Summer makeup. how to paint in the hot season

summer makeup with juicy lips

Summer. A time when you especially want to look beautiful and fresh. The time when you want to throw off a warm and bulky clothes with a thick layer of makeup on your face. But then how to look beautiful and spectacular without him? For this there is a special summer version of makeup. Light, airy, and most importantly inconspicuous summer makeup, will make you always beautiful and natural. In this case, no one would guess that it is cosmetics. In order to apply a beautiful summer make-up, you need to choose the right cosmetics:

  1. Concealer. A water-based foundation is best suited. By its structure, it is light, well absorbed into the skin, it does not clog pores and does not flow. It is necessary to select the tone taking into account the color of tan on the face.
  2. Powder. The color of the powder is chosen such that it coincides with the color of the tonal base. If we consider that in the summer surplus of sebum appears on the face, it is best to choose a large, crumbly powder. This will fix the summer makeup and give the skin a healthy, velvety look.
  3. Pencil and shadow. The pencil is applied when you have thin eyebrows. If you have thick eyebrows, it is better to use the shadows. The color of the pencil or shadow pick up the hair color, it is possible one tone darker.
  4. Blush. Recommended compact, dry consistency, preferably matte color. This will avoid oily shine, especially in the cheeks and forehead.
  5. Ink. It is selected taking into account water resistance. For daytime summer make-up mascara is suitable brown, and for the evening - color or black.
  6. Pomade. In the daytime it is best to use gentle, natural shades of lipstick with a moisturizing, hygienic effect.

Cristina Aguilera with light makeup

Now, after we have decided on the choice of cosmetics for summer makeup, we can proceed directly to the makeup itself. It is only important to follow all the step-by-step steps and rules for skin care and makeup.

How to make summer makeup? Phased application technique.

Stage 1 st. Moisturizing and cleansing

First of all, the skin should breathe and have a fresh and healthy look, that is, first it needs to be cleaned and moisturized. For this procedure, you need to stock up on gels and lotions based on alkaline elements. Alkali will make it easy to open the pores of the face and remove the remnants of the previous makeup. Peeling agents will also help you to normalize the skin and get rid of excess liquid accumulated in the pores. This procedure does not take you much time and effort. It is applied 1-2 times a week.

Chanel summer makeup

If you do not have enough money and time to buy all this cosmetics in the store, you can prepare it at home. Its recipes are very simple, and the efficiency is 100 percent. It is enough to feed your skin once a week with a mask of fermented milk products, vegetables, or a mixture of eggs with lemon. In the morning, wash the infusion of chamomile, rosehip, parsley and other herbs.

Stage 2. Foundation for summer makeup

The main functions of the tonal framework is to protect the skin of the face from external environmental influences, if in winter it is protection against frost, then in the summer it is protected from ultraviolet rays. When choosing in-store cream at the store, keep in mind that in the first months of the summer season it is recommended to apply a cream with the highest possible rate of S P F. But after a few days you can change it to a tonal framework with a lower UV exposure rate. Thereby we achieve that the shade of the foundation corresponds to the color of your skin, as it darkens from the sun's rays. To avoid oily shine on the face, apply a thin layer of loose powder. It has a light structure and does not clog pores on hot days.

perfect face tone

Stage 3. Eyes in summer make up

lilac eye makeup

You will be pleasantly surprised, but in the summer season 2014 all cosmetologists advise to pay attention to the oily and liquid shadows - pencils. They explain this by the fact that dry shadows are easily washed off with water, so going to the pool or to the beach will not work for you. On the other hand, when there is no contact with water, you can safely use shadow pencils. If you describe summer eye makeup step by step and in more detail, it will look like this:

  1. Apply a base stroke to the upper and lower eyelids of the eyes. That is, we apply a primer.
  2. We collect a small amount of dark pigment on the brush for the shadows and gently darken the corners of the upper mobile eyelid. Smooth movements shade the folds, achieving uniformity in color. In the same way, a small amount of dark pigment is applied to the lower eyelid.
  3. It was the turn for a lighter shade. Apply it with a flat eye shadow brush on the upper eyelid, over the previously applied dark, and then slightly in the upper spot. Shade.
  4. We highlight the lower fixed eyelid with a white pencil.
  5. We draw a black or color pencil arrow from the inner corner to the outer corner of the upper eyelid.

bright eyes in summer make-up

Stage 4. Lips in summer

In the summer version of the makeup focuses on the lips. They should be bright and juicy, like a ripe cherry. New-fashioned makeup artists advise to look at the lipstick with a persistent moisturizing effect. Summer lipstick for the lips, as well as other cosmetics, should contain a protective layer from the scorching sun and wind. Otherwise they will look cracked and unpresentable. The final touch of summer makeup will be a little shine. During the day, it can be shades of natural peach, mother-of-pearl, slightly pink. Evening makeup option for summer is a more saturated color.

juicy lips

Stage 5. Eyebrows

On the general background, eyebrows should not stand out, unless of course you are not a resident of India. Suppose you have eyebrows themselves thick by nature, then you can slightly tweak them, give the desired shape with the help of shadows. Thin eyebrows will require some adjustment with a pencil. You need to give them more volume and density. At the same time avoid clear lines. Non-highlighted strokes with imitate your hairs. Be sure, before applying makeup, make sure that the excess hair does not stick anywhere. Clean them regularly with tweezers.

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Stage 6. Eyelashes

Mascara is best to choose waterproof. Special, waterproof paint will protect your eyes and eyelashes from accidental moisture or water. False eyelashes are very popular now. Of course for recreation is a convenient option. At any time, day or night, they look perfect, but note that when wet, they stick together and you risk losing them at the most naughty moment somewhere on the beach or at a party.

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