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Warm makeup - the most correct and natural solution for the "publication" at any time of the day. He is all, without exception, the fair sex, regardless of age, eye color and hair.

Make-up in warm colors will help you feel warm and comfortable on the coldest cold day. In this case, the woman will remain irresistible, mysterious and alluring. It is only necessary to choose the right color scheme, taking into account the peculiarities of their own appearance.

Of course, you can contact a stylist in a beauty salon, where you will make a first-class make-up. But to visit the salon every day is both inconvenient and costly. Well, then - and what you are not a stylist, makeup artist? You will be able to do your own makeup in a warm range, you just need to know how to do it correctly at home.

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  • Warm colors in make-up dictates a rich autumn palette. All shades of brown and beige, peach, golden and cream will be a win-win. All this gamut can be used in eye shadow.
  • Blush also pick up brownish or brownish-pink shades.
  • Lipstick can be a brighter accent, but you should stick to warm shades of red, terracotta, chocolate.

Let's consider step by step how to make a perfect visage for any occasion and time of day without special effort for yourself.

Step-by-step instructions for creating a warm makeup

Tonal basis

The basis of any make-up is an even face tone. In the cold season, you can use a more dense texture of the tonal foundation for makeup. However, it should match your natural skin tone.

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  1. We squeeze a drop of the tonal base on the back of the hand, mix with day cream and sponge (not with your fingers!) Apply on the face, starting from the T-zone.
  2. Gradually shade to the temples and chin. The lines of transition to the neck and scalp are worked out especially carefully so that there is no noticeable transition of color.
  3. If you have any minor skin defects, use powder with light-repellent particles. It will help to hide the flaws.

We select and apply shadows

Eyeshadow makes eyes deeper, and look - with languishing. Therefore, pay special attention to the selection of color palette. Do not use too saturated colors in daytime makeup. Halftones and shades of beige, olive, chocolate, gold, peach - this is the choice for daytime warm makeup. Evening makeup for the release can be brighter. Use the same tone, but more saturated.

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Caution for all! Shadows of red shades are very insidious, they can make your eyes "tear-stained." Very few girls use these colors without fear. Therefore, if you are not sure - it is better not to risk it!

The scheme of applying shadows on the eyelids should be as follows:

  1. Using an eyeliner, we draw a contour, slightly raising the outer part of the eye. If you make a thin arrow, leave it clearly drawn. If you thicken to the outer edge, it is better to shade, but very carefully;
  2. Shadows are applied with a brush or foam applicator. We cover the inner corner of the eye with lighter shadows and smoothly move to darker ones. Do not make sharp transitions and do not use too contrasting shades. This makes the eye "heavy", as if closing.
  3. Under the eyebrows apply the lightest shades of shadows. Here you can add a little pearl. This is the only cold shade in a warm makeup. It will make the eye more voluminous. You will look at the world with wide eyes.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

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Eyebrows and eyelashes do not need to highlight a contrasting color. Classic black or dark brown - the most optimal colors for makeup in warm colors. Eyebrows are drawn not too contrasting, slightly shaded.

For eyelashes is best to use mascara "million eyelashes." Eyelash curl to the outer corner of the eye, making the effect of "butterfly wing".


Blush choose to match the make-up - warm shades. Apply on the cheekbones, slightly shading. Make sure that there are no clear bands. To do this, it is better to use ball blush and apply them with a wide, soft brush.

Warm lip makeup

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Lipstick in the daytime make-up should be almost imperceptible, with the effect of gloss, peach or beige. In the evening, you can safely use red, coral or scarlet lipstick, but depending on the primary colors of your warm makeup.

Undoubtedly, with your own hands, you can create a real masterpiece. A canvas for creative ideas and their realization will be your face. Especially valuable would be an excellent result. Be bold, decorate with yourself this inhospitable world - and he will smile back at you.

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