Almond shape nails

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A beautiful and well-groomed manicure is an integral part of the ideal image of a modern girl. And visually give fingers extra grace and elegance will allow the correctly selected type of nails. One of the most successful options is the almond shape of the nails, it most closely follows the natural contours of the nail plates and they always look very natural and harmonious. Below, we will figure out how to make almond-shaped nails on our own.

Features of nails in the form of almonds

Almond nail form is considered one of the classic and does not go out of fashion for a long time. Almond-shaped nails do not have sharp and sharp corners, but at the same time, their tips are narrower than the smile lines at the base. Thus, they resemble the almond nut with all its appearance, which explains the name. But to simulate almond nails is not easy. It is necessary to observe extraordinary accuracy when machining the free edge so that the contour does not turn out to be oval or overly sharp. Another difficulty is that the plates on all fingers should be the same.

Before you make almond-shaped nails, make sure that their length is sufficient. On too short nails such a design will look more like a triangular. Ideally, the length of the so-called free edge should be no less than the bed itself.

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Almonds can be given the appearance of both artificial and natural plates. But natural is still not recommended to do this, because you will need to cut off a significant part of the pointed tip of the marigold if you wish to change the design of the manicure. Extensive almond-shaped nails are more popular because they are less fragile than natural ones.

The most common almond-shaped nails on nails accrued with gel or acrylic. Acrylic are considered more durable and look natural, with proper care, they will hold for 3-4 weeks.

The gel consists of half of coniferous resin and is considered a more natural and environmentally friendly material for building than acrylic. It strengthens the plate and does not cause serious harm to natural marigolds.

To suit the shape of nails "almond"

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Almond-shaped nails, alas, are not suitable for everyone, but because of the slightly pointed tip, they are very impractical and can lose their beautiful design even with simple homework. In order not to spoil the almond manicure it is better to use rubber gloves. Almond-shaped nails visually lengthen the fingers, make them more elegant and feminine, so they are recommended to owners of plump and short fingers. Those girls who want to grow natural marigold such almond manicure will not work.

How to make almond-shaped nails?

If you decide to change the manicure design at home, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instruction on how to file the almond-shaped nails to yourself. First, you need to prepare all the necessary manicure tools, namely, a nail file, clippers, a polisher and a grinder. For weak and brittle nails is better to use a soft nail file. To change the acrylic or gel plates use a coarse-grained metal file, and natural ones are processed with nail files on a cardboard or rubber base with fine grains.

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A little practice, it is quite possible to do it yourself. As well as everything, the almond form of nails is created step by step according to the simple scheme:

  1. First, the plates need to be squared. It is necessary to trim their tips in a straight line in one clear motion. The most convenient way to do this is with special nippers.
  2. Next, you need to cut down sharp corners so that the plate takes on the appearance of a uniformly extended trapezium.
  3. Carefully smooth the corners of the trapezium with a soft sawing, so that the nail will take the form of almonds.

Almond-shaped nail design

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Almond-shaped nails can be decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, painting and sculpting. But so that the manicure does not look too motley when decorated with rhinestones, it is recommended to make a one-color basic base.

French is a classic almond-shaped nail design. French manicure in white and pink colors looks most advantageous on almond-shaped nails. But other color combinations perfectly emphasize "kind of almond" and emphasize the thinned line of the free edge of your marigold. A more extravagant option can be the application of bright and catchy flowers on the pointed tips, because the almond appearance of the nails allows this. Almond-shaped nails most harmoniously complement one of your images and will always be at the peak of popularity.

Video: almond nail form- opil technique

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