White makeup

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White makeup is an excellent method with which you can achieve expressive eyes and add some zest to your image. All women know that a sufficiently expressive look is necessary to conquer men's hearts, which can be achieved by using white eye makeup.[asa1]

Advantages of a white shade

White shade is characterized by a mass of benefits. The texture is selected according to your complexion, skin condition and other factors.

  • Make-up with white shadows will act as a basis for applying other colors of shadows, which you will use later. Through the use of white shadows, you can most clearly highlight the dark shades of shadows, and make-up and eyes give the effect of "smoke". From here, day makeup in white is just irreplaceable.
  • When using white shadows under the main make-up, that is, under the application of powder or cream, you can see how the complexion changes, it becomes fantastically smooth.
  • Makeup with white shadows at home allows you to apply the next layer of dark shadows and shade it. It is desirable if white shadows are applied on top of dark ones.

eye shadow

  • White shadows visually make your eyes bigger. The presented effect of white color has been known for a long time. The scheme of application is simple: apply a small amount of white shadows to the corner of the eye and bring a light arrow towards the eyelid from the junction point of the cilia of the upper and lower eyelids. Thanks to the resulting shade, you can eliminate close or wide-set eyes.

Make up with white pencil

Today, a white pencil is becoming very popular to give your eyes more expressiveness and charm. It is actively used to improve the shape of the eyes and lips. To enlarge the lips, it will be enough just to underline the tick of the upper lip.

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Application of white pencil in eye makeup instruction

In order to get an excellent result as a result, you need to adhere to the following scheme and do everything step by step:

  1. It is very important to apply white eye makeup with a well-sharpened rod. Then you get thin and equally wide lines.
  2. Lines are drawn without stopping, with one hand movement. Then white makeup will be characterized by the presence of smooth and clear lines.
  3. It is necessary to lead this line as close as possible to the place where the eyelashes grow. As a result, you can fascinate everyone with your deep eyes.
  4. If you are a supporter of the arrows, then you need to slightly raise their line up. For women with narrow eyes, making arrows is not desirable. But to whom they fit, it is the owners of closely spaced or round eyes.
  5. Carrying out a make-up with a white pencil independently, it is necessary to know how correctly to do double arrows. So, step by step follow these steps: on the lower eyelid, draw an arrow shorter than the upper one and also lift it up. If you want to lengthen the eyes, the arrows can be brought together.
  6. In the case when the eyes are located far from each other, it is necessary to focus on the inner corners of the eyes.
  7. If the outer corner of the eye is lowered, then it is necessary to raise it, and for this you can see the arrows bent upwards in the eyes.
  8. Is the outer corner of the eye raised? Just move the outer eyelid.
  9. Day make-up with your own hands provides for the selection of only the outer corners of the eyes.
  10. Evening makeup with a white eyeliner involves the selection of eyes around the contour. At the outer corner of the eye, the lines should be slightly thick and slightly raised.
  11. If you are the owner of gray-blue eyes, then you are perfect makeup white-blue.

make up in two colors

On this brief instruction of creating a white makeup at home is over. As you have noticed, there is nothing difficult in this, so try, experiment and you will become the owner of the most intriguing and charming look.

Video: eye makeup with white pencil

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