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Makeup Valeria Lukyanova

Valeria Lukyanova’s make-up is an unusual phenomenon even for the blogosphere, because this girl is not exactly human: either a doll, or a messenger from other worlds. Who is she, and can we, like her, come closer to perfection at home - let's talk about this in our article.

Five facts about Lukyanova

  • We learned about “Odessa Barbie” for a long time, in 2007, when she won the title “Miss Diamond Crown of Ukraine”. At home and in Russia, the girl is loved and recognized, many wanted to do herself a make-up in the style of Valeria Lukyanova after the publication of her photo in popular social networks. In 2012, the West learned about Barbie, thanks to the April issue of the Jezebel edition. Since then, watching her Youtube video and Facebook likes has been breaking records.
  • Valeria, also known as Amatue, enjoys esotericism. Waiting for the onset of the Age of Aquarius, hopes to move from ordinary human food to the consumption of solar energy. It must be in order not to lose its ideal (by doll standards) forms.
  • Psychiatrists argue that the former model may have a diagnosis of “narcissism and dysmorphophobia”, but the girl is socially unsafe - she only inspires young people to bold experiments with her appearance.
  • What a doll with a waist, which is impossible to clasp with two fingers. And, perhaps, the beauty had to remove the lower pair of ribs in order to achieve this.
  • The birth of children can prevent a girl from remaining an almost incorporeal fairy, so she preaches the values ​​of childfree and does not believe that children and family life can make someone happy.

Lush eyelashes

The perfect foundation is the secret of excellence.

What is so famous vizazhe Valeria Lukyanova, and how she manages to achieve similarities with the idol of girls of all countries? Of course, first of all, it is a perfectly smooth skin. Such a smooth surface, flawless, like a high-quality rubber coating - the result of photoshop? Or a skillfully created base for make-up?

Beautiful girl

  • Photos lie masterly, and we will never know the truth. However, it is obvious that make-up like Valeria Lukyanova is unattainable without an excellent persistent liquid foundation (BB-cream or just a quality tone). Ideally coinciding with the main skin tone, this substance, like a primer, covers the irregularities and eliminates the microscopic foci of inflammation that exist on the skin of any adult woman.
  • According to some information, Valeria adheres to the principle of cleansing the skin only with a special tonic, and never wash her face from the tap. After all, tap water aggressively affects the skin of the face - the main capital of bloggers.
  • Of course, no daily make-up stars can do without concealer and corrector. They are applied under the foundation and are designed to hide dark circles, redness and microtrauma, if they suddenly appear.

Bright make-up Lukyanova

Barbie do it yourself

To independently repeat the perfect makeup beauty, you need to gradually consider what features it corrects and emphasizes, and why it is needed.

Eyes Lukyanova

  1. In the arsenal of social networking stars eyeliner and eyeliner. The line can be very thin, or vice versa, oily and noticeable. The stroke can go straight along the border of the growth of the eyelashes, and you can slightly retreat from it and get a more “open” look on the bottomless eyes. So, in one of the photos, a puppet make-up is built on the “eyelashes” masterfully drawn with a thin brush, which “hover” over the eyelid like the wings of a moth — on a good 2 cm from real eyelashes.
  2. It is the eyes, huge, blue, with an iris almost covering the squirrels - the business card of a beautiful doll. This effect helps the girl to achieve not only cosmetic tricks. She uses colored lenses with an expanded iris. Any of us can get similar ones in optics salons and hit a loved one with bottomless eyes of a color that is far from natural.

Eye makeup variations

Puppet nose

Moving on:

  1. Step by step go to sculpture. Valeria is following the latest in makeup products, especially those that help her create Barbie's flawless makeup. Of course, make-up like Valeria Lukyanova does not do without all of us the well-known methods of face sculpting - contouring, using a bronzer and highlighter, playing light and shadow with the help of a whole palette of tonal means.
  2. The girl corrects the shape of the nose, darkening the wings with the help of a crumbly means of a darker tone. Only the narrow back of the nose remains light, which makes it look thin and sharp.
  3. Odessa Barbie actively lightens the inner corner of the eye, which, in combination with soft pink eyeshadows and a chic expressive liner, gives the look both helplessness and mysteriousness.

Neat spout

Lips of Odessa Barbie

  1. As you know, the favorite toy of little princesses has a small mouth and lips with a bow. There are many lessons on the web how to increase lips and make the mouth more sensual. Makeup Valeria Lukyanova does not require this.
  2. By nature, Lukyanova has full lips of a classic shape, which is not uncommon for Slavic women. She even has to slightly reduce her mouth visually, delineating the contour of the lips within their natural boundaries.
  3. Lip pencil is taken pinkish hue, as close as possible to the natural. Then shine is applied, which gives innocence and touching tenderness to the model's appearance.

Curvy lips

Consolidation of the result

  1. The final touch to any make-up is applying blush. Their "Barbie" applies abundantly on the cheekbones of the apples, the tone is very cartoonish - bright pink.
  2. After that, it's time to fix everything with a layer of matting powder, in order to avoid unnecessary shine, to give the face porcelain pallor and a noble restrained radiance.

Different Valeria Lukyanova

The lessons of Odessa Barbie: morality

It is not so important how old ersatz-barbie is - after all, she has already stepped over a thirty-year boundary. You should not try to calculate plastic surgery and find out how much the perfection of the forms and the smooth face of the beauty are due to the surgeons. The result is important: this woman managed to brilliantly realize the dream of all the girls: to become the standard, the beautiful unattainable fairy, the ideal.

Before and after breast surgery

As you can understand from the consonant article "Valeria Lukyanov without makeup", in life a young lady does not have a portrait resemblance to the creation of the toy industry. This is an ordinary miniature girl with thin, fairly regular facial features: after all, it is easy to draw anything on such “average” faces.

Different images of Lukyanova

The merit of the model and blogger Valeria is that her instruction has become available to a wide range of followers. She does not hide her secrets and generously shares them. The Barbie transformation scheme is simple: stay slim and master the simplest patterns of face correction with makeup. And then, maybe, a make-up in the style of Valeria Lukyanova will bring you happiness.

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