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Apparatus manicure is a good way to keep your hands in order at home. Home hardware manicure can successfully replace the salon care of the cuticle and nail plate, because hands are the business card of every woman. The state of the marigold is a reflection of the status and success of the lady, so the hardware manicure technique is what needs to be mastered on the way to a flawless appearance.

What is good hardware manicure?

This method of hand care has several undeniable advantages:

  • High execution speed. Compared with a cropped or European manicure, performed manually, using tongs and orange sticks, milling fingers takes less time and gives a better result. As the skin around the nails gets used to this method of treatment, the cuticle grows more and more slowly, and the application of cutters to it is needed less and less often each time;
  • Low injury rate. Indeed, even the masters recognize that with proper skill it is difficult to get microtrauma of the nail plate and especially the cuticle. This is important, because despite the fact that there is an instruction for sterilizing and processing instruments, there is always the risk of infection through common attachments. Not everyone can afford to buy individual cutters for hardware manicure for individual use.
  • Sooner or later, each of us is faced with the choice of whether to choose a trimmed or hardware manicure. The latter is high-tech, the results of it look more natural, and it does not cause such unpleasant sensations as cutting the cuticle (after all, in some places, the skin is necessarily caught). In addition, the risk of infection through common tools that are not in contact with blood is relatively small.

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Conditions for high-quality hardware manicure

In order for the scheme developed by the manufacturer of the manicure machine to work, you need to follow a number of simple rules:

  • It should be taken only for well-dried nails. The skin of the hands should also be thoroughly wiped off and, if possible, treated with an antiseptic. Perhaps the use of a special professional tool for softening the cuticle, not to be confused with oil to remove the cuticle at home;
  • The area of ​​contact nozzles for hardware manicure and nail plate should be large enough. This means that you need to handle the nail side of the rotating head, and not the tip of the cone. Otherwise, do not avoid scratches and grooves, possible damage to the nail matrix. And the latter is fraught with curvature and delayed growth of the plate;
  • If you are new and took the tools in your hands for the first time, you should set the speed to minimum. The machine for a hardware manicure should become familiar to you - skin breaks, injuries and damage to us to anything;
  • Using a home device for hardware manicure, it is necessary to pause every 10-15 minutes. This creates inconvenience and slows down work, but otherwise the device will overheat and may break. When working with professional devices it is excluded.

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Home hardware manicure step by step

We will analyze in stages how to make a hardware manicure to itself, and what is useful for this.

To begin with, you have to buy a machine with cutters. It can be both household and professional.

The advantages of the professional apparatus are as follows:

  • It self-cools and can be operated literally for hours without a break. So, the professional You Nails device works at a maximum of 35,000 revolutions without overheating;
  • It has a large number of different attachments, which means it can provide a lot of high-quality cleaning and grinding operations in one session;
  • Excellent for correction of extended nails, both acrylic and gel, for working with shellac;
  • As a rule, cabin devices are equipped with a built-in vacuum cleaner, which allows the master and the client not to breathe the dust from the saw.

The cost of a professional personal care assistant ranges from 11 to 15 thousand rubles. At the same time, the price of a household appliance is from 2 thousand rubles.

hardware manicure do it yourself

Let us list step by step how to do a hardware manicure at home:

  1. Disinfection: cutters for hardware manicure are sterilized, for example, with ultraviolet light or a special compound, and hands can be treated with chlorhexidine solution, peroxide or medical alcohol;
  2. If the nails are too long, then the time of cutting can be cut by cutting off the excess with pliers or scissors;
  3. Inspect the cuticle. If it is rough, leathery and dense, be sure to put on it a means for softening and move aside with a stick. If it is barely noticeable and thin, then we omit this stage;
  4. Keep the handle should be like a pen. The little finger of the working hand rests on the hand being processed;
  5. Choose a needle-shaped milling cutter for processing the lateral parts of the prenogual rollers. The same tool can lift the cuticle;
  6. A nozzle in the form of a truncated cone at an angle of 45 degrees scrape the cuticle from the nail plate;
  7. A small spherical cutter remains of the cuticle are removed permanently;
  8. We begin grinding the nail plate with a suitable nozzle. We start with a large-scale, then choose a grater smaller. You need to finish grinding with a felt soft nozzle. The cutter needs to be moved from the center of the nail to the edges, it is impermissible to linger on any areas to the detriment of others - everything should be even;
  9. If you do a manicure on the accrued nails, then in addition, you can draw and thin the edge with a rough cutter. This is a necessary honor of correction.

After the home hardware manicure is successfully completed, you can make a nourishing mask on the nails and apply a greasy moisturizing composition to all hands (meaning oil or cream).

At the end of the article you can watch a video that clearly describes how all these operations are performed independently.

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Hardware reviews

It is interesting to know what people who paid for the service from their own pockets think about the hardware processing of the cuticle. As well as informative read the reviews of those who purchased the device for themselves and mastered the hardware manicure for beginners.

First, the respondents note that the procedure is painless, even if they did it for the first time completely independently. The cutter is hard to hurt, especially if you do not immediately set the maximum speed and do not put pressure on the tool in the process;

Some of the respondents noticed that after the procedure, the cuticle around the nail is growing somewhat faster. While the classic cut manicure gives effect for 2 weeks or more. But this is temporary - those who constantly repeat the manicure on the device, need it less and less;

There is a risk of damage to the nail matrix, then there are "cuts" - grooves, which grow together with the nail. Although they do not cause physical discomfort, but the appearance of such damaged nails leaves much to be desired;

The undeniable advantage is a smooth cuticle, with no visible line of cut. On the photo of beautiful hands after the salon procedure you can see - there are no burrs, rags and other unaesthetic nuances.

Thus, there is a win-win option: buy a milling machine for nails and take courses in hardware correction. Of course, training is paid, but it assumes a guaranteed result and insurance against the most common mistakes.

Or you can learn everything by using online lessons and online courses. It is more risky, but it will save time and money. It is proved that hardware manicure at home is real, and quite qualitatively.

And the simplest thing: to find "your" master, who can be trusted both in the technique of nail polishing and processing, and in terms of hygiene and safety procedures. Then you don’t have to doubt the result: it is always pleasant to get a quality service to proudly put flawless nails on display.

Video: The best video lesson - hardware manicure

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