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Moles appear and live on the human body, regardless of whether he wants it or not, they are given to him from birth. Someone birthmarks are a hindrance and then they are removed, and someone is proud of them, attributing a special meaning to their location. Today in astrology there is even a separate section dedicated to the meaning of moles. But even well-known skeptics understand that a mole in some particular place is beautiful, like the fly over the lip, which adds to the image of a person some sophistication and charm. And therefore, today many women decide to make a tattoo of a mole over their lips.

What is a modern tattoo moles?

Tattoo birthmark came up with a long time, in any case, not our contemporaries. It was carried out by noble women of the female several centuries ago. As it became known, in France, at the beginning of the 16th century, for the first time, women began to stick their own artificial moles on their own. Later they became known as flies. There was even a manual of instruction — how to glue an artificial fly to one or another place in stages.

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Of course, at that time it was not like a modern birthmark of a birthmark, but even then the girls understood the meaning of birthmarks and their beauty. They do not forget about it today. Modern tattoo fly is the result of professional work of a specialist, the qualification of which, in addition to permanent makeup of the lips, eyebrows, is also a permanent makeup fly above the lip. So, the tattoo of the front sight is a procedure caused by the introduction of a cosmetic composition under the skin by the method of driving in.

Procedure tattoo birthmark over the lip - step by step

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  1. After you have found out that it is impossible to perform such a complicated procedure with your own hands, contact a specialist who will ask you some profile questions. For example, about the shape, color, brightness and size of the fly, as well as the place where it will be located.
  2. When the scheme of the procedure is agreed and all details are clarified, the master will proceed to "operations". To begin with, a specialist will apply a special anesthetic gel to the place where the fly will be located, which will disinfect and slightly freeze the skin. The area of ​​skin over the lip is very tender and sensitive, so you need to wait a few minutes for the anesthetic agent to work.
  3.  Then there is a simple operation, similar to the usual tattooing, but safer and faster. A cosmetologist with a special needle will drive you a coloring matter to form a fly. This procedure starts from the center of the future front sight from a point, and then, in a spiral, the master gradually expands it to the desired size. At the same time the needle is selected depending on the size - single, or triple. The dye may be used the same, for example, as in the eyebrow tattoo.
  4. The tattooing procedure is completed with the application of an anesthetic, Actovegin. At home, you will need to apply it 2 times a day until the primary crust peels off. After 10-15 days, the secondary crust will peel off, after which the mole will take on its finished appearance.

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Artificial front sight will last in its original form on the skin for a long time. If it is located near the lips, or eyebrows, then it may be ten years. And if the mole is on the chest, or on another intimate place, then it can accompany its owner for the rest of her life.

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