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The beauty world is rapidly changing and what has only recently seemed unthinkable fiction, today is already being practiced by modern fashionistas. Paradoxically, but yellow makeup all to face, it remains only to find your own shade: with nuances of green or purple, piercing or pastel. And do not forget about the season: in winter we choose deep, saturated, warm colors, and in summer - shades of bright summer sun and neon colors.

Step-by-step yellow make-up technique

bright eye makeup

Already that season remains in trend - a complex yellow-green eye makeup, combining different textures and colors. To create it, the shadow must be applied in stages, layer by layer. But at the same time there are no specific taboos on the pattern of applying shadows: the borders between colors can be clearly separated or carefully shaded - each girl selects her ideal version. And do not despair - at home to create your own makeup in yellow tones is not so difficult, the main thing is to follow our step by step instructions.

Step 1. Prepare the base

Eye makeup with yellow shadows is a tricky thing that will only look on an immaculate face, without flaws. If you don’t feel like lucky people who just need to powder the T-zone to look 100% full, then you’ll have to work a little on yourself.

creating a perfect face tone

  1. Apply makeup base to cleansed skin. Depending on the needs of the skin, it can be a moisturizer, makeup base or a few drops of concealer.
  2. Align the surface of the skin, apply foundation - cream, mousse or gel.
  3. Since we will have the main focus on makeup, we always cover the eyelids with a primer - this will help keep your make-up intact for a longer time. When the "base" is ready, move on to creativity.

Step 2. Draw the eyes

yellow make-up eye

  1. To make the yellow shadows look brighter on the eyes, then for the first (base) layer we use white or pearl shadows. Apply them on all moving eyelids, drawing the area under the eyebrows. Make the yellow makeup more expressive will help the accent in the inner corner of the eye with light pearly shadows.
  2. On all mobile eyelids we apply matte yellow shadows, leaving the inner corner of the eye not painted over. Carefully shade or leave the border clear - each girl decides on her own.
  3. The outer corner of the eye is carefully drawn in green shadows, giving the eye the desired shape ("fox", almond-shaped, rounded).
  4. To make the makeup brighter, it is recommended to apply green shadows more intensively in the fold of the upper eyelid.
  5. Yellow-green make-up "will play in the sun", if in the center of the upper eyelid apply a little golden shadows.

Step 3. We draw arrows

blue arrows on yellow make up eyes

The arrows drawn along the lash line of the upper and / or lower eyelids will help visually change the eye section. Replaced by the classic black graphic came multicolored arrows. At the same time you can draw them as you like, most importantly, with bright, saturated and sometimes neon colors. But the classic combinations have also not been canceled, and brown, golden, marsh, and green shades will always be relevant.

Step 4. Blush

Yellow shadows are the main accent of this make-up, so in order to “not overload” the image, choose neutral, natural shades of blush — peach, beige, sand. Use them only if necessary to adjust the shape of the face. Do not take flickering or shiny textures. The ideal option would be cream blush, which perfectly blend with skin tone.

Step 5. Lips

lips in yellow make up

Modern make-up artists are increasingly moving away from the established canons of beauty, disregarding the rule "bright eyes - pale lips." An alternative to nude shades are optimistic, bright orange and red lipstick colors. But do not forget that when creating make-up in yellow tones with your own hands, one should observe harmony not only in the face, but in the whole image.

Video: master class on creating a beautiful make-up in yellow tones

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