Smokey ice for gray eyes

bright blonde

To create an irresistible and attractive image, you cannot do without the make-up of smokey ice. It is popular as an evening make-up, but is also used as a day make-up. To figure out how to make Smokey Eyes for gray eyes, you should study the recommendations of professionals and practice a little at home. At the same time, it is necessary to select the shadows not only taking into account the color of the eyes, but also taking into account the color of hair and eyebrows, skin type and inherent defects, facial contours, age and even the time of day for which the makeup of the Smoky Eyes is created.

Day make-up "haze"

daytime smoky eyes

Casual or working makeup Smokey Eyes for gray-eyed should not be different saturation. For this purpose it is worth choosing cosmetics of not striking shades, independently being guided by the external data. However, you should be careful with shades of pink flowers, as well as abandon the use of a combination of green and blue tones, which deprive the gray eyes of expressiveness. For daytime makeup for women with gray-green eyes, you can choose shades of azure and turquoise shades, as well as classic black, gray and beige.

Evening makeup smokey ice

For the festive event, make up needs a brighter and more eye-catching one, so the evening smokey ice for gray eyes should be done with the use of shades of bright saturated colors, including the effect of twinkling. For the eyes of the color of steel, the autumn sky or the cold sea, shadows of smoky ice of dark gray shades, preferably with a metallic sheen, are perfect. Gray-eyed blondes can try to do makeup with light blue shadows, owners of gray-green eyes should experiment with cold pink, purple, olive, pale lilac, peach and gray-pearl shades. In addition to the gray-green eyes are well suited to copper, plum, maroon, aquamarine and lavender shades, fuchsia and yellowish greens, dark golden chocolate and cocoa with a slight golden hue.

brown shadows on the eyelids

The choice of shadows for Smokey Eyes, taking into account the color of the skin

When creating smokey ice for gray eyes, especially to itself, it is necessary to take into account skin tone.

  • For example, sand and bronze shades are perfect for owners of golden skin.
  • Ladies with fair skin should prefer the shades of green, turquoise, blue and purple hues.
  • Everyone else can use chocolate, dark brown, dark blue and green.
  • Regardless of the skin color smoky eyes for gray eyes, young dreamers and confident ladies can perform with classic colors such as dark gray, black and light beige.

dark makeup

Technique applying make-up "with a smoke"

Creating a smoky eyes makeup for gray eyes is the implementation of all actions step by step. The scheme of application is as follows:

  1. Giving a smooth tone around the eyes. It is performed with the help of foundation or foundation.
  2. Eyeliner using black pencil upper and lower eyelids. It should be as close as possible to the eyelashes, as well as between them, so that there are no light skin areas.
  3. Shading applied lines (a small brush is perfect for this purpose).
  4. The imposition of dark shadows from the eyelashes up to the border of the moving eyelid and to the outer corner of the eye.
  5. The imposition of lighter shadows towards the inner corner of the eye with a feathering border between shades.
  6. Overlay on the lower eyelid transitional hue.
  7. Overlay on the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow of the lightest of the selected shadows, shading the borders.
  8. Applying mascara on the eyelashes, preferably bulk. Upper eyelashes need to paint over at least two (maybe three) times, especially in the outer corners of the eyes.

dark blue smoky eyes

Gradually completing the application of makeup, the eyes will turn out with the coveted "smoke". In addition, the instruction to create a make up with the effect of Smokey ice implies the application of lipstick or gloss of neutral colors, as well as very gentle blush. Consider these recommendations, and you will be able to realize the image of an irresistible and unique woman-dream with your own hands.

Video: creating a beautiful Smokey ice for gray-eyed persons

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