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What are the only techniques in make-up do not use girls to look attractive and stylish. Someone prefers to use bright shades and glitter for the lips, someone like a softer, barely noticeable makeup. But many will agree that the most attractive and sexy look makes makeup Smoky Eyes. In English, Smoky eyes literally means smoky eyes. Smokey ice is a make-up technique that makes a girl's look languid and seductive due to the careful shading of the shadows from the rich color range.

Smokey ice makeup can be made with both dark and light shadows. It is often a misconception that this make-up is performed exclusively in black, dark chocolate, dark gray colors. Shades of shadows are selected in accordance with the parameters of your appearance.

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For Smokey Ice, eye color is considered important.

  • The owners of blond hair, light skin and eyes of a light shade, make-up smoky ice, made in black will look quite hard, your appearance will be a little tired or even sick, here it is better to turn to a delicate palette of shadows.
  • Girls with darker eyes, hair and skin need to choose darker colors for makeup, light shades of shadows cannot make the eyes look languid, which means that the Smokey Ice has failed.

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It should be borne in mind that the lighter the color of the skin and eyes, respectively, the brighter the shade of the smoky eyes should be. For example, Smokey Ice for green eyes requires chocolate, dark green or golden shades of shadow. Sometimes it happens that it is not an easy task to choose the three basic shades to make smoky ice for green-eyed people. It may be worthwhile to try several variations of the shadows and discover the compatibility of completely different shades. All three colors should not be aged in the same range, for example: green, light green and dark green. Smokey ice for green eyes will look great in combination of dark green, golden or brown shades of shadows. Blondes suit standard for smokey eye coloring.

Smokey Ice for the green-eyed

How to make Smoky Eyes makeup for green eyes

There are two classic shadow overlaying schemes. The first one is suitable for all types of eyes. The main thing is not to take the outer corner too far, so that in the end the eyes do not seem very narrow. This scheme is great for round eyes. Each scheme is great for applying smoky eyes for green eyes. So, let us consider step by step how the technique of making smoky ice eyes for green eyes takes place.

Technique number 1

  1. We cover the face, including the eyelids, with a layer of foundation or powder. We get rid of color nuances and other possible flaws.
  2. We apply a pencil on the most part of the mobile eyelid so that there are no empty skin areas above the eyes. Carefully shade the border.
  3. Apply a shadow of the darkest color with a brush or, for a more intense effect, you can use the applicator on the pencil base. Once again shade the borders.
  4. Apply a light shade on top. If you are making smoky eyes for green eyes, remember that both colors of the shadows you choose should not be black or too dark. Again gently blend.

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If you want a stronger effect in color, you can add another layer of shadows of the lightest hue. When making Smokey Ice for the green-eyed, adding an additional layer of shadows is also at your discretion. The main thing is that the eyelids do not become too light, otherwise the very essence of the Smoky eyes makeup will be lost. Do not forget that after adding shadows, they must be carefully shaded.

Technique number 2

  1. We bring the lower eyelid with eyeliner, making the line less wide to the corners.
  2. Apply the shadow of the darkest color and blend.
  3. Apply lighter shadows on the area between the dark and the middle of the lower eyelid.
  4. We carry out eyeliner at the ciliary edge, making the line thicker at the outer corner.
  5. Carefully paint the eyelashes. If desired, you can stick eyelash bundles on the outer corners of the eyes, so that they look more voluminous.
  6. We are engaged in applying make up on the rest of the face.

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Young girls should remember that the gloss and lipstick matched to Smoky eyes should be in neutral colors. According to the rules of good taste, one thing should be emphasized in the make-up so as not to look vulgar. We add a clear line of eyebrows to the make-up, apply a shine of delicate color to the lips, and apply a slightly noticeable blush on the cheekbones. This is all that is required in order to look irresistible.

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