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Tyra banks

Not so long ago, in her interview for People magazine, famous Tyra Banks said: "Without makeup I would never become a supermodel". The star knows all the subtleties of applying make-up and the secrets of masking flaws with the help of decorative cosmetics. To share her experience in 2014, she released her own cosmetics line and gave practical advice on its use. We will tell you about what kind of makeup Tyra Banks made her recognizable and popular and how it makes the model itself, as well as introduce you to Tyra's cosmetic line and show beautiful photos.

Tyra Banks corporate makeup

At one of the American shows, all women in the studio had a unique opportunity to perform makeup in the style of Tyra Banks? yes not just like that, but repeat it for the famous top model. Tyra personally showed in detail how she puts makeup on her face. And why are we worse than American? Let's learn these secrets of Tyra too.

bright make up Tyra Banks

Toning and face sculpting

We offer you a step-by-step scheme for creating make-up of a famous TV host and model:

  1. Tyrah Banks' makeup begins with a disguise of concealer. Celebrity recommends covering them with all the skin under the eyes and around the mouth. The tool is named fingers distributed on the right areas of the face.
  2. Then Tyra puts on a tone. She uses a sponge for makeup, for a perfect result you can use the legendary beauty blender. The sponge is saturated with clean water and wrung out; it should be slightly damp. This will provide a better distribution of the tonal framework. The star prefers to use the tonal foundation-pencil, but even if your tonal tool has a creamy texture, the application should be carried out according to the same instructions. After covering the entire face with the product, carefully spread it out with a sponge.
  3. Light powder is applied under the eyes with a dense layer; this is already a sculpturing technique. In the make-up model, the emphasis is always on the look, this is achieved through this technique. Then Tyra spreads the powder evenly over the entire face with a wide brush.
  4. The next step is rouge. They must be applied to "apples" cheeks. To do this, you need to smile and cover with blush protruding parts on the cheeks.

make up tyra banks

Tyrah Banks Style Eye Makeup

Before moving on to eye makeup and picking up eye shadow, Tyra Banks recommends putting a thick layer of powder under your eyes. All make-up artists use this technique so that the crumbling shadows do not spoil the entire makeup. This layer at the end of the make-up will need to be brushed off. Instructions for creating make-up eyes gradually look like this:

  1. Shadows are applied to the fold of the century. In her make-up, Tyra Banks prefers chocolate. To "don't miss" and clearly see the crease of the eyelid on his eyes, the celebrity advises to raise his head a little up and look at the tip of the nose. For the shadows, the girl uses a fluffy brush, which creates a soft shading. With her she makes sweeping movements in the upper eyelid from the outer to the inner corner of the eye.
  2. The next secret is a dramatic look. To create it, it is necessary to paint the lateral parts of the nose from the outer corner of the eye to the center with brown shadows. The key to success in carefully shading the boundaries of color.
  3. We turn to the design of the eyebrows. Tyra Banks for the naturalness! She recommends to emphasize a little bit the eyebrow line with a pencil, choosing a shade according to your natural data.
  4. After that you can brush away "pad" from the powder under the eyes.
  5. Then the girl emphasizes the curl of her eyelashes with black ink. It paints both the upper and lower cilia, and then with a brush lightly touches the lash line on the lower eyelid, making a light outline.

a spectacular make-up Tyra Banks

The final touches in makeup Tyra Banks

At the end of his make-up, the star paints his lips and adds expressiveness to the look:

  1. In lip makeup, top model uses only lipstick. She puts it "without ceremony" without even looking in the mirror, and then rubbing it with your hand to get the effect of naturalness.
  2. The final touch is white kaial. Banks brings them to the mucous on the lower eyelid, to make his eyes even more open. Makeup in the style of Tyra Banks is ready!

Tyra Banks makes a make-up in the car

At the show, Tyra demonstrated all her skills, by the way, not all the girls in the studio managed to repeat the actions for Banks. This star is a true professional! The celebrity herself says: "Do you think I wake up with such clear cheekbones? No, I draw them!" We can not argue with the words of a famous model, as we have already seen how Tyra Banks looks without makeup and she draws not only cheekbones.

Tyrah Banks Cosmetics Line

Tyra Banks graduated from Harvard Business School before releasing her own makeup collection. The celebrity herself says that she is very proud of the diploma received at the end of the training. Cosmetic line called Tyra Beauty, it includes 12 products, each of which is made in the form of a stick.

Tyra Banks cosmetics line

The star itself prefers to use such compact means that it is convenient to take with you on trips. The line concept is simplicity and speed of application. A special pride of the celebrity is the Tyover pencil, designed to become both a highlighter, and concealer, and eye shadow. The cost of products is almost like luxury cosmetics, from 30 to 80 dollars.

presentation of the Tyra Beauty line

In the series of cosmetics from Tyra included all the most necessary tools for modern urban beauty: mascara, lipstick in 2 shades, rouge, eye shadow, eyeliner and others "usefulness". The famous top model also uses its own brand products, so if you want to be like Tai, you should definitely replenish your own cosmetic bag with these new products.

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