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Permanent Permanent

Permanent lip makeup has become a true friend of modern beauties. The tattoo of lip make-up has won its popularity due to the fact that it saved the beautiful persons from constant excitement for the beauty and aesthetics of their everyday or evening make-up. Lip tattooing or the so-called micropigmentation procedure is a manipulation in which a special permanent makeup machine inserts a special hypoallergenic pigment under the skin to a depth of 0.3-0.8 mm, creating indelible lines along the contour of your sponges.

What problems solves tattooing lips

  • Permanent lip makeup can be a good proofreader of such defects as cleft lip, scars, asymmetry and other similar problems.
  • For special faces with thin lips, tattooed lips add visual volume, making them slightly wider.
  • For young ladies after 40 years of age, a tattoo of lip makeup helps to correct the contour, to make it clearer, to restore brightness and bulk to the lips.
  • Business and always hurrying beauties forget about such a procedure as the amendment of lip makeup and daily application of it.

Techniques for performing permanent lip makeup

To solve this or that problem, a professional master of permanent makeup selects a certain tattooing technique. In this article we will cover all currently existing varieties with all the details.

Contour technology

Contour technology

Young ladies, faced with the problem of eroded lip contour, can resort to this particular tattooing technique. Most often, the permanent makeup master performs this procedure on clients aged 40 years and over. Lips after permanent makeup have a clear contour, as if he had been circled in pencil.

But it should be noted that this correction does not look rough, but looks very soft, but it is provided that the master selects the correct colors of pigments that will perfectly harmonize with your natural shade of lips. In this technique, contour correction does not have the effect of giving fullness to the lips, and also does not change their natural shape.

Contouring technique with shading

Contour with shading

Permanent make-up of lips with shading and contour highlighting will make your lips more rich and bright. The outlines not only become clear, but the sponges also get the same shade as the contour, and the middle remains not colored. Externally, this effect may resemble much erased lipstick.

This manipulation will help you become the owner of a more voluminous and plump lips. All this is explained by the fact that the permanent is applied, slightly going beyond the natural borders of the mouth. The hue of the pigment is selected depending on your preferences; it can be either dark or light. This technique is suitable for ladies of any age.

3D technology

3D lip makeup

Permanent lip makeup with a 3D effect is recognized as the most difficult in its performance. The 3d tattoo of the lips helps to cope with such disadvantages as asymmetry and carelessness of the contour, insufficient fullness or full lips and lack of color. 3d tattooing of the lips while creating the contour and feathering is done with several shades of pigments. Most often, the wizard uses 5 colors, it is this feature that creates visual 3d volume on your lips.

Permanent lip makeup with the effect of 3d, which includes the contour and full filling is carried out in 2 sessions. In session 1, the master marks the contour, and in the next session it completely fills the surface of your lips. In this procedure, there is one unpleasant nuance - after its termination, you will be able to drink liquid only through a straw and in no case appear under the sunlight.

Lip light technique

Lip Light Technique

Lip tattooing by lip light has another name - light kayal. Only an experienced cosmetologist will cope with this manipulation. Manipulation begins with the fact that the master holds a bright line above the contour of your sponges. Such a bright pigment over the contour creates the effect of plump lips. But there is one small nuance - before you experience this procedure on yourself, make sure that your sponge shape is perfect! In the event that it is far from ideal, the light line above the contour will emphasize all the flaws.

Technique Natyurel

Technique Natyurel

Make the lips tattoo technique Naturel can those ladies who do not want to change their mouth shape, but only want to add a little expressiveness and brightness to their lips, no frills. The hue of the pigment used in the procedure is close to the natural gamut, so tattooing of lips with shading or contour is not conspicuous by others.

Watercolor technique

Watercolor technique of tattooing lips

The watercolor technique of lip tattooing is infinite, which means that there are no clear boundaries around the lip line. The master with the help of a color pigment from a soft color range gently shading the permanent over the entire surface of the lips. The result is a permanent lip makeup with a shading with a very natural and natural look. Those around you might think that you put on a gloss or a slightly pink balm. This procedure is suitable for young ladies of all ages.

Permanent lipstick technique

Fondant technology

The master fills the entire surface with pigment, and this creates the effect of some brightly painted lips. This technique is popular with individuals who seek to completely change their natural lip color. If the specialist selects the right shade of pigment, then he can create a sexy volume on your lips, as well as add a little shine. Lips after permanent makeup with the effect of lipstick do not require more use of lips.

Preparations before the tattoo

In order for your tattoo makeup to please you and not deliver discomfort, it is necessary to make the prevention of herpes, this also applies to those beauties who have never suffered from them. During the procedure, delicate skin receives a sufficiently large number of microdamages, this leads to a decrease in the immunity of the tissues and, as a consequence, to the appearance of herpes. If you do not go through prophylaxis, a herpes infection will strike you on the second or fifth day. The horror of this infection is. that it not only makes your appearance not aesthetic, but also begins to eat the pigment injected under the skin. After the infection has receded, empty spots will appear on those places where herpes sores have appeared.

7 days before you go to the master, drink medicines like Valtrex and Acyclovir. After the manipulation of the introduction of a permanent, also continue taking the pill for three days. Exactly one day before the tattoo, exclude from your diet drinks and dishes that contribute to the dilution of blood - tea, energy, coffee, alcohol, seafood. Such means as Immunal, vitamin C, and also homeopathic preparations will help to support your immunity and strengthen it a little.

Prohibitions and contraindications to the procedure

If you suffer from diseases such as diabetes, liver and kidney failure, cancer, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, hepatitis, HIV, AIDS, breastfeeding, hypertension, poor blood clotting, acne, dermatological diseases, herpes, suffer from mental illness or disorders of the nervous system, if you are pregnant, you have keloid scars, then the procedure for applying permanent is absolutely contraindicated for you.

During the procedure it is prohibited to use a pigment that resembles a dark and rather saturated lipstick, such as cherry, maroon, brown, plum and the like. If you have critical days or weakened immunity, refuse to apply a permanent. It is forbidden to neglect the prevention of herpes. You can not go beyond the natural contour line of the lips.

It is forbidden to resort to the procedure at home. This manipulation should be carried out only by a qualified technician located in a clean and sterile room and who uses a disposable instrument.

Permanent application technique

The first thing you need to do in the master's office is to discuss the sketch and draw it. The specialist will choose your form, color scheme, suitable pigment, tattooing technique, and also tell you how to correct certain shortcomings, for example: the fuzzy boundary of the contour, the paleness of the skin after suffering herpes, and the corners of the mouth down.

  1. The sketch is applied directly to the lips, then the specialist proceeds to fixation.
  2. Without resorting to anesthesia, he conducts miniature punctures along all the borders of the sketch, repeating its outlines.
  3. This is followed by a local anesthetic procedure with a freezing spray, cream or gel, which is often used in dentistry. Master conducts applications. No experienced specialist will give you injections, leading to edema and loss of the sketch.
  4. With the help of a special machine and a fine needle dressed on it, the beautician performs the manipulation of micropigmentation under a layer of skin 0.3-0.8 mm deep.

The procedure lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Duration depends on what technique you prefer. For example: the contour is created quickly, watercolor technique, 3D, Lip Light, Naturel and the method of feathering and lipstick require more laboriousness and time spent. It often happens that the application of anesthesia acts suck a little time. then the specialist repeats the application again.

The result of the procedure and care for him

Lip Tattoo Variations

After your tattoo makeup is finished, you will feel a strong swelling in the mouth area, especially after 3d tattoo. Pigment injected under the skin looks too bright, but this is a temporary phenomenon, the next morning it will no longer be so expressive, and when complete healing occurs, the brightness of the colors before and after the tattoo procedure will be enormously different. You will get the desired color.

In the first days after applying the tattoo, eliminate from your diet hot, spicy, fatty and salty foods. Brush your teeth gently, trying not to get toothpaste on the surface of the lips. Under the action of the paste, the pigment may lose its color. Do not lick your lips or wipe them often with a napkin.

Sometimes it happens that the skin that has suffered an injury becomes much blue. If you encounter this problem, then on the first day after the introduction of the permanent, wash the treated areas with Chlorhexidine solution and Bepanten ointment. Apply ointment with a cotton swab, not your fingers. After a day, stop using Chlorhexidine, but continue to use the ointment. Such care will provide you with easier healing.

After 2-3 days, a protective crust forms on the surface of the skin; in no case do not peel or wet it. Under the crust is active healing and complete absorption of pigment. If you remove the protective crust ahead of time, then you can worsen the condition of your skin and earn a herpes infection. Remember that herpes is accompanied by fading of the pigment and the formation of colorless holes. If you encounter this problem, then wait until the skin of the lips heals, and then sign up for a correction.

Patient Reviews

Olga: Literally 2 months ago I decided to go through the procedure of permanent lip makeup. chose a technique with shading and contour selection. Thank God she was clever and drank the course of Acyclovir 3 days before going to the beautician. Pleasantly surprised by the cost of the procedure from a good master, the price in the price was only 3000 rubles. The colors of the pigments put me in a stupor, so many beautiful shades, I chose caramel and was pleased. The treatment after the procedure was very simple, I smeared my lips with Bepanten + ointment.

Inga: The cost of the procedure in Omsk was 5,000 rubles, the price made me happy and I immediately jumped into the beautician's chair. After two hours of not quite pleasant sensations, I became the owner of a 3d lip tattoo. I rushed home and in the evening in the mirror a completely unpleasant and even terrifying picture. Outwardly, I looked like the heroine of the series. "One for all"in which Evelyn Bledans plays the spongy fool Angie. Girls, I spent at least two days at home, drank Acyclovir, actively smeared Bepanten. I have to say, the care of the permanent thing is complicated and not very pleasant. So decide for yourself.

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