Abstraction on the nails

unusual design with figures

Nail design abstraction occupies a leading position among all the nail designs of this season. He won his championship in the summer of 2014 and continues to maintain his popularity. According to the forecasts of the leading stylists, autumn and winter 2014 will not be an exception and will add abstract patterns to their trends.

Indeed, the chaotic pattern on the nails - a rather bold decision. Covering with abstract shapes will give your look a special look. The mood of the design depends entirely on the artist's fantasy, it can be funny patterns or strict shapes, dark lines or luxurious drawings.

gentle abstract manicure

Many girls are interested in the question of how to create an abstraction on the nails and whether it is necessary to visit specialized salons to get such a manicure. Maybe you can create a chaotic design of nail cover yourself at home?

Popular Variations of Abstract Nail Art

Abstraction on the nails looks equally beautiful on both short and long nails. To create a manicure with your own hands, you will need nail polishes of various colors, some improvised means and your unlimited imagination.

Chaotic lines

To create this manicure you will need two colors of lacquer - yellow and purple and a needle or a thin toothpick, as well as a topcoat.

chaotic colorful lines

  1. Cover the nail plate with yellow lacquer;
  2. Without waiting for the first layer to dry, apply a thin line on the middle part of the nail in purple;
  3. Take a needle and draw several parallel lines perpendicular to the purple line;
  4. All manipulations must be carried out before the varnish is dry, this is very important. After completing the creation of a cover of one marigold, you should proceed to the next. So, step by step, foot to foot is covered;
  5. Instructions for creating chaotic lines should be strictly followed. As a result, you get beautiful vague pictures. Fix the result with a finishing coat.

Water drawings

To create this nail design, you will need a glass of water, red, yellow, blue and white varnishes and a little patience.

water nail art

  1. Put a glass of water in front of you, open the white lacquer and put 1 drop into the water, the next color will be red, apply a drop of red on the white color;
  2. The next one is yellow; put a drop of yellow in the center of the red;
  3. Observing step by step the method of drawing, place the final blue drop in the center of the yellow. Due to the special composition of nail polish, it does not sink in water, and the collected drops are located on its surface;
  4. The next step is to gently lower your finger into the water and bring a varnish stain under the assembled one. With a quick movement, lift your finger out of the water. Gathered abstraction of the varnish of varnish will be on your nail plate;
  5. After that, wait until the pattern is completely dry and cover with a fixing coating.

Bright points

The scheme for creating this nail design is quite simple. You will need varnishes of monochromatic tones of yellow, red, green, blue, black, purple and white.

colored dots

  1. Take the lacquer of the first color, as you noticed, you have six of them, and put a dot in the end of the nail;
  2. The next color point must be at a distance of a couple of millimeters from the first;
  3. Thus, fill the entire bottom line of the nail plate;
  4. Start the second row. In the same way, in a staggered manner, dot the bottom line. The number of lines depends entirely on your mood, but usually two or three are enough;
  5. Let dry the applied abstraction and proceed to draw the outline of the points;
  6. The contour should be black. To create it you need a thin brush. Outline the points around, do not rush;
  7. Step by step create the same pattern on the remaining nails;
  8. At the end, cover the chaotic pattern with a layer of clear varnish.

Sloppy strokes

To get funny careless strokes on your marigolds, you will need a varnish of pink, yellow, green, blue, white and silver colors, as well as a finishing coat.

careless spots

  1. Take a pink varnish and wipe it off with a brush. Apply a light brush to the nail plate. You should have a loose layer through which your nail is partially visible;
  2. Next in the same way, apply the following smear of yellow color, then similarly green, blue and white;
  3. Your brush strokes should be placed chaotically, overlapping each other;
  4. After filling the entire nail plate, let the varnish dry thoroughly;
  5. Additional notes of the holiday will be careless silver strokes on top of the created design;
  6. Secure the work with a finishing coat.

As you have noticed, it is not necessary to go to an expensive salon to create an abstract nail design. You can complement your image with a similar manicure at home.

Video: do-it-yourself abstract manicure

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