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Fashion trends in manicure and in the fashion industry are changing with incredible speed and this applies both to the decoration of the nail plate and its shape. The sharp form of nails is rightly considered a legacy of the 90s, when the gel extension technique has been widely used, which allows giving the nails absolutely unbelievable forms. But even in our time, experiments continue - designers are more and more willing to rethink the trends of the past years and find new interpretations.

Features of the pointed form of nails

Undoubtedly, manicure with sharp nails is the easiest way to effectively emphasize your irresistible style. In addition, the stilettos will visually help lengthen the marigold plate. But It is worth noting that you should not choose this form of marigold girls with long skinny fingers - this will only make them even longer, which will look ridiculous.

In contrast, I want to say that the nails with a pointed shape with a horizontal stripe in the middle of the plate will help to visually correct the “lengthening” effect and such nails will not go unnoticed!

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Another nuance that distinguishes this form of nails is their low strength. The pointed edge of the marigold during external contacts practically avoids the load, distributing it to the base (marigold root), which, with inaccurate movement, often leads to cracks at the base of the tip of the marigold. Such a defect is practically not amenable to correction. The only way out is only the complete cutting off of the regrown nail at the site of breaking, which violates the overall pattern and leads to the need for a complete correction of the manicure and the selection of another form for the nail plates.

The technique of creating sharp nails

The sharp form of the nails is not difficult in the independent execution, so it can be done at home with your own hands. Step by step instruction is as follows.


We start with classic hand care.

  1. We steam out the handles in water with sea salt and essential oils (optional);
  2. gently move the cuticle to the base of the plate;
  3. gradually cutting off the excess with tweezers or nail scissors;
  4. We treat hands with a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

We form pointed nails

  1. Using a nail file, we form a cone-shaped shape of the nail plate, while the scheme is quite simple: we cut down the nails at an acute angle to the central part so that the characteristic “stilettos” are obtained;
  2. important: the movement of the nail file should always be in one direction! That is, if you move from the bottom up (at an angle to the center), then all movements should be performed in this direction. Otherwise, due to the fact that sharp nails are not very strong (due to their pointed elongated shape) during the process of wearing such a manicure, breaks can be formed at the base of the plate. Not only is it very painful, but, as we have said, it is not amenable to correction, which will lead to the need for full cutting or cutting off of the nails.

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When all the preparatory work is done and the manicure has acquired a characteristic pointed shape, you can proceed to the most interesting - to perform an unusual design of sharp nails.

Pointed nail design

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  • Sharpened nails implicitly cause associations with a certain aggressiveness, passion and courage of nature. That is why the design of sharp nails more to saturated colors or bright graphic patterns. Making out sharp nails to oneself, one should avoid rounded ornaments, ornate patterns, smooth lines, rounded elements, and French manicure will not be appropriate here.
  • Sharpened nails with duplicating edges — lines, horizontal or vertical stripes, triangular patterns, ethnic patterns, or a single-colored surface — look the most organic.
  • This season, eclecticism rules the ball: designers boldly combine the tendencies of the past, thanks to which white lacquer has become an obvious favorite, which is easily the basis for any nail experiment. Among the original "highlights" you can take note of the use of foil (gold or silver) for the decoration of nails. White matte or velor marigolds with a contrasting horizontal or vertical stripe with a metallic surface (silver or gold) look very impressive.
  • At the same time, pointed nails will look very organic in fashionable blue, rich cherry, burgundy or even black tones. In order for the lacquer to hold firmly and, of course, retain the effect of a glossy coating, many advise you to use saturated varnishes in combination with the base and the fixer.

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And do not forget that the perfect manicure is the main attribute of the modern woman. To be beautiful and stylish is to comply with the measure in everything: do not overdo it with decor and bright prints, because the stilettos themselves are a very effective part of the image!

Video: gel modeling nail form "Stylet"

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