Wedding makeup for blue eyes

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Blue eyes have long been considered a symbol of purity and innocence, these qualities are especially well in harmony with the image of the bride. Relatively recently, newfangled trends in wedding styles have appeared, which continue to gain popularity in 2014, they consist in non-standard young dresses, but, of course, the classics will never go out of style.

White fluffy dresses, ruffles and veils will be the perfect outfit for blue-eyed brides. In order for many years later to remember this solemn day with joy and admiringly view the photos taken, it is necessary to carefully consider all the details of the future image.

soft make up on the eyelids

Wedding makeup for blue eyes should be thought out in advance. When deciding to create your own image at home, you should have developed a certain scheme for the upcoming day. Observing a phased plan, you get exactly what you dream. Applying make-up with your own hands is a fairly simple exercise, but it is impossible not to note the seriousness of this event. Makeup bride with blue eyes should be immaculate and neat. You can't allow the slightest blunder because this is your day, and you should look your best!

Variations of wedding makeup for the blue-eyed bride

Makeup for blue eyes on a wedding should, like any other, be created step by step. Instructions for preparation actions are no different from applying ordinary makeup. A prerequisite will be a clean, well-groomed face.


Wedding makeup for a blue-eyed bride should be gentle and inviting, like the blue eyes themselves. In 2014, most brides prefer a natural-trim makeup now. To create it you need beige and golden transparent shadows, black pencil and mascara.

gentle make up

  1. Take the black pencil and draw the lash line on the upper eyelid.
  2. On the outer corners of the eyes, apply beige shadows in the form of a triangle and blend.
  3. Golden shadows draw a line from the inner corner of the eye to the created "triangle".
  4. Blend all the existing borders, this makeup should, as it were, blend into the complexion and not be catchy.
  5. Apply mascara to the ends of the eyelashes.

Blue haze

Makeup for blue eyes for a wedding can be fascinating and alluring. This is the image of blue haze. To create it you need silver and light shades of purple, as well as black pencil and mascara.

lilac makeup for blue-eyed bride

  1. Create an outline by pointing the eye along the lash line and draw a small, wide arrow. It is important to know the measure, too long arrows can look quite vulgar and defiant.
  2. Apply purple shadows to the upper eyelid, slightly capturing the arrow line.
  3. Put silver on top of purple. All borders should be shaded.
  4. Lower eyelid slightly move the black pencil with the addition of silvery shadows.
  5. Finally, apply a double coat of classic mascara.

Eyes in gold

Especially winning makeup"Eyes in gold" will look on blue-eyed blondes. They themselves cold icy image diluted notes of warm golden hues. To create a makeup for blue eyes for a wedding in a golden range, you will need several shades of shades of golden color and mascara.

golden make-up for brides with blue eyes

  1. Apply the darkest shade of gold on the upper movable eyelid. As you have noticed, in this image the eyeliner is not used, so as not to make sharp accents.
  2. Take a golden shade 4-6 tones lighter than the first and apply a strip of this color.
  3. Under the eyebrows you need to put a wide line of golden shades of shade that is in the range between dark and light gold.
  4. Due to this game of colors, your eyes will become more expressive and deep, radiating warmth and giving a smile.
  5. Finally, apply voluminous black mascara on the eyelashes.

Expressive eyes

There are cases when you need a special wedding makeup for blue eyes. For example, when it is necessary to visually enlarge the eyes and hide some flaws. In this case, the ideal choice would be makeup, making the eyes more expressive. To create it yourself, you will need black shadows with silver glitter, transparent frosted silver shades and a black pencil.

Smokey Ice for the bride with blue eyes

  1. With a pencil, create an eye contour with a rather wide line on the upper eyelid and a thinner one on the lower one. In the outer corner, draw a wide short arrow in black.
  2. Apply black shiny shadows to the outer corner of the lower eyelid, shading the created triangle.
  3. The inner corner of the eye cover with dull shadows, blend borders. As a result, you will have a make-up that is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known “Smokey ice”, but more unusual, seemingly enlarging the shape of the eyes.
  4. Fix the result by applying mascara. For this makeup, make-up artists recommend using a little trick when first applying mascara for volume, and a second layer of lengthening mascara. After creating such an image, you will be in the spotlight the whole evening, and no one will guess that all this beauty is made with your own hands.

Blue naturalness

There are girls who can not stand the bright colors on their face. For them, the ideal option would be a natural blue eye makeup. He will emphasize the innocence and helplessness of the girl, which will be particularly suitable for the snow-white wedding dress. For it, you will need a more transparent matte eye shadow and mascara.

girl with a romantic easy make up

  1. An important condition of this makeup is no eyeliner and bright accents. Apply transparent shadows on the upper eyelid and blend as much as possible.
  2. The lower eyelid is left without makeup at all, except for the base for the face. Even the mascara on the lower lashes in this makeup is not applied.
  3. Apply to the upper cilia classic black mascara.

When creating a wedding makeup at home, you should remember one very important rule. Never use more than three colors of the shadows in one make-up, otherwise you risk becoming like a doll. Always give preference to naturalness, beauty and accuracy, this will undoubtedly make you the queen of the evening.


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