Aquarium nail design from a to z

design with turquoise flowers

The desire of girls to be bright, extraordinary, stand out from the rest, pushes them to beauty experiments with their appearance. A great way to give a "highlight" to the image is to depict aquarium nail design.

The aquarium on the nails creates the feeling of a voluminous image, as if hidden under a layer of water. This nail art looks very impressive, and is great for both celebrations and everyday manicure. In addition, nails-aquarium due to the transparent textures used when building, allow you to maintain a neat and spectacular manicure for three months. What makes the aquarium design for extended nails the best solution for those who seek to save their time and money.

Cooking hands for aquarium design

Aqua design nails suggests that the technology of execution of nail art is already on the prepared hands. Therefore, the preliminary stage will be a classic manicure. And in order to save on an expensive salon procedure, we perform it with our own hands at home. For this we need: a bath with warm water, aromatic and nourishing blends, a manicure set, moisturizer.

not cut manicure

The instruction of a classic manicure involves step-by-step execution of the following actions:

  1. We steam out the handles in warm water. For a relaxing and tonic effect, we recommend adding a few drops of rose, jasmine essential oil and a pinch of sea salt to water.
  2. Carefully treat the cuticle area with an emollient. Excess clean the manicure scissors or forceps.
  3. Give the nails the desired shape using a nail file. For those who have a nail plate is brittle, we recommend using a glass file. It creates less oscillatory movements, which makes the procedure more comfortable.
  4. Apply to hands moisturizer. Give a good soak.

So independently we prepared our hands for further manipulations. Now you can perform nail extensions aquarium.

Create a fashionable aquarium design on extended nails

Before you draw the aquarium on the nails, you must carefully prepare the nail plate for further work. To do this, you will need to treat them with an antiseptic solution or nail polish remover. This technique helps to degrease the surface of the nail bed to ensure maximum adhesion of the acrylic coating to the nail plate. Further, the technology of aquarium design involves the gradual following the scheme of simple actions.

creating a picture in the aquarium design

  1. Apply a primer to the nails for leveling the nail plate and preparing to apply the gel.
  2. Under the grown tips of the nail firmly fasten paper forms for capacity. Make sure that the tips are located tightly and evenly, otherwise aqua design nails will be sloppy and lose all your chic.
  3. Apply acrylic on the nail, giving it the desired shape and length. For a shimmering shine effect, you can pre-mix acrylic liquid with fine, shiny powder. This technique will allow your manicure to effectively "play" on the nails, depending on the nature of the lighting. Dry the nails in the UV lamp.
  4. Then you can safely show your creative abilities: make a brilliant background with contrasting powder, paint flowers, patterns and ornaments using white and pink paint. With a more sophisticated design, aquarium design for extended nails involves volumetric modeling, which is not very practical in everyday life, but it looks very impressive with a festive outfit. Do not be afraid to experiment: add gold sparkles, glitter, metallized foil, contrasting accents, beads and bows. The main thing is not to overdo it with the decor. The more graceful your lines are and the more confident strokes, the more effective will be the aqua design of nails.
  5. Dry the decorative layer in the UV lamp.
  6. After decorating the nail plates, it is necessary to block the manicure with a layer of transparent gel, which will create the desired effect - nails - aquarium. It turns out that the drawing is sealed between two tips, which makes it bulge, and, of course, it will prevent deformation from external factors. Dry your nails in a UV lamp.
  7. Give your nails a neat look, sawing and polishing the built-up layer.
  8. To give the manicure a “wet”, brilliant effect, block the nails with a UV-siller. The top coating will protect the nail art from chipping, cracking, tarnishing and damage to the pattern.

gel coating

Fashion trends in aquarium design

delicate aquarium nail design

  • Modern beauty trends more and more make-up, manicure, and the whole image as a whole. Therefore, if you still prefer to build up an aquarium nails, then choose the short and neat shape of the nail plate for the nail design. Avoid such things as fashionable in the past, like stilettos or long square nails.
  • Do not forget that the aquarium nail design will remain on your nails for a long time, so you should choose patterns that would organically fit into your everyday wardrobe.
  • If the aqua design of nails is intended to emphasize the solemnity of the upcoming event, then its elements should correspond to the festive backgammon. Such a manicure looks very impressive with a brilliant decor - beads, rhinestones, glitter. Individual convex, sculptural details created on ring fingers are welcome.

accrued nails with aquarium design

So experiment, look for a non-trivial design, so that your well-groomed pens and extraordinary neyl-art, become the envy of others.

Video: master class on aquarium nail design

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