Animal manicure

design with a cow

Beautiful manicure allows hands to look not only well-groomed, but also festive. Animals on the nails - the easiest way to emphasize their individuality, style, as well as to elevate yourself mood. And on the eve of the New Year holidays, nail design with animals is undoubtedly becoming particularly relevant.

Preparatory stage in animal manicure

Before embarking on experiments with nail design, it is necessary to prepare not only marigolds, but also hands, so that the manicure with animals looks organically on well-groomed fingers.

A step-by-step instruction to perform a classic manicure, perhaps, will not cause any particular difficulties and may well be made with your own hands at home.

bee nail art

  1. Prepare a bath for steaming hands. Soap solution can be enriched with essential oils or sea salt - so you do not just prepare your hands for further procedures, but also saturate the skin with useful vitamins and microelements.
  2. Gently slide the cuticle to the base of the marigold, treat it with softening oil and cut with tweezers or nail scissors.
  3. Use a nail file to shape the nail. Step by step to repeat the steps with each nail.
  4. Apply to the skin of hands and nails softening cream.
  5. Treat the nail plates with an alcohol-containing agent in order to degrease them in order to better fix the lacquer coating on them.
  6. Cover them with a clear base varnish.
  7. When the hands are fully prepared, you can start the nail experiments, trying to apply the drawings of animals on the nails to itself. If you do not have enough artistic abilities, then you can contact a qualified specialist in a beauty salon so that the animal manicure will succeed 100% and give joy not only to you, but also to your surroundings. But still we will try to teach you to create "animal" manicure at home.

Animal nail design

the print

The animals on the nails, depending on personal preferences, time, as well as the skill of the master, can be applied to the nails in several ways:

  • using stickers;
  • using a stencil;
  • drawn.

Beast stickers

Undoubtedly, this method refers to one of the simplest and at home does not take much time or effort. To depict the drawings of animals on the nails, you must:

  1. On the previously prepared marigolds, attach the selected pattern, glue side down;
  2. Cover the nails with stickers clear lacquer-fixer.

Depending on the design chosen, the pre-nails can be dyed with a basic color, matching the color design of the picture or matching all along.


Animal stencil

Drawings of animals on the nails can be depicted using a stencil (stamp). At the same time, the implementation scheme is not much different from the previous one, the main thing is to choose two contrasting shades for the base coat and the pattern itself. Manicure with a matte base and a pattern depicted with sparkles or colored powder looks very impressive. This manicure seems to be voluminous and will undoubtedly attract the attention of others.

  1. Coat the nail polish base color. Allow the coating to dry thoroughly, otherwise you risk “smearing” the drawing.
  2. Dip the selected stencil in a contrasting shade of varnish and attach to the surface of the nail. Carefully remove the stamp so as not to disturb the contours of the drawing.
  3. Open the manicure with a nail polish.

Drawings of animals on nails

different animals on the nails

Animals on the nails, depicted with the help of artistic painting - a great way to show individuality and spontaneity when creating a festive image. We recommend that you do not try to put complex images on your own - leave it for professionals, because even if you can do it perfectly with one hand, then with a second, unaided help, difficulties may arise.

Below is a simple diagram of how to draw the animals on the nails so that you can decorate the original nail design yourself.

"Ladybug". For this design, you will need varnishes in white, black and red. Note that for painting on nails, it is better to choose varnishes with a dense texture, rich colors.

nail art ladybug

  1. We prepare hands for the nail design (we make a classic manicure, apply a lacquer base).
  2. Cover the nails with a rich red lacquer. If necessary, repeat the procedure to achieve a uniform staining of the nail plate. Let the varnish dry.
  3. Using black lacquer in the middle of the nail bed, we draw a black vertical strip.
  4. On the edge of the marigold semicircle outline the "face" of a ladybug. Paint over the outlined space with black lacquer. Let the varnish dry.
  5. Using a needle or a match, we apply characteristic “spots”: put black dots, repeating the pattern of the back of a ladybug.
  6. On the tip of the nails, in the “face” area, we put two dots with white lacquer - the “eyes” of a ladybug. In the center of which, we paint the pupils with black varnish.
  7. When the drawing is ready, we open the entire nail with a lacquer fixer.

paw design

Believe me, such an original drawing will undoubtedly be at the center of universal attention, and from your side it will require minimal time and effort. Also, don't be afraid to experiment! The animals on the nails can be depicted both over the entire surface of the nail plate, and laterally, asymmetrically, flowing from one finger to another, etc. If you do not strive too much to draw attention to your manicure, then you can only decorate with unnamed fingers with a pattern, which is very important among modern trends of nail art.

Video: manicure with design "Easter bunny"

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