Smokey ice for brown eyes

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Brown-eyed beauties will surely appreciate the makeup of “smoky eyes” and will want to learn how to make smoky ice for brown eyes for everyday and evening look. The instruction of its creation is not difficult. The main "trick" is that you need to apply cosmetics in stages, carefully shading all the lines and transitions between shades.

The scheme of applying makeup "haze"

step by step photo scheme

Smokey ice makeup for brown-eyed can be applied in several ways. They differ in the sequence of applying the eyeliner: in one case, Smokey Eyes makeup begins with it, in the other, it ends. The first method is one of the most common. The scheme of its application consists in applying cosmetics step by step, namely:

  1. First, the skin tone is leveled, including the foundation applied on the eyelids
  2. then with the help of a pencil, the eyes are summed up, and to the outer corner of the eye are thicker, and the eyeliner is shaded;
  3. after that, the darkest shadows are applied, which should cover most of the upper eyelid from the eyelashes to the border of the moving part and to the outer corner;
  4. the next step is to apply the shadows of the transitional shade (in the middle of the upper eyelid and lower eyelid), the border with dark shadows is shaded;
  5. then the lightest shadows are applied, which are superimposed on the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrow, the borders are also shaded;
  6. The last stage is painting the eyelashes in several layers, with particular care in the outer corners of the eyes.

shadow-pencil for smoky eyes

Add lipstick or shine of a neutral shade, a light blush - and the image is ready.

Such a make-up smokey ice for brown eyes is easy to create on your own, both at work and at home. The main thing is to determine the most suitable for the brown eyes shades of Smokey ice, in order to favorably emphasize their richness and hue.

Silver on the eyes

silver makeup

Brown eyes allow you to use a very wide range of shadows when creating your smooth ice. For example, silvery eye shadows are perfect for evening makeup. Cold silver playings are in perfect harmony with a warm brown tint, and you can choose both metallic and platinum tones. However, silver should be used carefully so as not to emphasize dark circles under the eyes, if any.


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It looks interesting smokey ice for brown eyes with bronze shadows. On the yellow-orange color scheme, you need to pay special attention to owners of light brown and red-brown eyes. In addition to it, they can use gold, copper and dark bronze shades.

Smoky greens

Smoky eyes for brown eyes are often made with shades of green shades, because they advantageously emphasize the natural color. Such a bright and expressive make up is worth trying for an evening look. Brown eyes framed by green haze attract by their depth and mystery.

saturated green make up

Bright blue

Brown eyes - truly a gift of nature. They combine the shades of various shades, for example, blue. Smoky eyes for brown eyes with different options from sky-blue to turquoise - this is a bright image and unique appearance. Thanks to the well-chosen shadows, the warmth of the brown color can advantageously be emphasized by the cold blue, because of which the look will be filled with radiance and light.

blue shadows on the eyelids

Bold purple

One of the most successful options for Smokey Eyes for brown-eyed is makeup using purple eye shadows. They are the best way to set off the natural warmth of brown eyes. In this case, purple, depending on the saturation, can be added to both everyday and evening makeup.

bright purple eye shadows

Do you want to like yourself and cause the enthusiastic views of others? Try an image with smoky eyes. Believe me, this is easy, and if you practice in advance, you can create a beauty that captures the eye with your own hands. Dare, experiment and always remain irresistible!

Video: creating brown smoky eyes for brown eyes

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