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Any woman understands that the beauty of her hands around people will judge how she treats herself. That is why many young ladies never part with the means for applying and removing varnish, and they also carry a nail file in their purse. Unfortunately, one careful care is not always enough to give your nails a neat appearance. For example, brittle or soft nails significantly complicate any care operation. The technique of nail extension helps to solve these problems, and also to lengthen the plates that are too short or to create an interesting design.

Acrylic nails today can be done in almost any beauty salon, where the nails will give any desired look, length and design. However, not every woman understands that, if desired, such a procedure can be carried out at home.

How to build nails acrylic at home

Technique nail acrylic allows you to increase the length of short

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nails at home and create on them any design. The procedure is not complicated, but it requires careful preparation and acquisition of a special set of tools and tools for acrylic extension.

Building acrylics produced on special frames, also called tips, which are attached to their short nail. As frameworks, sometimes used lower forms, representing the lining of paper or metal. In this form, you can build up the nail gel or acrylic. After drying materials, forms for building are removed.

When working with acrylic extensions at home, it is quite difficult to use forms, since they need constant adjustment. If you do not have an assistant at your disposal, it will not be possible to move the forms for building with one hand. In this case, nail acrylic should be made on tips. Their advantage is ease of use.

A set of materials and tools necessary for building acrylic at home

All the necessary tools and materials that will require an increase in acrylic, can be purchased at a specialized store of goods for manicure and in many cosmetic departments of supermarkets.

A set of tools that will be required to make nail extensions

necessary set of tools

  • acrylic for nail, sold in the form of powder;
  • monomer or liquid for acrylic;
  • acrylic brush;
  • acrylic primer;
  • tipsy;
  • tipsovy boat;
  • nail files;
  • orange tree sticks;
  • block for polishing nail plates.

On some counters, you can find ready-made kits, eliminating the need to collect all the tools one by one.

Step-by-step guide to acrylic nails at home

If you are going to create accrued nails at home, first of all, you should prepare the workspace. The technology of nail extension requires the use of a spacious table on which all the necessary tools will be placed, as well as a bright table lamp.

Having prepared the space, you can start the procedure of building at home.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and treat your skin and nails with alcohol.
    ten steps of the procedure
    solution. Nail acrylic is made only on degreased surfaces.
  2. With the help of orange sticks, remove the cuticle from the surface of the nail hole, which can interfere with the extension or make the dilated nails inaccurate.
  3. A set of nail files to process the surface of the nail plate so that it ceases to shine. The technology of nail extensions involves the use of a rough surface as the basis. During the processing of the plate, it is important to ensure that all movements are performed in the same direction and the natural nail was not damaged.
  4. Choose from a set of tips or a form that will be expanded acrylic nails. It is acceptable to use tips that are somewhat wider than the natural nail plate. Extensive nails on completion of the procedure can be filed to the desired shape.
  5. Glue the tips on the short marigolds and press them tightly to avoid the formation of voids.
  6. Boat cut off the excess length of tips. For the first procedure, specialists
    step-by-step instruction french acrylic
    for manicure, it is not advised to make extended nails longer than natural ones by more than 0.5 cm.
  7. Process the entire surface of tips with a nail file and give them the desired shape and size. At this stage, you can think about the future design of manicure.
  8. Apply primer on natural short marigolds and let it dry.
  9. The next step is to work with acrylic powder and a brush from the set. The technology involves wetting the brush in the monomer and the creation of acrylic lumps of powder. Extended nails are created gradually in small strokes, with the commission of pressing movements. Next, a lump is pushed along the plate, forming a thin film in the growth zone of the cuticle and a thick one along the edge. Extended nails on the tips are thicker than in the area of ​​natural short nails. When making accrued acrylic nails at home, it is important to especially carefully monitor the place of gluing of the tips and nail plate.
  10. The next step, which implies technology, is to smooth out accrued acrylic nails with a brush and monomer. It is important to remember that design will be created on this plate in the future.
  11. When the nails dry out, they are treated with nail files and polishers.
  12. The technology of working with extended plates involves the use of a clear lacquer until the moment of working on the design. Extended acrylic nails may turn yellow with time and therefore need protection from UV rays.

colorful flowers of acrylic in design

The following step-by-step instructions will help you learn how to grow your nails at home. However, on this work with extended nails does not end and then on the plates create a design using a set of tools for a classic manicure.

Extended nails can be painted with absolutely any varnish and you can create any design on them. However, acetone-based fluids should be excluded from their care kit.

acrylic chamomile

If the French design is attached to the nails, it is more correct to create the extended nails on tips of white color. For other designs, the set of tips can be of a different color.

Video: detailed technique of acrylic extension

What care require extended nails

Extended nails are quite unpretentious in the care, however, they need to be periodically adjusted. Once every two weeks it is necessary to restore acrylic nails at home, treating the cuticle area and filing the extra length of the plate.

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