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Every girl knows about the harmony of makeup with the color of skin, hair, eyes, outfit, age and time of day. But after all, there is one more criterion that every beauty must comply with — this is makeup according to the shape of the face. Every person on earth has a certain type of face: a square, oval, triangular and round face, some with a heart-shaped, rhomboid, trapezoidal, rectangular shape.

In addition to the shape of the face, it is necessary to take into account the fullness of the face, in some girls it is thin in others a little plump. Compliance with the harmony of the fullness and type of face will allow you to avoid the ridiculous appearance when applied make-up. Improper makeup on the shape of the face can lengthen the face, which already had an oval type or make an already thin face thin and haggard. Let's start to reveal the nuances of how to make the right makeup for face type

We hope that you have already taken into account the fact that your face should have perfect skin, without any traces of reddening. fatigue, poor nutrition, acne, etc. Take care of your skin condition, undergo peeling, and then proceed to actively moisturize the skin of the face. When your flawless base is ready, you can safely begin to learn the basics of makeup for each face shape.

Makeup nuances for each type of face

how to create a perfect face tone

Our skin should shine with health, but if this task has undergone some difficulties and there are some minor flaws on the face, we must disguise them! Applying the correct tone on your face, the foundation should be perfect for your skin tone. For example, for persons with pale skin, an ivory shade foundation is suitable, for beige-skinned beauties natural beige is suitable.

If you have noted the disproportionality of some parts of the face, you should stock up not only with foundation, but also with powder, which will help to create a perfect make-up by type of face.

face shape correction with blush

Little secret: for professional correction of facial features, you need to apply 2 shades (dark and light) of the tonal base and 2 (dark and light) of the powder color. These simple techniques will allow you to create makeup for different types of faces without flaws.

Technique of face shape correction with the help of foundation

The first you apply a thin layer of a light base, creating a base for make-up, after this is a thin layer of dark foundation. Light shade of foundation is applied to those areas that you would like to highlight and make more visible. A dark tone is applied to those areas that want to be corrected, made more regular or thin. With the help of a dark foundation, you can narrow the back of the nose, make it more even, and if you apply a little tonal on a wide part of the chin, it can be visually sharpened.

invoicing face

If you have bags under your eyes, then they will hide the yellowish tint of the foundation, and if you look bruises from lack of sleep, they will be masked by a darker concealer. You can also visually lengthen the neck, for this, apply a light base under the chin, drawing a line from ear to ear.

Types of face shape and their features

Oval-perfect face

oval face shape

Features of the oval face: many makeup artists call this type of face perfect, almost flawless, and they say that makeup for an oval face is the simplest task.

Correction of the shape of the face. As such, it does not require adjustment, if only a few nuances:

  • When creating everyday make-up for an oval face, try to apply a calm, delicate range of colors, for evening make up it is better to resort to a more juicy palette of colors.
  • When using lipstick in lip make-up, make sure that it does not go beyond the boundaries of the natural lip contour.
  • Blush, as for blush, they should be applied from the center of the face towards the ear or temple. This technique will emphasize the femininity of the image.

Triangular face

triangular face

Features of the triangular face: this type of face has either a pointed or long chin shape. Makeup for a triangular face requires some simple adjustments.

Face shape correction:

  • Apply a dark shade of foundation on the side of the forehead as well as on the area of ​​the temples
  • Apply blush along the descending line in the direction of the cheeks
  • Makeup eyes do vertical lines
  • Lip makeup should be done with lipstick to match skin tone and time of day. Make up lips should give roundness and make them doll-miniature

Square face

square face

Features of a square face: such a face has almost the same width and length, as well as expressive, sometimes massive cheekbones. Makeup for a square face has several corrective nuances.

Face shape correction:

  • In lip makeup, the contour should be slightly triangular.
  • Light blush is applied from the middle of the cheek to the temples.
  • Cheekbones shade darker cream when creating a foundation for makeup
  • In the eye makeup, it is necessary to more intensively highlight the outer corners of the eyes. Shadows are applied to the eyebrow line and shade well.

Round face

round face

Features a round face: this type is almost equal to the length and width of the face. The chin is usually small, sometimes it can even be a 2nd chin. Make-up for a round face requires a number of adjustments.

Face shape correction:

  • To visually lengthen the face, apply a foundation on the face oval, the foundation should be of a dark shade.
  • Make-up lips are best to perform natural color lipstick
  • Do not round the contour line of the eyebrows, eyes and lips.
  • Apply blush necessary from the corner of the mouth in the direction of the temporal depressions

Rectangular face

rectangular face

Features of a rectangular face: massive lower jaw and verticality in proportions can be traced. Makeup for a rectangular face has several features.

Face shape correction:

  • It is necessary to visually make lips bigger, therefore we apply a pencil over the natural contour of the lips, be careful, otherwise the lips will lose their natural look
  • Adjust the size of the forehead and chin, for this we apply a little blush on the top of the forehead and on a small part of the chin, as if obscuring these areas
  • Apply light powder to the side areas of the face to highlight these parts.
  • We distribute the tonal base in the direction of the ears, keeping it horizontal

Trapezoid face

trapezius face

Features of the trapezoidal face: weighted lower jaw, upper part of the face as if narrowed. The main task is to make makeup for a trapezoidal face reduce the lower jaw and make the top of the face wider.

Correction of the shape of the face: To make an adjustment, apply a little brownish-colored blush on the lower jaw, on the temples bright blush. Blush on the cheekbones cause as if repeating the shape of a rectangle, then shade to the top in the direction of the temples.

Diamond face

diamond face

Features of the diamond face: the characteristic features of this type of face are the wide upper part of the face, expressive cheekbones and a narrow chin. A makeup for a diamond face should soften the sharp features a little.

Correction of the shape of the face: We darken the lateral parts of the face with blush, then with the help of light blush we emphasize a hollow under the cheekbones; Such tricks of makeup, you soften all the sharp features.

Long face

long face

Features of the oblong face: many take this face as oval. Many call it elongated. But to not say, the oblong face is longer, about 1.5 times in contrast to the width. Makeup for an oblong face should visually reduce the face, make it more miniature.

Correction of the form of the face: blush will help you to correct the excessive length, they put blush on the end of the chin. It is also necessary to apply blush on the cheekbones in a horizontal direction.

Video: make-up by face type

After reading this article, you can easily determine the shape of your face and quickly orient yourself to what adjustments in appearance you need. The techniques described by us are clear and easy enough, follow our simple instructions and be charming!

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