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Well, girls, kissing season can be considered open! Spring is in full swing, which means it will not be superfluous to pamper your sponge with new cosmetic products and master the interesting techniques in lip makeup. Have you heard that with the help of certain cosmetics you can create the effect of kissed lips? Sounds good, isn't it? Let's get acquainted with decorative cosmetics, which creates the effect of wet lips, learn about the intricacies of applying makeup, so that each beauty will determine whether this trend will be or not to be in her make-up.

Who likes the effect of kissing?

How kissed lips look like, we will not tell you, you probably yourself know. We only note that this technique in make-up is an absolute trend of this year. It will make your lips a little brighter, enveloping them with a matte, like a watercolor natural haze. The intoxicating effect of kissed lips will certainly be appreciated by girls who prefer nude makeup. This technique is just a godsend for girls with a bright appearance who would like to make the sponge just a little brighter. To achieve this effect, you can use different color cosmetics. We will consider the most popular options.

Tint from Benefit

Tint for the effect of kissed lips

The easiest and most common way to achieve the desired effect is to use tint for lips. It is a liquid, the pigments of which give the mouth a light, but persistent shade and is absorbed just instantly. Women in Asia are actively using this novelty, a popular tool has already reached up to beautician European beauties. Tints are easy to apply and you can independently adjust the color saturation by applying the required number of layers of the product.

tint shades

The effect of unpainted lips will remain in its original form for about 3-4 hours. Often, tint lip look like a normal gloss, but more liquid, resembling berry compote, with an applicator for applying. If the applicator is not provided by the manufacturer, it is necessary to apply the product with an ordinary makeup brush. Do not do this with fingertips, as the tool will leave its lasting color on them for several hours. The most popular lip tints and their features further:

  • Tint from Tony Moly. The product is Korean-made, has a light berry aroma and good durability (about 5 hours). It is quickly absorbed, does not leave marks on objects, is not smeared. Tonymoly has no effect of presence on the lips, despite the small size of the bottle, a little more than the little finger, tint is quite economical. The disadvantage of the product is that tint Tony Moli dries the skin, so it is recommended to combine it with glitter or balsam. The product is presented in 2 shades: "cherry" and "red apple". The price is about 150 rubles.
  • Tint from Benefit. Very resistant pigment, suitable not only for the lips, but also to create a light blush on the cheeks. The color will please you up to 10 hours, the liquid has a light pink scent. Benefit produced in America, in one color. Benefit cost about 2000 rubles.
  • Tint from Bell Permanent Make-Up. It has berry-vanilla aroma, is applied evenly, absorbs quickly, has a matte finish. The lack of a product is poor persistence; after an hour or two, only a barely perceptible hint of the presence of tint remains on the lips. It has 6 juicy shades, the price is about 120 rubles.
  • Tint from Eveline. It differs from the above products with a texture resembling lipstick-gloss, it moisturizes the skin well. Resistance about 5 hours. Immediately after application, the product looks like a regular, stable lipstick, but after a couple of hours, only a pigment remains on the lips. It has 3 juicy shades. Approximate price is 130 rubles.

How to use lip tint

creating the effect of under-painted lips

Want to get the effect of wet lips using tint? Then step-by-step instruction is useful to you:

  1. Shake the bottle a little so that the pigment is evenly distributed in the liquid.
  2. Apply 3 small drops of tinto to the lower lip and immediately rub them with a special makeup brush. Not a finger! Tint is quickly absorbed and difficult to wash off.
  3. Repeat the same procedure for the upper lip.
  4. Apply clear gloss on top if you want to add gloss.
  5. If you prefer naturalness, use a “solo” product or apply a matte hygienic lipstick on top to avoid dryness.

Lipstick for the effect of kissing

If you are a fan of lipstick and thick gloss, perform kissed makeup with their help is not difficult. And as such, lipstick with the effect of kissed lips does not exist. It's all about the application technique. Forget about the smooth contour, and especially about his pencil liner. All you need is a beautiful shade of matte lipstick and a special makeup brush.

lipstick different brands

Injecting movements lipstick applied to the middle of the sponge, and to the contours of the shade weakens. Imagine that there is no mirror in front of you and you need to apply lipstick - apply it in the center and do not touch the contours. The best lipstick with the effect of kissed lips, according to the beauties, is Clinique Different lipstick, it has a wide color palette, it easily fits, is not felt on the lips and the main thing is “dry” in appearance, which allows to achieve the desired result. With cream and pearl lipstick the desired effect will not work.

More products for the effect of kissing.

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Alluring and sexy sponges can be obtained using various products. We have chosen for you the best means of decorative cosmetics, which are most popular with girls:

  • Georgio Armani Lip Wax. Choose one of 8 shades. On the lips, the wax leaves a translucent pigment, has a light satin finish, is economical to use. When applied in 1 layer gives the desired effect kozelovannosti. The price is about 1500 rubles.
  • Color gel of The Body Shop. The formula is gel based, and the effect is similar to the use of tinta. Unlike tint, the gel does not dry and does not tighten the skin. Suitable for giving blush cheeks. Available in one shade. The price is about 400 rubles.
  • Loreal Gloss Shine Caresse wet lips gloss. This shine has a light floral aroma, light texture, you will feel a slight chill when applied. The glitter in its texture is more like tint. Very durable compared to ordinary gloss. Remains on the lips about 3 hours. You can choose from 8 beautiful shades. The cost is about 500 rubles.
  • Marker for lips Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstain. Means is easily distributed thanks to the convenient felt applicator. It is absorbed in 3-5 minutes, resistance to 5 hours. It has a delicate matte finish. Apply to the middle of the lip, not filling the contour to get the effect of "bitten" lips. In the line of 8 shades, the price is about 300 rubles.
  • Balm MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner. You can choose one of 5 shades means. Balsam has a pleasant texture, not sticky, not heavy on the lips, has a caring effect. Light translucent shades and light gloss will give your lips a fashionable effect of kissing. Estimated price of 500 rubles.
  • Tint balm lash "First Kiss". Matt light shade of balm will allow you to create a natural lip effect after kissing. The disadvantage is that it dries the skin very hard and is difficult to apply evenly. Therefore, the best balm is suitable just to create the effect of kissed lips: apply it with a drive in the center of the lip, leaving the contours of natural. It is recommended to put on top of the care balm. The cost of 300 rubles.

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If you have such cosmetics in your arsenal, the effect of kissed, bitten lips in your performance will not remain unnoticed by the opposite sex. Yes, and friends will certainly be surprised to ask about a new miracle tool.

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