Spring make-up 2014 - from the podium to the masses

makeup trends in spring 2014

Consider the makeup trends of spring 2014. Spring 2014 is a time of natural makeup, which carries the freshness of beginnings and new changes. The motto of this year is tenderness and femininity. For the first time in decades, stylists have recognized minimalism as the main trend in makeup style this spring. Minimalism is a minimum of cosmetics on the face, especially during the day. This makeup is suitable for women of any age, regardless of the color and shape of the face, as well as skin type. It is important not to overstep the line that marks the harmonious transition of colors from a frosty, cold winter to a blossoming and bright spring.

makeup spring 2014

The face of spring make-up is calm saturated with warm tones. Deep, but not causing, associated with spring, and this is something airy, gentle and for a girl's lung. That is why spring make-up and obliges to provide several major factors that contribute to high-quality and unpretentious make-up. The main thing is-

  1. Intensive hydration of the skin.
  2. Applying the foundation to the face, as little as possible.
  3. Emphasizing cut eyes with subtle makeup.
  4. Color marking is only one part of the face that you want to highlight.

Let's paint all these makeup manipulations for spring separately

First of all. Skin care

Dry, loose and untidy skin after winter becomes a big problem. In order to normalize and achieve a certain balance, it is necessary first of all to moisten it with oils that contain vitamins E and C. Finally, you can resort to the advice of cosmetologists, and this can be washed with warm and cold water alternately without soap, you should do a regular face massage and also apply moisturizing masks.

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Secondly. Tonal basis

When choosing tonal means for spring make-up, it is important to consider what color your skin bears. Representatives of light skin need to choose a tonal base in ivory. We advise black women to use smoky colors and shades. In this case, please pay attention to the area of ​​the neck and decollete. The shade of the shade should not differ much from the natural color of your skin. By the way, the girls, whose skin is covered with freckles with the advent of the first sun rays, are incredibly lucky. This 2014 is a fashion trend that will add you a sea of ​​charm and charm.

makeup spring 2014

Thirdly. Spring eye makeup

The maximum that you can afford in the spring of 2014 is to darken the inner corners of the century. Liquid eyeliner, alas, is also outside the zone of screaming shades of makeup, so a soft pencil or transparent mascara is best for eye framing. Most often, the hands themselves stretch to put on eyelids as many tones as possible, especially of a dark color. This need not be done, since in the spring of 2014 light, natural shades are relevant. Be sure to ensure that in the process of the shadow does not crumble on the skin in the eye area. To do this, apply a thick layer of large powder under the eyes. Bounced particles of shadow, fall exactly on the powder. After completing the makeup all this dirt is easy to remove with a brush.

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Fourth. Cheek and lip makeup

Applying the correct spring make-up to the lips and cheeks is equally important. If by nature you have a plump, seductive sponge, then you should focus on this particular attention.

spring make-up

  • Try to adhere to clear lines when hovering the contour on the lips.
  • After applying the lipstick, apply a napkin to your lips and lightly dust them.
  • Then apply a second layer of lipstick in the same way.

This technique will give your lips a deep and more lasting color. As for blush, they should be applied on the cheekbones, and not on the cheeks. This is what makes the face a sculptural, and the skin color will get the most natural shade. This is especially true for girls in their teens, when in the spring they want to especially stand out and look older than they really are.

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A little bit about eyelashes

So, we have considered all four points that are important components of spring spring 2014 makeup. But do not forget about eyelashes. Volumetric and elongated eyelashes are one of the secrets of spring makeup. In the absence of bright cosmetics, they will attract the attention of others to your irresistible appearance. In the arsenal of cosmetic bags this spring, it is better to have two carcasses: one is bulky, the other is lengthening. Putting mascara, the main thing is not to overdo it and keep a balance. Evenly paint over all the eyelashes and do not forget about the short, angular.

Spring makeup from Dior 2014

Little eyebrows

Concluding this article I want to remind a bit of eyebrows. Minimalism in the world of fashion and cosmetics today is natural and natural. But this does not mean that eyebrows can grow anyhow and anywhere. They need the same meticulous care as other parts of the body. Once a week they need to be corrected with tweezers, that is, remove excess hair, and then comb.

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