the safety of your manicure, be sure - your pens will be beyond praise.

color manicure

The algorithm for applying colored biolak is identical to the sequence used with colorless biogel. By the way, those who like experimenting with nails will have a pleasant surprise. With biolac nail color can be changed at least every day. The procedure for changing the color is simple - a new color coating is applied to the layer of an existing varnish.

Particularly popular in the performance of biolak French manicure. The “smile” of the nail is obtained in bright white, which is not so easy to achieve using the techniques of a regular manicure.

beautiful french design

Biogel coating has become popular not without reason. A couple of years ago, the fair sex had to make a choice between the beauty and health of the nails. But this tool has turned the idea of ​​manicure. What arguments are needed even if the bio-varnishes and bio-gels are based on the "three pillars" - the healing effect, durability and long duration !? Millions of women around the world have chosen for themselves just such a way to care for their hands. Join now!

Video: Biogel Nail Art Master Class

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