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wet make-up technique

Images from podiums, created by professional makeup artists for models, often go to the masses. This was compounded by wet makeup, which first appeared on the faces of models of the Gucci Fashion House in 2010. Then such a make-up was adopted as something insane and a bit grotesque, but today most of the make-up artists have adopted this technique. Immediately make a reservation that for long "socks" wet makeup is not suitable because of its impracticality, but if you are looking for an idea for a festive make-up or for a photo shoot, it is worth noting. We will tell you how to perform wet makeup and some decorative cosmetics for this worth buying.

Wet makeup features

The main difficulty in creating a wet makeup is the selection of decorative cosmetics. Unfortunately, no one tool will provide a long lasting result and will have to accept the fact that the makeup wet effect can "to live" in its original form in a matter of hours. But this is quite enough for a studio shoot, but if you want to surprise others around the holiday, be prepared for the fact that the make-up will have to be corrected several times during the evening.

make up for photo shoots

Varieties of wet makeup

Creating a wet effect makeup, first of all, determine its variation, and there are two:

  • The effect of wet skin in makeup. If you want to give face "living" shine, use cream tones with reflective particles. Not superfluous will be blush with a shimmer, and the most important secret for the successful creation of such a make-up is to use a highlighter. If you want to create make-up, the main focus of which will be placed on the radiance of the skin, decorative cosmetics for the eyes and lips, choose pastel, even watercolor colors. Creating the effect of wet skin in make-up, give up the shine on the eyes and lips, otherwise the result will be brute force. The image created in this technique turns out to be gentle and sensual.
  • The effect of wet eyes. This type of technology is more popular because it does not put the makeup artist in any framework. You can make a make-up in any color and technology, and then add a glossy shine to the eyes with a final touch with the help of special tools. If bright shadows come into play, all attention will be riveted to the eyes, therefore lip makeup should not be done with too active colors. If you cover the eyelids with delicate shades, the lips can be bright. The effect of wet eyes in combination with a licked hair allow you to try on the image of a mermaid, emerging from the depths of the sea.

wet face and eye effect

Create a wet makeup yourself

Since there are two variations of technology, we will tell you the step-by-step execution schemes for each of them. Each girl will be able to repeat these instructions with their own hands. Let's get started!

Make up with wet face effect

To create a wet make-up with a radiant skin effect, use the following step-by-step instruction:

  1. Apply makeup base to a cleansed and moisturized face.
  2. Cover your face with a tonal shade. For careful shading it is better to use a synthetic brush.
  3. Fatigue under the eyes and imperfections of the skin camouflage proofreader.
  4. With a tonal cream on one shade, lighten the face areas under the eyes, above the upper lip and in the center of the forehead and carefully distribute the product so that there are no sharp color changes.
  5. We turn to the eyes: apply on all the upper eyelid pale pink crumbly shadows, cilia cover with black ink.
  6. On the T-zone you need to put a little powder. In such a make-up, the glow of the skin in the T-zone can be regarded as an oily sheen.
  7. Apply blush to your cheekbones with glitter.
  8. Under the line of the cheekbones we apply a little bronzer to make them more prominent.
  9. Highlight we add an intense shine on the chin, under the eyebrows, on the protruding parts of the cheekbones and temples.
  10. Cover lips with a transparent sheen.

Gentle wet make-up in pink shades is ready! As you can see, everything is very simple.

shiny faces

Create a make-up with the effect of wet eyes

To perform a wet eye makeup, in addition to the means available in your cosmetic bag, you need to acquire one of the special products that provide a glossy effect. You can use one of the following options:

  • Gloss on the eyelids can be obtained by covering them with a means of M.A.C. Gloss Creme Brillance. This clear gel will create the feeling that your eyes are really wet from water. Although the gel is designed specifically for eyelids, it leaves a feeling of heaviness and stickiness, and after 20 minutes a glossy surface "will float" by divorce.
  • Liquid eyeshadow from the company Rouge Bunny Rouge will create a delicate moist radiance of the eyes in the style of wet-look. The tool contains in its composition extracts of Centella and Calendula, softening the skin. This tool can cover the entire surface of the eyelid, apply a dot or mix with colored shadows. Although the manufacturer promises lasting results, the tool will fold into folds just like other alternatives.
  • Transparent gloss from Paris Berlin is a versatile tool that can be applied not only on the lips and eyes, but also on top of the tonal tool on the face.
  • Eva Garden's super mother of pearl shadows can be applied in a wet way, then you will get a wet eye effect due to the active shine.
  • As an economy option, an ordinary transparent lip gloss can be used, as long as it is not intended to increase their size and does not contain menthol.
  • Another budget alternative is plain petroleum jelly. But the result will be not so much glossy as bold.

podium make-up

Step-by-step instructions for making wet-look eye makeup look like this:

  1. Apply to the upper eyelid base makeup.
  2. Cover the entire surface of the upper eyelid with brown shadows.
  3. Brush well distribute the shadows on the border.
  4. Bottom eyelid along the entire line of growth of eyelashes bring these same shadows.
  5. Cover your eyelashes with black mascara.
  6. Take one of the products suggested above, for example, Gloss Creme Brillance gel and finger pads with a beating movement, duplicate the coverage with shadows.

cosmetics to create a wet effect

That's all, the main thing is to blink less, otherwise the makeup will spoil quickly. And you should not use curling mascara or curling eyelashes, otherwise curls simply stick to the upper eyelid. Having such make-up, wet wipes and a mirror will not be superfluous in your purse, since its "behavior" will have to control.

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