Wedding makeup for brown eyes

wedding makeup for brown eyes

Wedding makeup for brown eyes - one of the easiest to create, which can not be said about the eyes of other colors. Brown eyes themselves are quite bright and expressive, but they certainly require a special solemn setting on this day. In 2014, a variety of trendy images, created specifically for brides, appeared; each girl can try and choose what suits her.

Wedding makeup for the brown-eyed bride should be created in stages. In the specialized salon of the master make-up artists will make you a stunning make-up that will make you the most irresistible bride. But it happens that a girl wants to try to test her strength and skills on her own and create her own image of a bride with her own hands. In order not to fail, the choice of makeup to create at home, must begin a few days or even weeks before the responsible event. It is worth remembering the rule of one accent - if you highlight your eyes, your lips should remain neutral and vice versa.

three charming brides

First you need to prepare the face. It makes sense to carry out the step-by-step cleaning system, which involves the use of scrubs and peels. Remember that you can not do the cleaning just before the triumph, otherwise you risk getting an unexpected result. The skin before applying makeup should be clean and smooth, because it will attract most of the views.

The most beautiful variations of wedding makeup for brown-eyed brides

A few days before the wedding try several types of makeup and choose the one that fits to your dress and complements your look.

Smokey Ice

Perhaps one of the most common wedding images of 2014 is the smoky makeup of the bride with brown eyes. To create it you will need the shadows of dark smoky shades, eyeliner and your good mood. Makeup for brown eyes on the wedding should be created in stages as required by the scheme.

chocolate smokey ice

  1. Apply on the mobile eyelid foundation for the shadows, it will help make-up to hold on for a long time and not spread.
  2. Move the upper eyelid with a black pencil, slightly raising the arrow line at the outer corners of the eyes.
  3. On top of the pencil, apply dark smoky shadows and blend.
  4. The next upper layer will be shades of beige tones with a hint of color present in the color. Blend the transition between colors.
  5. Directly under the eyebrows, apply bright transparent shadows and also blend the transition.
  6. Lower the eyelid slightly from the center underline with a pencil and blend with beige shadows.
  7. Apply the final touches using classic black mascara.

East look

Quite unusual and elegant look brown eyes in the eastern image. To create it you will need shades of purple, beige and silver, as well as a black pencil for the inner century.

Oriental-style wedding eye makeup

  1. Create a pencil eye contour, bringing them the inner corner of the eye. It is worth saying that this makeup looks especially gorgeous on large eyes.
  2. Create a contour over the pencil line with silver shadows, both at the top and at the bottom.
  3. Purple shades will be applied next, but only on the mobile eyelid. Apply not a dense layer to remain a kind of transparency and mystery. All borders between flowers are carefully shaded.
  4. Emphasize the eyelashes with bulk mascara; in the outer corners of the eyes apply mascara in several layers. If desired, in this image you can use false eyelashes.


This wedding makeup for brown eyes is ideal for delicate young ladies in a classic way. You will need a black pencil, shades of warm yellow and silver glitter.

makeup for brown-eyed brides

  1. Draw the lash line on the upper eyelid with a black pencil and give a slight accent to the lower eyelid, leading it from the middle to the outer edge of the eyes.
  2. On the outer corners of the eyes, apply yellow shadows and blend. Mixing with a black pencil in the outer corners, the shade of yellow becomes slightly darker, which visually enhances the eyes.
  3. In the inner corners of the mobile eyelid, apply a transparent silver shine and rub the border between the colors.
  4. Complement to this makeup will be black mascara. If you are a blonde, you can take a brown mascara, it will only give even more tenderness to your image.

Silver look

Makeup for brown eyes for a wedding does not have to carry a lot of bright colors. He can be quite innocent and use a minimum of eye makeup. To create this style, you will need silver sparkles - if you are blonde and gold - if you are a brunette, a classic mascara and black pencil.

make up with gray sparkles

  1. Slightly noticeably move the upper eyelid along the lash line with a pencil.
  2. On top of the pencil apply a thin line of sequin liner. In this case, feathering is not required.
  3. Completing the image will help the mascara applied in several layers, it will visually increase the fluffiness of your cilia.

Wedding lip make-up for brown eyed brides

Choosing the right shade of lipstick for a wedding make-up of brown-eyed brides largely depends on what image you chose for yourself on that day.

  • If you are a gentle and romantic person, then lipstick of pink, peach shade and beige color will suit you. On top of these colors, you can apply a transparent sheen to give it a gloss. And you can leave your lips matte.
  • For all those brides who have chosen for themselves the image of the bride in the style of vamp or relaxed sexy beauty, lipstick in the range of burgundy, cherry, plum and the like will do.

bride with red lips

And so, as you understood, it is not difficult to make wedding makeup for brown eyes, it only needs a certain skill and a full understanding of the image that you want to get. Instructions for applying cosmetics should be observed exactly, following step by step, that's when you get an exclusive make-up that no bride can boast. Be creative and be beautiful on this most solemn day in your life.

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