The rules of applying the perfect makeup

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How to apply makeup ?! Every girl faced such a question, because creating the right makeup is a whole science! Properly applied cosmetics can completely change your appearance, hide all flaws, or vice versa is beneficial to emphasize all your strengths.. To become a make up master, you have to go through mini-makeup training and learn all its nuances and subtleties. After all, any girl is important in her appearance, and an incorrectly chosen make-up can play a very bad joke with your little face. For example, to make your face unnecessarily full or, on the contrary, emaciated, slightly unconscious, and worst of all, to make a vulgar, tasteless lady out of sweet, tender beauty.

Secrets to create the perfect make up

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To avoid such incidents, let us examine all the subtleties of how to make a beautiful makeup at home:

  1. Before you go to the question of how to apply makeup, take a look at the condition of your skin. It should be just perfect. No signs of fatigue, poor nutrition, lack of sleep and acne, etc. Smooth, healthy, radiant tone, that's what your skin should look like. How to achieve this state? We do not hope to explain the fact that you should lead the right way of life. Take care of cleansing pores, for this go through the procedure of peeling the skin. Following the peeling procedure, the procedure of thoroughly moisturizing the skin of the face, as well as the neck, is under way. To moisturize the skin, you can undergo a course of nourishing masks and of course do not forget about the nourishing moisturizing cream. After a course of such procedures, cosmetics will go to bed just flawlessly.
  2. In the room where you usually apply make up there should be good lighting and a clean shiny mirror. With good light and a mirror, you will not miss a single detail. Your make-up will be devoid of any flaws, no smeared ink, pencil, shadows or lipstick.
  3. We select cosmetics from a professional series, without stinting on the price. A little secret, when you open a bottle of mascara you must remember this date and count from it 3 months. During this time, it will be usable, and how it will be 3 months, say goodbye to her, she is spoiled. You will not get a good make-up with such cosmetics, lumps, grains of ink on your cheeks, that's what awaits you.
  4. If you like fluffy, expressive eyelashes, before applying mascara, curl with heated eyelashes. And then proceed to the application of carcass, apply it first to the roots, and only then paint over the remaining length of hairs.
  5. If you are not a rock star, then do not abuse it with a black liner. No need to draw fat, sweeping arrows on the eyelids. After all, for many a girl it looks frankly awful.
  6. When choosing a foundation, remember that it should not differ sharply from your natural skin tone and of course fit your type. If your skin is prone to fat, then give up the usual foundation, and replace it with creamy powder to match your face. For dry skin is best suited foundation with a moisturizing effect. Girls, if you have problem skin, with traces of acne, then compact powder will be the best way to disguise you. Do not forget, the tone of the camouflage means is similar to the tone of your skin!
  7. It was the turn of the rouge that relates to this cosmetic, it should be a tone, two darker than your skin color, avoid bright colors, otherwise you will be similar to matrons from Russian fairy tales.
  8. Shadows, as for the shadows, they should be in perfect harmony with your shade of the iris, shade of hair and skin, with your outfit and manner in general. If you want to apply bright shades of shade, but do not want to look defiant, just blend them well.

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This is not the whole list of nuances that will help you make the perfect makeup at home. We gave you only a small start to learn the art of applying cosmetics properly.

Colors make up. Determine the time and place

An important factor in creating the right visage is the time and place for which it is intended. For each life event you have to choose your own color scheme in order to observe the harmony of the image with the world around you. Coming to work in war paint, you are unlikely to earn the cheers of colleagues and bosses. Having gone to a romantic meeting, with the future elect, with a pale, inexpressive make-up, you will not produce a WOW effect and he will not want to repeat your meeting.

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In order not to make such mistakes, it is necessary to know the tone rules of the day and evening image. Is there some more "but", time of year, for example, that in the summer, that in the winter, with the wrong make-up, you risk to look quite unpresentable. In the summer heat should not do "full" Make-up, otherwise some of its details can give "flow"The smeared outline of the eyeliner, the leaked mascara, does not look comme il faut. In winter, on the contrary, a minimum of cosmetics or a make-up in bright colors can turn you into a pale toadstool.

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The colors of the cosmetics palette are selected on the basis of your color type, as we know, the color type is a component of the color of hair, skin and iris. According to the color type, they emit a warm and cold type of girls. Focus on it and select the color of cosmetics you need. We do not forget the rule of one accent, we single out either the eyes or the lips, there is no other option!

Learning how to apply makeup

Many girls applying cosmetics will seem like quite a simple lesson. But it only seems that there are certain rules for applying makeup that will help create a flawless image.

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  • Cleansing and moisturizing. Before you begin to master the correct make-up, you must do a couple of important procedures. The first procedure is the cleansing of the skin with a special tonic, apply a little on the cotton swab and wipe the face. After that, you need to thoroughly moisturize the skin so that the cosmetics fit perfectly on your face. Take a nourishing cream, apply it on the skin with light massage movements, let it soak in, it only takes 3 minutes.
  • Now you need to put the base. Base makeup evens skin tone and hide light flaws.
  • After you put the base, you need to make an adjustment of all significant flaws. redness, dark circles under the eyes, bags. For this you need a concealer and a small tassel.
  • Now you need to even out the tone of your face with a foundation and professional brush (many girls use sponge for this, use what is more familiar to you).
  • If you are creating an evening wedding make-up, then stamina is very important to you, and in order to be perfect, it needs to be powdered. Use compact powder in skin tone, pay special attention to the T-zone.
  • Adjust the facial features will help blush. Blush can be distinguished cheekbones, reduce the chin, narrow the forehead, etc.
  • We now turn to eyeliner, make a beautiful, thin, elegant contour, will help a black pencil or liquid eyeliner. Remember that the contour line should be thin!
  • Shadows, our reference points will help you choose the right shade. And remember the time of day and the event for which you create the image.
  • The final touch in the makeup of the eye is the application of mascara on the eyelashes. Before you make up your eyelashes curl them with forceps, so your look will be expressive.
  • Proper lip makeup is performed in the same way depending on the situation. Day make-up is the absence of lipstick on the lips or a light, delicate, natural shade. For evening lip makeup suitable lipstick, which has a bright color, such as wine, red or berry.

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Here he is, beautiful makeup at home. Now you understand that the proper make-up with your own hands is not difficult at all, but on the contrary, it is an exciting activity, something resembling the artist’s creation. We hope that you have learned the makeup lessons, in particular: how to properly take care of the skin of the face, to select high-quality and beautiful cosmetics, to observe the harmony of the color of cosmetics and their way.

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